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What brings you to Ludlow, California?  If you're a history, and a Route 66 buff, you can admire the burned-out shell of the Ludlow Caf, and other building from bygone days.  Perhaps you're into four wheeling in the Mojave Desert? Or maybe railfanning, BNSF's busy Needles Subdivision?  Or if you're like me, maybe you're into fine dining, and reviewing little-known restaurants along the highways and byways of America.  Whatever reason brings you to Ludlow, you'll need a place to stay, and the place to stay in Ludlow is the Ludlow Motel.  Oh, by the way, it's the only motel in town, and the only motel for 50 miles, in either direction along Interstate 40.

Photo:  Taken early on Monday morning, March 16, 2009, there are only three other guests besides myself at the Ludlow Motel.  I'm in room #9, at the far left of the building.

Now that you've decided to spend the night in Ludlow, how do you check in to the motel?  If you drive up to the office, you'll see that it's quite unused, but a sign directs you to the Chevron gas station across the street, which happens to be historic Route 66.  The gas station is open 24/7, so check-in usually isn't a problem, unless the motel is full, which doesn't seem to be very often.  To check into the motel, you hike or drive across the street, walk into the Chevron station, and tell the friendly girl at the counter that you want a room.  She'll ask for your name and the license on your vehicle -- that's it -- and you can pay by cash or credit, including your Chevron card.  After paying for your room, you're handed a key, a real, old-fashioned, brass key, and you're on your way to a blissful night's sleep in Ludlow.

Photo:  The Chevron station is located across historic Route 66 from the motel.

I've stayed at the Ludlow Motel several times and each room is the same, as each room features two queen-size beds, a table with two chairs, one of those motel-style combos that combine a dresser, a table and a place to put the television, and a 19" color television that gets about 20 channels via satellite.  The air conditioner works quite well, which is very important if you're staying during the scorching Mojave Desert summer. Of course the motel has a phone, but who ever uses a motel phone anymore?  Each room is tastefully painted in antique white, and the walls are decorated with cheap, gaudy, pseudo-impressionistic prints that aren't really worth looking at.  I especially like the rumpled curtains and the swag lamp, which is soooooooo 1970's!  The bathroom is motel-basic, but like the motel room, it's clean, functional, and dare I say... comfortable?  The price won't break the bank either, as during my last visit on March 15, 2009, the price was about $55.00, when tax is included.  I would definitely say that the Ludlow Motel is a good value.

Photo:  Friendly Maria was very happy to check me in, and I take her photo as she runs my credit card.

If you're looking for 5-star dining, a swimming pool, high-speed Internet access, (what Internet access,) room service amenities, a golf course, or a concierge, I'd suggest you look elsewhere.  But if you're looking for a good night's sleep, the beds are very comfortable, the pillows feel like the ones at home, and the motel is located far enough away from the interstate and the railroad tracks that you won't even notice any noise.  Location!  Location! Location... as the motel is less than a 5-minute walk to every business in town, all THREE of them, unless you count the hulks of buildings from the Route 66 days, and earlier times.

Photo:  The clean, comfortable, quite spacious, but low-frills room, showing the 1970's era swag lamp, one of the unattractive prints, and the queen size beds in the motel room.

Photo:  The Chevron station has an adjacent parking lot that offers plenty of parking for big rigs and motor homes. I guess these guys didn't want to enjoy a night at the motel.

Ludlow Motel is nothing fancy, but you'll enjoy a restful night in a clean comfortable bed, and you'll be able to take in all the nightlife that Ludlow has to offer.

Ludlow Motel
25635 Crucero Rd.
Ludlow, CA 92338
760 733-4463

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