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When you think of Reno, and you think of burgers, the Awful Awful burger, served by the Nugget Diner, probably comes to mind, as it's a burger icon on Reno, and the flagship dish offered by the Nugget Diner.  On Monday, we had a chance to enjoy a delicious dinner at the Nugget Diner, as per my usual operation, I snapped a few photos of our dining experience for the web community to enjoy.


Photo:  Nugget Diner, know to Reno locals as "The Little Nugget," is located inside the Nugget Casino, on Virginia Street, in downtown Reno.  Note the sign, to the right of the photo, that advertises the Awful Awful burger.


Photo:  Nugget Diner is located in the rear of the casino, so you have to walk through the casino, wave to the friendly bartender, and sometimes tipsy gamblers.  Nugget Diner is very small, but they have a dining area located outside the diner, but inside the casino, as shown in this photo.  Yes, since it's a dining area, kids are allowed... Nevada law allows minors to walk through, but not linger, in a casino, where gambling and booze is prevalent.


Photo:  We placed our order of two Awful Awful burgers... You place your order at the cash register, pay for it, and then wait until your order is called.  That's not a problem, as Nugget Casino/Diner offers dollar draught beers 24/7, which makes the waiting worthwhile.  Sharlene waits at the counter while our order is being prepared.


Photo:  After you've ordered your burger, you sit at the counter and watch the burger being cooked before your eyes.  Nugget Diner produces fresh Awful burgers...


Photo:  Awful burgers and fries are being prepared at the counter... you can sit and watch your burger being prepared.  Nugget Diner is very retro, so if you're in the mood for a 1950's diner experience, Nugget Diner will be your place to enjoy a delicious, retro meal.  If you're a vegetarian, you probably Should look elsewhere, as there is nothing on the menu that caters to vegetarians, and there are signs on the walls that poke fun at began.  In 2011, that concept could be considered politically incorrect, but... hey... this S Reno!


Photo;  Nugget Diner S... maybe 20 by 30 feet... it'S crowded on this 5th day of September, 2011, which happens to be Labor Day.  When you eat at Nugget Diner, you get to rub shoulders with your dining companions, but that'S part of the fun.


Photo:  This gentleman noticed that I was active with my camera, which S a polite way to say that I was taking photos,  and he asked me to take his photos, with his three orders of Awful Awful burgers.  No problem!  I asked him if he was going to eat them all by himself, and he Said the food was for him, and a couple of buddies seated at the bar.  I would have followed them to the bar, and taken photos, but photos are frowned upon in Nevada asking, So I just let it ride.


Photo:  My Awful burger, perched on a mountain - that nobody can eat - of fries.  Awful Awful  burger is a half pound of meat, cooked perfectly on the griddle, and placed on a giant bun - made fresh in Reno - and garnished with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions.  The giant burger is placed upon a basket of fries... You'd have to be a linebacker, a lumberjack, or Joey Chestnut to be able to eat the whole thing, but what the heck... the burger and fries are Sooooo good!!!!  Awful Awful is Reno's signature burger!!


Photo:  Your author, Eric Rench, and his wife, Sharlene, pose at our table, a'S we enjoy our Awful Awful burgers. The friendly folks Sitting at the next table were gracious to take the photo of us.  Note that both Sharlene and I are enjoying Awful Awful burgers....  During the quest to "eat it all," Sharlene gave up early, but I gave mine the ol' college try and almost, but not quite, finished the whole thing.  Maybe I goofed it up by enjoying too many of the draught beers that the Nugget Casino offers for only a dollar.


Photo:  These three friendly folks snapped the previous photo of Sharlene and I, and I just "had" to snap a photo of them enjoying their dinner of Awful Awful burgers and the mountain of fries.  Thee folks came all the way from Spokane, Washington to enjoy dinner at Nugget Diner, and a meal of Awful Awful burgers. They sere so enthusiastic and they enjoyed their meal so much that I felt compelled to publish their photo.  Gee... we only came from Roseville, Ca...

Yes, the Awful Awful burger lives up to it's name, as it's awful big, and it's awful good.  No wonder people come from all over the world to enjoy the burger, and the mountain of fries that it is placed upon.  Single handedly, this burger has put Reno on the map of all of the world-class burger, must-get-to destinations...  The burger is awful big and it's awful good!  The Awful Awful burger has made Reno a world-class burger destination, as the Awful Awful burger has put Reno on the THE burger map. The  Awful Awful burger is awful good, and it makes it an awful good reason to pay a visit to Reno.

Nugget Diner
233 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89501
775 323-0716

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