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There is nothing that I love better than to start my day be enjoying a great breakfast, at a restaurant that treats you like family. Such is the breakfast that I enjoyed at Big Ed's Alley Inn, located in the beautiful city of Reno.

Photo:  Big Ed's Alley Inn is located on East Fourth Street, about a mile east of downtown Reno.  Ed's is co-located with Alturas Bar, which is reported to be the oldest continuously operating bar in Reno.  Back in the day, before Interstate 80 was built, Fourth Street used to be U.S. Highway 40, and as you walk Fourth Street, there is a lot of history to be seen.  I love the Hamm's beer sign; I haven't seen a sign like that in quite some time.

Photo:  This sign was placed on the sidewalk outside the front door to the restaurant, advertising breakfast specials.  I debated between the biscuits and gravy, or the chorizo and eggs, but in the end, the chorizo won me over.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted with the comfortable bar, and the western-theme decor. Note the open kitchen to the rear of the photo.  On this Thursday morning, September 03, 2015, it was just a little past the opening time of 8:00 in the morning, so I was the first customer of the day.

Photo:  View of the comfortable dining room, and the spacious bar.  I absolutely love the way this restaurant is decorated!  Note the wood floor.

Photo:  The open kitchen is located at the rear of the restaurant, so you can watch as your food is prepared.  I'm a sucker for restaurants with open kitchens.

Photo:  Meet Sally, my friendly hostess, as she brings my wonderful breakfast to me.

Photo:  Thanks Sally for snapping my photo, as I pose with my delicious breakfast.  Yes, today was a "Bloody Mary morning" for me, as I was walking from my hotel in downtown Reno to the 2015 edition of the Nugget Rib Cookoff. I wasn't doing any driving today, so I started out the morning the right way, with a Bloody Mary cocktail.

Photo:  Bloody Mary cocktail, chorizo and eggs, homestyle potatoes and an English muffin, such a delicious breakfast!

Delicious food, great people and a very "western" decor make Big Ed's stand out as a great restaurant to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.  I highly recommend Big Ed's Alley Inn when you're visiting Reno, and you're in the mood for a great meal.

Big Ed's Alley Inn
1036 E. Fourth St.
Reno, NV 89512
775 348-6494

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