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Indian cusine is alive and well in Roseville, and nearby ZS Indian Market and Chaat House provides delicious chaat, and other wonderful Indian cusine.

Photo:  ZS Indian Market and Chaat House has been open for a couple of months, and finally on Saturday, March 01, 2014, I had the pleasure of dining at this fine restauant.  Hey, I had no excuse for not visiting them earlier, as they're open from 0900 to 2100... in "real" time, that's 9 to 9!

Photo:  ZS Indian Market is actually a full-service grocery store, which, naturally, carries many wonderful products imported from India.  The restaurant and kitchen occupies about a quarter of the floor space of the store.  The menu is posted above the restaurant, but the layout is a bit awkward, as you make your selection from the menu posted above the counter, yet you actually order, and pay for your food at the nearby cash registor by the door. You pay for your food, and your groceries at the same register... Hmmmm....

Photo:  The menu is posted above the kitchen counter.  ZS Indian Market offers a limited menu, but it's all good!

Photo:  The friendly gal behind the counter delivered my order of two samosas before the chaat arrived, which was not a problem.  I assume she is the co-owner of the restaurant?  ... I explained to her what I was doing - eating, taking photos, and publishing a review on this web site - but I really wasn't sure if I got the message across, so I just smiled, enjoyed the fine food, and took lots of photos.

Photo:  ZS Indian Market and Chaat House is a full-service grocery store, as the restaurant occupies about a quarter of the space.  The owners, pictured in this photo, are very friendly and gracious.  I explained to them my mission:  To take photos and publish a review on my web site, but I wasn't entirely sure if I got my message across. No worries, as they are great people, and they serve great food.

Photo:  Lunch today of an order of Pav Bhaji and a couple of samosas.  Delicious, and at just a tad over $5.00, it didn't break the bank.  I LOVE Indian cusine, and I LOVE ZS Indian Market and Chaat House.  Great people, and delicious food!

ZS Indian Market and Chaat House is a full-service grocery store, and the restaurant delivers outstanding chaat, and other delicious Indian cusine.  I love this place!

ZS Indian Market
1245 Pleasant Grove Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
916 760-8674

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