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My longtime friend, Robert K., and I happened to be in Fallon, NV, to visit our mutual friend Brent, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, and a great guy, and we were interested in getting together for breakfast.  When we asked Brent what was his recommendation as the BEST BREAKFAST restaurant in Fallon, he immediately came back with, "Lets go to Courtyard Cafe," located in downtown Fallon, NV.  Look out for great breakfast!!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Courtyard Cafe and Bakery is located on East Williams Ave., in downtown Fallon, Nevada.  You'll most likely recognize Williams Ave. as U.S. Highway 50, as you head east along the "Loneliest Road in the Country."

Today is a bright and sunny late Thursday morning, September 26, 2019, and Robert, Brent and I have arrived at Courtyard Cafe for a great breakfast, on Brent's suggestion.  Brent is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, so he knows a few things about breakfast.

Photo:  In keeping with the "country" way of life that Fallon has to offer, the dining room is definitely "country," and is very spacious and comfortable.  The bakery side of the restaurant seems to be "low key," as much of the baked goods are served behind the counter.

Fallon is very interesting as it's a ranching, "country" town, yet it's major employer is N.A.S. Fallon, the Navy aviation base located just outside of town.  Navy personell know about what a good breakfast is all about, and that's one of things that makes Courtyard Cafe a winner.

Photo:  You just have to absolutely love a restaurant where the wait staff wear cowboy boots!

Photo:  The large breakfast menu covers all bases and serves just about everything a breakfast lover could hope for. The menu is definitely different than the breakfast served on board U.S. Navy ships!

Photo:  Our friendly server, Kelly, takes Brent's breakfast order, as Robert looks on.  Photo gives a great idea of the "country" decoration of the dining room.

Photo:  Here comes breakfast, as Kelly picks up orders from the window into the kitchen.  Note the many awards the restaurant has won, as they're framed and posted on the wall.

Photo:  Meet Kelly, or friendly and efficient server, who brings our breakfasts to us with a smile.  Kelly is truly a great hostess, a nice person, and was great with my many questions, and my photos.  Kelly is a true asset to this wonderful restaurant, and along with the great food, contributed to my 5-star rating on Yelp.

Photo:  Kelly hands Brent his breakfast, but she's still holding on to mine.  This gal has superior coordination when it comes to handling plates... much more than I could ever hope to achieve.

Photo:  Three breakfast "buddies" on this Thursday morning, Robert, Brent and your author.  Thanks, Kelly for taking our photo.

Photo:  From the "Courtyard Specials" section of the breakfast menu, I ordered the "Country Scramble," with sausage as my meat of choice.  The menu describes the "Country Scramble" as, "One Buttermilk Biscuit topped with our Rich and Creamy Sausage Gravy, Two Eggs Scrambled and Sausage or Bacon," and I describe it as a delicious and satisfying breakfast.

The sausage patty was the star of my breakfast, as it was perched on top of the biscuit, with scrambled eggs beside it, and rounded off with Courtyard's delicious, sausage gravy.  Fallon is an interesting town, as NAS Fallon, the Fallon Naval Air Base, is located just outside of town, and is home to the men and women of the "Top Gun" program,  Besides being a "Navy" town, Fallon also offers many local crafts and artesian's, and as our friendly server Kelly told me, the sausage is made, and sourced locally, which made it all the better.  The amazing, thick, rich, in-house made sausage gravy covered the plate, and made for an outstanding breakfast.

Normally I order eggs over easy, but with the "Country Scramble," the eggs come scrambled, so who am I to rock the boat?  Factor in the orange slice and sprig of parsley for garnish, the buttermilk biscuit, the sausage gravy, and the sausage patty itself... "Country Scramble" is a delicious breakfast at an amazing restaurant.

Brent's recommendation was certainly true, as Courtyard Cafe serves an amazing breakfast, with friendly staff, in a very comfortable, relaxed, "country" atmosphere, in keeping with the character of Fallon.  I can't say that Courtyard Cafe serves the best breakfast in Fallon - as I haven't been to all of the breakfast restaurants the town has to offer - but I can say the breakfast I enjoyed at The Courtyard Cafe and Bakery was amazing, and I'm looking forward to another visit.

The Courtyard Cafe and Bakery
55 E. Williams Ave.
Fallon, NV 89406
775 432-5505

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