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Welcome to the metropolis of Goldfield, Nevada, the county seat of beautiful Esmeralda County, where there is one, count 'em, one restaurant, and one convienience store, and no gas for 25 miles!  Back at the turn of the last century, Goldfield was a thriving metropolis of around 20,000 or so, but today's population is a little over a couple hundred.  Enough history, it's time to eat, and on this fine Wednesday morning, it's time to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Dinky Diner.

Photo:  It's a chilly mid-Wednesday morning, March 30, 2016, and I'm ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Dinky Diner in Goldfield, that features, as the sign says, "Great Home Cooking."  As of this writing, Dinky Diner is the only restaurant in the small community of Goldfield.

Photo:  The dining room is quite, shall we say, compact, so the restaurant lives up to it's name.  The open kitchen is in the middle rear of the photo, and I'm seated - when I'm not taking photos - at the small table against the wall, near the electric heater, as the outside temperature is a chilly 36-degrees.  As I take the photo, I'm standing just inside the front door.

Photo:  Dinky Diner has a small selection of souvenirs located near the checkout counter.  Coffee mugs, tee shirts and ball caps seem to be the mainstay.  Their web site states that when you purchase a coffee mug, the first mug of coffee is on the house, which is a good deal.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Kirista is in the foreground of the photo, and the owner of the restaurant, Carrie, is at the rear of the photo, cooking my breakfast.  At the time of my meal, the restaurant wasn't busy, as I was the only customer, and that worked with me, as it gave me the chance to chit-chat with the friendly staff, without annoying other customers.  Carrie told me she came from Colorado to Goldfield four years ago, and purchased the restaurant, which was closed at the time, from the previous owner.  Dinky Diner is a small-town - Goldfield has a population of around 250 - restaurant, very unique, family owned and operated, and is a true piece of "Americana."  It's not only a restaurant, but it's an experience!

Photo:  Meet Kirista, my friendly server, who kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee, and answered all of my many questions.  Photo gives a good idea of the decor of the dining room, note the plastic owl.  Yes, pigeons live in Goldfield, but not inside the restaurant!

Photo:  Thanks, Kirista, for taking my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  Each table features a place mat that actually a printed copy of the restaurant's menu.

Photo:  I was hungry, so I ordered two eggs, cooked over easy, cottage potatoes, three slices of bacon, and sourdough toast.  As the photo shows, the eggs were cooked perfectly, and the bacon was cooked to my liking, which is on the "rare" side.  The potatoes were cooked "just right," and included onion and bell pepper.  Naturally, the toast - not shown - was toasted to perfection.  Great breakfast at Dinky Diner!

Dinky Diner's web site likens Goldfield as "a small town with a big heart," and the same could be said about the restaurant, as Kirista and Carrie are very friendly, and Dinky Diner is a true slice of "Americana."  If you're a fan of home-style cooking, small-town atmosphere, and friendly people, stop by the next time you're in Goldfield, and enjoy a great meal served by staff with a smile!

Dinky Diner
323 Crook St.
Goldfield, NV 89013
775 485-3231

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