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Eary Thursday,  October 10, 2013, found me wandering about the Las Vegas strip, which is one of my favorite places on earth, in search of Mexican food.  After checking out Yelp reviews and various web sites, I noted that Mexican food on "the strip" is priced outrageously high - try something like $14.95 for two tacos, rice and beans - and that the food caters to the tastes of the many tourists.  Sure, I could have hiked north of the Wynn and visited Tacos El Gordo, but I wanted a new taco experience. Lady Luck, and Yelp, were on my side, as I found my way to DJ's Taco Bar, located on the heart of the Las Vegas strip.


Photo: DJ's Taco Bar is located inside the Hawaiian Marketplace, and offers indoor, and very interesting outdoor dining.  If you choose to dine outside, it's very comfortable, as the tables are under large umbrellas that shield you from the elements, and the people-watching can be quite interesting.  It's interesting to see how many "Elvis" sightings can be had while enjoying delicious tacos.


Photo:  Like most taquerias, you walk in, choose your item from the menu, and pay for your meal.  Unlike most taquerias, the counter girl custom prepares your meal, in front of your eyes, using fresh ingredients.  Note the menu offers a wide variety of delicious Mexican favorites.  A sign posted outside advertises "$2.00 tacos," but I didn't see it on the lighted menu, so all I did was "ask," and it was confirmed, that DJ's offers $2.00 tacos on the Las Vegas strip.  Wow!


Photo:  After you place your order, friendly Amando, the chef, places corn tortillas on the griddle and cooks them, the way it's done in Mexico.  


Photo:  Each taco uses two CD-sized corn tortillas, and if you care to attach a label to the tacos, I'd label them as "street tacos," which implies they are the same as tacos sold on the streets of Mexico.  Today, I chose al pastor, which is marinated pork, and after my beans, rice and tacos were placed on my plate, the friendly counter gal, Marisol, asked me what I wanted on my tacos, and I was able to load 'em up using any and all of the ingredients in the bins in front of her.  Yes, guacamole and cheese for no additional cost!  What a bargain!


Photo:  The friendly counter gal, Marisol, holds my lunch of three "street tacos," rice, beans with a garnish of lime slices.


Photo:  ˇVenga, sí! Me aferro a mi placa por su vida, como que estoy listo para disfrutar de un delicioso lonche a DJ's Taco Bar, en Las Vegas.


Photo:  If you look hard enough, there are bargains to be found on the Las Vegas strip, and DJ's Taco Bar is definitely a bargain.  My delicious lunch of three, perfectly cooked, tacos al pastor, loaded with condiments, rice, beans and garnishes of lime cost only $8.95!  You can't beat the quality of the meal, the quantity, the price, or the outstanding, friendly service.  The tacos taste exactly like tacos found on the streets of Tijuana, and the beans did not come out of a can, as I could taste the lard... Definitely a keeper!!!

DJ's  Taco Bar serves delicious food, and you can't beat the quality, the quantity, the price, and the outstanding, friendly service.  DJ's Taco Bar is your best for delicious Mexican food on the Las Vegas strip.

DJ's Taco Bar
3743 S.  Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
702 778-3051

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