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Located at the Auburn Municipal Airport, identified as KAUN, in Auburn, CA, Wings Grill and Espresso Bar serves delicious breakfast and lunch to pilots, locals, aviation buffs, and anybody who enjoys a great meal.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a few minutes past the 7 o'clock opening time on Saturday morning, July 20, 2019.  It's a beautiful Saturday morning, and perfect weather to enjoy breakfast on the lovely patio.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a friendly staff member, who greets you from behind the espresso bar.  The espresso bar is actually quite small, as the majority of the restaurant is the dining room.

Photo:  Wings Grill is located at the Auburn Municipal Airport, and is a easy and convenient "fly-in" destination for general aviation and corporate pilots, who enjoy a great breakfast or lunch, in a dining room that sports an aviation theme.  Wings Grill is a favorite of regional pilots, Auburn locals, and anybody who appreciates a great breakfast.

It's no surprise the decor of the restaurant is aviation, as the wall are decorated with propellers, airplane photos, posters, and just about anything to do with airplanes.

Photo:  The sign says it all, as pilots of every variety are always welcome at Wings Grill and Espresso Bar, located in Auburn.

Photo;  It's about 7:15 on Saturday morning, and this mid-July morning is warm, but not hot, and not a breath of air is stirring, which makes a perfect morning to enjoy breakfast outside on the patio.  Today's server, Kathleen, is taking another customer's order.  I sat at the small table to the right of the photo.

Notice the view of parked airplanes in the background.  If you love airplanes, and you love great food, you've come to the right restaurant.

Photo:  The dining room windows face the aircraft parking lot, and the runway in the background.  If you choose to dine inside, you can look outside over the patio, and look at parked aircraft, and airplanes taking off and landing on the runway in the distance.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features a variety of choices, and is sure to put a smile on the face of breakfast lovers.

Photo:  After placing my breakfast order, I wandered around the restaurant and took a look into the semi-open kitchen, and the chefs at work.  I truly love a restaurant that offers a view of their kitchen!

Photo:  My friendly server, Kathleen, places my breakfast on the table, on the lovely outside patio.  She was friendly, but a little camera-shy, and I had to coax her to allow me to take her photo.  Thanks!

Photo:  From the "On the Lite Side" of the breakfast menu, I ordered a small breakfast of "One Egg, Potatoes and Toast," which is different for me, as I'm usually quite hungry at breakfast, and today, I was looking for a meal on the light side.  As per my de facto standard, I ordered my egg over easy.  

My single egg was perfectly cooked, over easy, just as ordered, which is the mark of a great breakfast chef when eggs are cooked perfectly.  The potatoes were red potatoes, and they were simply AMAZING!  Some of the potato cubes were cooked very golden brown on the outside, while others weren't cooked quite as much, but they were all tender chewy on the inside.  You combine a mix like this, and you'll enjoy a breakfast treat!  The potatoes were lightly seasoned, cooked perfectly, and turned out to be the "star" of my breakfast, and some of the best fried potatoes that I've had the pleasure to enjoy for quite some time.  

The sourdough toast arrived buttered, hot, and truly delicious.  The presentation was beautiful, as the breakfast came garnished with a sprig of parsley, and a slice of orange.  I even age the garnishes!

Such a great breakfast!  Wings Grill is serious about breakfast, and it's very obvious they put their heart and soul into this wonderful breakfast.  I'm not a pilot, but I know something about a great breakfast!

The view of parked, private aircraft - also known as general aviation - is amazing, along with the view of the nearby foothills.  The food is delicious, the presentation is beautiful, and the staff is super friendly.  If you love to dine at a restaurant that sports an aviation theme, and you love good food, pay a visit to Wings Grill and Espresso Bar, located at the Auburn Municipal Airport, in Auburn, CA.

Wings Grill and Espresso Bar
13595 New Airport Rd.
Auburn, CA 95602
530 885-0428

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