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Beginning mid afternoon, every Tuesday during the months of June and July, the City of Roseville closes to traffic five blocks of Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville, for Downtown Tuesday Nights, a family-friendly street party. There's something for everyone, including booths, where local artisans sell handmade crafts, food trucks, food booths, vintage cars and motorcycles, a beer garden, and a stage, with live music.  Downtown Tuesday Nights is a fun event, and it offers something for everyone.

Photo:  Downtown Tuesday Nights, at 18:00 in the evening on Tuesday, June 21, 2020, looking north on Vernon Street, with the Civic Center in the foreground. I can't imagine a better way to kick off summer than by spending a great evening at Downtown Tuesday Nights, a fun street festival held on Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville, every Tuesday evening during the months of June and July.  In the words of the George Gershwin tune... "Summertime, and the livin' is easy..."

Photo:  Downtown Tuesday Nights happens every Tuesday evening during the months of June and July, when the City of Roseville closes three blocks of Vernon Street to auto traffic beginning mid afternoon, and a hundred or so street vendors set up shop downtown.  It's a super fun, family-friendly event that you don't want to miss.  That's the 1930's vintage art deco classic Tower Theater in the background, which is a classic landmark from the days where historic U.S. 40 made it's way east down Vernon Street.

Photo:  It's a lot of fun to stroll along Vernon Street, without dodging vehicle traffic, and enjoying the many booths set up by local vendors.  Locally made crafts, locally produced canned goods, produce, services along with general merchandise are only a few of the treasures to be found on Vernon Street during the months of June and July.

Photo:  This band set up in front of The Strum, on Vernon Street, near Lincoln Street, and entertained Rosvillians with pop standards from the last 70 years or so.

Photo:  The singers and musicians put on a nice show and seemed to be enjoying themselves, and were a hit with the crowd.

Photo:  This little girl has found a great way to enjoy herself, as mom seems to have purchased her a bubble set, from one of the many street vendors.  Daughter knows what to do with the bubble solution!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I stroll Vernon Street and give a "thumbs up" to Downtown Tuesday Nights, and the City of Roseville.

Photo:  Bounty Hunters Cafe is a brick and mortar restaurant located on Vernon Street that sets up a booth on the street in front of the restaurant and grills/smokes delicious pork ribs during the Downtown Tuesday Nights event. Chef Verley is a master at barbecue, and uses oak and hickory, which kisses the tender pork ribs with lots of sweet smoke.  You can savor the aroma Verley's ribs all over Vernon Street, and no Tuesday night is complete without enjoying a dinner of ribs, with protect salad on the side.  Click on the image to enjoy the complete article I've published about my dining adventures at Bounty Hunters Cafe.

Photo:  Meet Jaycee, my amazingly friendly hostess who hand my box of ribs, along with a large supply of napkins and wipes - very much needed - with a smile.  She and Chef Verley remembered me from previous visits and treated me like family.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I took my box of ribs and potato salad to enjoy outside, at the Civic Center Plaza, on this hot Tuesday evening in late June.  The ribs and the potato salad were simply amazing!

Photo:  From the "Ribs" section of the "Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights" menu, I went with "5 Bone Box and Potato Salad," as Pitmaster Verley grills some of the best ribs in town!!

My "box" gave me five pork ribs, grilled, smoked and falling-off-the-bone tender and simply delicious!  As I picked up each rib, the delicious grilled pork nearly fell off the bone, which made "hands on" eating a snap.  The ribs were covered with in-house made tangy barbecue sauce, which was on the sweet-smoky side, which added to the amazing taste and tenderness of these fine ribs.  Yes, these ribs weren't "dry" at all, as Chef Verley knows his trade, and between his culinary skills and the amazing barbecue sauce, my five "bones" were moist and tender.  

The potato salad was simply delicious, and the tangy, creamy chilled taste of the salad complimented the ribs, and made for an amazing dinner, on this Downtown Tuesday Night.

Bounty Hunters Cafe knows how to prepare delicious smoked and grilled ribs, on the street in front of their restaurant, every Tuesday evening during the months of June and July, in downtown Roseville.  For amazing ribs to go with your fun evening, look to Bounty Hunters Cafe.

Photo:  During the event there is always a classic car and hot rod show, sponsored by the NorCal Cruisers car club, in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  Tonight, we were treated to two gentlemen who were preaching the Gospel at the corner of Vernon and South Grant Streets.  Unlike many "street preachers," these gentlemen weren't annoying, and they weren't soliciting money, as they were simply preaching the Love and Salvation that Jesus offers to anyone who would listen.

