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Wells is a small town, located in eastern Nevada, along Interstate 80, in Elko County, east of Elko, the largest city in northeastern Nevada.  With the exception of the town of Wendover, it's all Interstate freeway between Wells, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dining on the Interstate can be quite sparse, but if you're hungry between 6 in the morning, and 9 in the evening, plan a stop at Bella's Restaurant and Espresso, in Wells, Nevada.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Bella's Restaurant and Espresso is located on U.S. Highway 93, just off Interstate 80.  If you're driving a semi truck, or towing a trailer, the parking lot is a dream, as there's plenty of room to park.  It's about 7 in the morning on Thursday, August 31, 2017, and I'm ready to enjoy a great breakfast in Wells, Nevada.

Photo:  Bella's employs a vestibule you enter before you walk into the dining room - no doubt to protect the restaurant from the summer dust and the winter snow - and you're greeted by a cheery white board, and an ATM machine.

Photo:  As you enter the spacious restaurant, you're greeted by a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, with the espresso bar and pastry counter on your right, and the small gift shop on the left.  In my case, I was greeted and seated immediately after I entered the restaurant by friendly Maria, who would be my server on this Thursday morning.

As I was seated, Maria asked, "Have you ever been to Bella's before?"  No, I haven't.  "I want to let you know that everything on the menu is fresh, made here. We have the 'World Famous Chicken Fried Steak.'" How's that for a friendly greeting?

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, the espresso/pastry bar is to your right.  You place your order from the posted menu, and pay for it at the counter.  Bella's is serious about condiments, consider how many bottles of ketchup and steak sauce are lined up on the counter.  My dining room server, Maria, is the gal in the middle, as the other two gals appear to be working the espresso bar/pastry counter.

Photo:  To your left, you'll fine a small gift shop, which includes bottled beverages, both beer and soft drinks, in coolers.  I guess they're a help-yourself affair, but it's a little after 7 in the morning, and I was interested in coffee rather than beer or soft drinks.

Photo:  The gift shop also includes a selection of obviously used bottles of booze.  I assume the staff uses this to make drinks, or is it a "help yourself" affair?  I didn't ask... On this Thursday morning, I wasn't interested in booze, as I was more interested in coffee and breakfast.  

Photo:  Bella's breakfast menu features something for every taste.  I really wanted to go with the "World Famous Chicken Fried Steak," but after my friendly server told me the chorizo was fresh, made in-house, I went for "Bella's Breakfast," with chorizo as my entree.

Photo:  The dining room is large, spacious, and shaped in the form of an "L."  My server, Maria, is taking orders from a family who just walked in.  I'm sitting at the empty booth between the family, and the couple who is checking out the menu.

Photo:  My booth was set with an amazing variety of condiments.  Actually, Bella's booth boast one of the best selections of condiments northeastern Nevada has to offer.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Maria, delivered my breakfast with a smile, as I convinced her to allow me to take her photo.

Photo:  Thanks, Maria, for taking my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Bella's.  Check out the size of the coffee mug, as it is HUGE!  Maria offered me a cup of coffee "for the road," but as I left, I was pretty much full of coffee, thanks to the many refills, and the gigantic coffee mug.

Photo:  I ordered "Bella's Breakfast," which includes meat - in my case chorizo - two eggs, potatoes and toast.  The eggs and toast were cooked as ordered, but check out the potatoes, as they include diced pepper and onion, which is a nice touch.

Maria had assured me the chorizo was made fresh, in-house, and she spoke the truth.  The chorizo arrived in a patty, perfectly cooked, and very fresh.  The chorizo was mildly spicy, juicy - not at all greasy - and just plain delicious. Such a great breakfast!

I must admit the "World Famous Chicken Fried Steak" pulled at my appetite, but the chorizo breakfast won out, as I'm a sucker for fresh, in-house made chorizo.  Bella's didn't disappoint me, as the chorizo was as good as it gets.  

There aren't many dining options in Wells, but when you're passing through on the Interstate, or in town to sample the unlimited outdoor recreation the area offers, Bella's Restaurant and Espresso should be on your dining list.

Bella's Restaurant and Espresso
143 US-93
Wells, NV 89835
75 752-2226

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