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The other day I took a trip to the Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Roseville, and I noticed a brightly decorated hot dog stand, near the main exit of the store, sporting the name of Woody's Chicago Style Hot Dogs.  I hadn't planned on doing  any "hot doggin'" during this visit, as a couple of projects around the house were my main concern, but I made a mental note of Woody's and made a promise to myself  to visit Woody's at my earliest opportunity.

Photo:  Woody's Chicago Style Hot Dogs is located at the main exit at Lowe's Home Improvent Store, in Roseville, CA.  Here we see Don keeping the sidewalk clean in front of the hot dog stand.

Opportunity knocked at my door, on Friday, July 20, 2007, so armed with notebook, pencil and digital camera, I took a trip to Woody's, with the intent on savoring a Chicago-style hot dog.  (I'd finished my home improvement project...) Woody's displays their menu on the front of the stand, and to no surprise, the hot dog selections were limited to regular hot dogs, giant hot dogs, bratwurst and  polish sausage dogs.  Side orders include various chips, saurkraut, kosher dill pickles, super pretzel and three sizes of sodas.  Woody's offers three combination meals, with the most pricey one costing only $4.89.  Wow!  I love cheap eats.  For you dining enjoyment, Wood's includes a picnic table, in the shade, where you can enjoy a sit-down meal of a truly delicious hot dog.

Photo:  Woody's menu is simple, and to the point.  Don reads my business card as I snap the photo.

I ordered a regular Chicago-style hot dog, priced at only $1.99, from Don, the friendly guy who runs the place.  As he was making my hot dog, I got out my camera and started taking photos.  He seemed quite amazed that I was taking photos, and politely asked me the reason why I was taking photos.  (I get a lot of folks who ask me that very same question...)  I grabbed a business card from my wallet, and told him that my mission is to put as many Roseville hot dog carts, stands, diners and restaurants on the world wide web as I possibly can, and he seemed pleased that he was going to receive free advertising; wouldn't you be if you were a small business owner? Anyway, he began to tell me that Woody's has carts, diners and hot dog stands outside of many Lowe's stores in the western United States, and that the company started in Hawaii 17 years ago, but now their headquarters is in Morrison, Colorado, just outside of Denver.  Don is a very nice and friendly guy, who is full of great information, and serves delicious hot dogs.  Don also told me that his hot dog stand is open 7 days a week, and is open from 09:15 A.M. until 05:15 P.M., but it's staffed by relatives some of the time, as he does enjoys days off!

Photo:  Good hot dogs are created, not born, and Don is in the process of creating my Chicago-style hot dog.

The selection of condiments is located at the far side of the hot dog stand.  Condiments include mustard, ketchup, diced white onions, small, thin pickled peppers, and a very deep green "Chicago Style Relish," or that's what the label reads.  Naturally, I had to liberally stuff my dog with the "Chicago Style Relish," as I'd never seen it advertised like that before.  My only complaint was the lack of mayonnaise, but mayonnaise doesn't keep particularly well in warm weather, and July in Roseville can get very warm.

After I'd dressed my dog, it was time to eat it, and I wasn't disappointed, as when I bit into it, and it went snap! ... a sure sign of a truly fresh hot dog made using natural casing.  After biting into the dog and snapping the casing, the juice just poured out of the hot dog, Oh boy! ... that's hot dog heaven!  

Photo:  My hot dog is dressed out in my choice of condiments and ready to eat.  Note the very deep green color of the "Chicago-style Relish."  I'd never eaten relish advertised as "Chicago-style" before, but it was delicious!

Woody's Chicago Style Hot Dogs, located in front of the Roseville Lowe's store, combines a quality hot dog, friendly service, great condiments, and very low prices.  When you're exiting Lowe's, stop by and enjoy one of their delicious hot dogs, or one of their combination meals.  Say hello to Don, and tell him that you read about his operation on this web site.

Woody's Chicago Style Hot Dogs
10201 Fairway Drive
Roseville, CA. 95678

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