Photo:  I came across Omakase Por Favor, which is a small, pop-up restaurant that had set up business for the evening at the corner of South Grant and Vernon Streets.  The restaurant was staffed by three charming ladies including Gina, who was the chef.  The restaurant has a very limited menu of oysters and a creviche offering, with soft drinks for refreshment.  Click on the image to read the article I published about this fine restaurant.

Photo:  Meet super friendly Gina, who is an oyster chef with talent, and who gave me a smile, after she prepared my "shooter" for me to enjoy.

Photo:  Both Chef Gina and I give a "thumbs up" to the delicious "Oyster Shooter" she had just created for me.  Gina is an accomplished chef, when it comes to oysters.

Photo:  From the "Special Oysters" section of the menu, I went with an "Oyster Shooter," which made for a perfect snack on this hot Tuesday evening.

The "Oyster Shooter" was a large, fresh raw oyster, with half the shell cut off, exposing the tender, juicy oyster.  At the bottom of the small plastic cut were a couple scoops of salsa verde, which perfectly complimented the delicate taste of the raw oyster.  I pried the oyster from the shell and dipped it into the salsa verde, the way I've learned to do during many past trips to Mexico, where seafood vendors sell freshly-caught seafood on the beach.

The oyster was tender, juicy and chilled and gave enough "seafood taste" to know you were eating raw seafood, but it wasn't overpowering for "fishy" tasting, as it was simply delicious.  The salsa verde wasn't anything special, but it contrasted with the oyster to make a delicious snack.

I absolutely loved my "Oyster Shooter," albeit  it was a very light snack, and it really hit the spot on this scorching early Tuesday evening in late June.  Next time you're at a special event, and you see Omaske Por Favor set for business, do yourself a favor and enjoy an "Oyster Shooter!"

Photo:  You simply can't attend a Downtown Tuesday Nights without attending the beer garden which tonight was sponsored by Long Horn Lifestyle, of Sacramento, who's motto is "It's not just a beer.  It's a Lifestyle."  Well said! The beer garden is hosted by rotating sponsors, but the menu seems to be the same each evening.  

The beer garden, along with the band stage, is surrounded by a small fence, as per state law when alcohol is served on the street.  To enter, you must pass through two very professional, but "no nonsense" security guards who will check your bags for no-no's, such as weapons, drugs and booze.  Hint:  You must purchase your alcohol on site.  Just "go for it," and they'll treat you fine, and after passing their check, you can leave and re-enter without being screened again.

Before enjoying the fine booze and beer at the beer garden, you must go to a booth to get your ID verified that you're 21 or older, and in return for showing them your ID, you'll get a wrist band which allows you to purchase beer and booze to your heart's content.

Photo:  Long Horn Lifestyle set up two co-located booths, one for booze and craft - Longhorn - beer, and another booth for "domestic" beer and wine.  This is the "booze" side, where a gentlemen is getting ready to enjoy a "Whiskey Mule," oh my!

Photo:  Meet Linda, my friendly bartender, who poured me a "domestic beer," which turned out to be a can of Budweiser, with a smile.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy as I'm getting ready to enjoy the "retro rock" music of the band, as I toast Linda and Long Horn Lifestyle with my $8.00 glass of Budweiser beer.

Photo:  Every night during the event, there is a different band, and tonight's entertainment was provided by CCseger, a Sacramento area "tribute" band to Bob Seger, and Credence Clearwater Revival.

Photo:  The band didn't start playing until 19:00, but the grass in front of the bandstand was packed with chairs that families had set up to enjoy the show.  There was a small area in front of the stage open for dancing, which proved to be very popular.

Photo:  The singers are belting out a lively rendition of CCR's "Hey Tonight!" with gusto!  The favorite musical genres for Downtown Tuesday Nights are "old school" rock 'n roll, country and nostalgia bands, as Roseville, and western Placer County are very "traditional" and conservative when it comes to music.  I'm "in" with that, as I love live music, and "old school" rock or country works with me!

The previous Tuesday, June 14, 2002, I enjoyed an amazing Tuesday evening at Downtown Tuesday Nights...

