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It's difficult, if not impossible, to find an authentic Chicago-style hot dog, outside of a handful of places in Chicago. There are many restaurants that claim to offer the real thing, but few do.  A Chicago-style hot dog is very specific, and it must include specific elements, which have to be arranged in a specific fashion, and in a pre-arranged sequence.  I'm proud to say that Chicago Hot Dogs, in Las Vegas, offers a Chicago-style hot dog that's as Chicago as the Windy City itself.


Photo:  Chicago Hot Dog is located on the second floor of the Showcase Food Court, along with many other vendors, on the Las Vegas strip.


Photo:  If Chicago-style hot dogs aren't your thing, there are plenty of other restaurants to choose from, at the Showcase Food Court, offering a wide array of cuisines to choose from.  Counter seating is offered at the windows to the right, which provide a bird's eye view of the street scene of the Las Vegas Strip.


Photo:  Chicago Hot Dogs is dedicated to Chicago-style hot dogs, which is the showcase of their limited menu. Chicken wings, and a couple of other verities of hot dogs, including a "make your own dog" are offered.  


Photo:  Janet puts the final touch, yellow mustard, on my authentic Chicago dog.  The hot dogs served at Chicago Hot Dog are as authentic as the City of Chicago.  The clock on the wall reads 2:21 P.M., on this rainy Saturday afternoon on the Las Vegas strip.


Photo:  Today, Saturday, January 26, 2013, was cold and rainy in Las Vegas, and I'm dressed the part, and trying to blend in, as I wear my camo raincoat.  The problem was that NOBODY on the Las Vegas strip wears camo, so I didn't exactly blend in.  The friendly counter gal, Janet, who made my hot dog, snapped my photo, as I pose with my hot dog, ready to enjoy.


Photo:  AUTHENTIC Chicago-style hot dogs are made with VERY specific ingredients, and adhere to a VERY rigid protocol, including the order in which the ingredients are placed on the dog.  It's both ingredients and presentation that make a Chicago dog the King of Hot Dog Hill!  Google "chicago hot dog" to see what I mean.  Notice that Chicago Hot Dogs include neon green relish, sport peppers, and a poppy seed bun, which are key ingredients of a Chicago dog.  The dog itself was a quarter pound, all beef frankfurter, steamed, with natural casing that "snapped" as I bit into it.  The hot dog was perfect, delicious, and as authentic Chicago-style as it gets!

Chicago Hot Dogs serves an authentic Chicago-style hot dog, period.  If you're looking for the most authentic Chicago dog offered on the West Coast, look no further than Chicago Hot Dogs, located in the Showcase Food Court, on the Las Vegas Strip.

Chicago Hot Dogs
3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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