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After sampling  Mr. Subs, and suffering through one of the worst dining experiences that I'd endured for quite some time, I was ready for some friendly faces, and a cold Pacifico beer, so on my way home, I paid a visit to West House Bar and Nightclub, which is one of my favorite watering holes on the east side of the railroad tracks, in downtown Roseville.

Photo:  West House has a hotel above it that used to cater to the needs of the railroad in days gone by, but on this early Saturday afternoon, February 26, 2011, the hotel appears to be a residental hotel.  If you like trains, West House is a good place to water, as its located right next to Union Pacific's massive railroad yard, which is one of the largest railyards in the country.  As you sit on your barstool, you can hear the trains roll by, and the crunch of the rail cars when they're making up trains.

Photo:  The barkeep engages in conversation with Steve, who's a regular at the club.  Check out the well-equipped bar... these guys have it all.

Photo:  As I snapped this photo, the folks at the end of the bar joked, "Hey, what are you doing, are you trying to blackmail us?"  I quickly did my best ad lib act and told them that I work for the C.I.A. and was gathering evidence on hehalf of Alcoholics Anomymous... that little line brought a roar of laughter from everybody in the room.  West House Bar and Nightclub is a fun, friendly place to hang-out at, and enjoy a beer or two on a Saturday afternoon.

Photo:  Here I am, after climbing "Barstool Mountain," I'm at the summit with my just reward:  A cold Pacifico beer with a slice of lime.  It doesn't get much better than this...

West House Bar and Nightclub
345 Atlantic St.
Rosville, CA 95678
916 783-5750

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