Photo:  Downtown Tuesday Nights happens every Tuesday night in downtown Roseville, centered at the Civic Center Plaza, from June 07 to July 27, 2022.  Five blocks of downtown Roseville on Vernon street are closed to auto traffic, beginning at 15:00 in the afternoon, as street vendors and food trucks begin setting up shop.  The street fair usually attracts around 100 different street vendors, selling mostly locally-made artisan crafts.  That's not all, as the city turns on the fountains in the downtown plaza for the younger set to play in, and there are food trucks, a classic car show, live music, and best of all... a beer garden!

Most downtown restaurants are open, and set up special seating on the street, so you can enjoy the action as you enjoy dinner, or sip your favorite cocktail.

The City of Roseville has a five-story garage downtown, which offers free parking.  Besides parking, it also offers a great vantage point for photography, as this photo was taken from the fifth floor of the parking garage, looking down on the Civic Center Plaza, and the Downtown Tuesday Nights action, on Vernon Street.

It's Tuesday, June 14, 2022, and I'm in downtown Roseville, enjoy the Tuesday night action!

Photo:  There is no doubt that you're in downtown Roseville, CA.  It's so nice to relax, and stroll down Vernon Street without any automobile traffic to dodge.  This is a family-friendly event, and offers something for everyone.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I stroll down Vernon Street, enjoying Downtown Tuesday Nights on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

Photo:  Vernon Street is lined with craft vendors, with eager and curious customers enjoying this early evening in June.

Photo:  The five blocks of Vernon Street that are closed off to auto traffic are home to around 100 different street vendors during Downtown Tuesday Nights.  You'll be treated to local cuisine, produce, baked goods, artisan crafts, and much more.  It's a lot of fun just to stroll on Vernon Street, relax, check out the booths, and do some "people watching" on the side.  Such an enjoyable way to spend a Tuesday evening in June!

Photo:  Each Tuesday night features a display of classic cars and trucks, hosted by the NorCal Car Cruisers car club.

Photo:  Food trucks line the entire block of South Grant Street, from Oak to Vernon Streets, and they attract crowds of hungry diners.  There are different food trucks each week, so if you like variety, you've come to the right place.

I wasn't hungry, as I'd just enjoyed an amazing dinner at nearby Trax Taproom and Kitchen, located at Vernon and South Grant Streets.  Click on the link to check out my amazing dining experience.

Photo:  Every Tuesday night, at Downtown Tuesday Nights, there is live music, provided by local bands.  Tonight's live music was provided by Blackwater, a local, Sacramento band, who specializes in "old school" rock 'n roll, along with rockin' country music.

Photo:  Lead singer, bassist and drummer in action, doing a cover of the Stevie Nix tune, "Dreams."

Photo:  This lady know her way around an electric bass!

Photo:  If you like "old school" rock music, along with rockin' country, you'll love the Sacrament band, Blackwater, who provided great live entertainment on this Tuesday evening.  Downtown Tuesday Nights highlights a different band each week.

Photo:  What would a street fair be without a beer garden?  Downtown Tuesday Nights features a beer garden, sponsored by Downtown Roseville Merchants, Inc.  Besides beer, a modest selection wine and mixed drinks are sold for your Tuesday evening enjoyment.

Both the band stage and the beer garden are situated on the Civic Center Plaza, part of which is fenced off.  Private security will check your backpack for unauthorized items, including weapons, food, ice chests and lots of other things.  This is in the name of "safety," according to the city's website... hmmmm.  Follow the rules, and you'll enjoy a good time.

Photo:  The drink menu is posted as you enter the tents, where the beer garden is set up.  As per state law, you must be 21 or older to enjoy an "adult beverage," and there is a nearby tent who's purpose is to check your ID, and to issue a color-coded wrist band, so the staff at the beer garden will know you're of legal age to enjoy.

Photo:  I ordered a 12-oz domestic beer - Budweiser - and paid $8.00 for it.  Yikes!  Allie pours my beer, as the friendly cashier looks on.

Photo:  Meet amazingly friendly Allie, who hands my Budweiser beer to me with a smile!  A friendly smile, along with a ice-cold beer on a warm Tuesday evening, make life totally worthwhile and enjoyable!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I have a beer to enjoy, to complete my Tuesday evening at Downtown Tuesday Nights. The gentleman behind me seems to agree, as it looks like his passion is "photobombing."  It's all good!

Downtown Tuesday Nights is a one-of-a-kind event in the greater Sacramento area, and is a great way to enjoy a fun, relaxing Tuesday evening, in downtown Roseville.

Roseville Civic Center
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