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Venita Rhea's has been a Rocklin institution for, as of this writing, 36 years, and it's no small wonder, as the food is amazingly delicious, the staff is great, and the restaurant's slogan is, "If you don't see what you want on the menu, or if you have a special dietary need, just tell us and we'll make it happen."  Delicious food, giant portions, and resonable prices aside, the cheerful "can-do" attitude of staff and management is enough to make me look forward to dining at Venita Rhea's.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's mid Monday morning, April 17, 2017, and we've arrived at Venita Rhea's, ready to enjoy one of the best breakfasts in the greater Sacramento area.  As of this writing, the restaurant has been a Rocklin icon for 36 years, so you know they're doing all the right things.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted with a "Please wait to be seated sign," and a friendly greeter who will seat you immediately.  I think the photo caught our greeter by surprise, as she seems to be busy with paperwork as we walk in.  There are two dining rooms, one to the left of the aisle, and the other to the right.  Both dining rooms are light, airy, attractive, and very comfortable.

Photo:  Although Venita Rhea's doesn't serve French cuisine, the decor of the "left" dining room is definitely French-inspired, as it's a tad on the formal side.  Note the beautiful French mural, and the attractive brick wall.

Photo:  We were seated in the "right" dining room, where the majority of our fellow diners were seated.  Like the other dining room, the ceilings are high, its very comfortable, and light and airy, due to the many windows.  As I took photos, I noted Venita Rhea's was one of the few restaurants where I didn't have to resort to using flash, due to the abundance of natural lighting.

Photo:  Venita Rhea's - open for breakfast and lunch - is serious about breakfast, as breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open.  I didn't ask about lunch, but today, at 0915 in the morning, I was in the mood for breakfast. This is only a small portion of the large breakfast menu, but it was the part of the breakfast menu that grabbed my interest, as I'm a fan of "comfort food" for breakfast.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Jana, brings our breakfast to the table.  Our orders were ready less than 15 minutes after we placed our order.  Jana, along with another server, Julie, kept our coffee mugs full of delicious coffee.

Photo:  Because we were seated next to the window, our friendly server, Jana, took our photo, and I did use flash for fill-in, as the photo would have been "washed out" without the flash.  Thanks, Jana, for snapping our photo, as my wife, Sharlene and I smile, as we're ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  All breakfasts come with a small glass of fruit juice; both Sharlene and I chose orange juice.

Photo:  Sharlene decided to enjoy a "Mary Sue" for breakfast.  The menu describes the "Mary Sue" as, "Poached eggs, avocado, asparagus, and fresh Béarnaise.  Served on a Health Nut English muffin with your choice of home fries, hash browns, cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, fresh fruit or yogurt."  Sharlene chose fresh fruit, which isn't shown in the photo, but it was sliced melon, pineapple and banana.  Sharlene loved her breakfast, and I tried a small sample, and I can vouch it was delicious, but I definitely prefer something a little less "cutsey poo."  Like all breakfasts on the menu, Sharlene's breakfast included a small glass of juice.

Photo:  My breakfast choice always seems to gravitate to some variety of sausage, and today, linguica seemed like a good choice for today's breakfast.  I ordered linguica, eggs over easy - the breakfast comes with two eggs, but you can get a third one for free... duh - home style potatoes, sourdough toast, and a bowl of gravy to dip my potatoes into.  I found the presentation to be quite interesting, as I've never seen toast piled on the meat before, but I found the presentation to be very attractive.

The price of breakfast isn't the least expensive in town, but the breakfast is amazing, and worth every penny of the price.  For a little under 12 bucks, you get a LOT of delicious, well-prepared food, cooked with the freshest, finest ingredients the greater Sacramento area has to offer.  My breakfast was PERFECT in every way!

Photo:  Close-up image of my breakfast, with the toast removed so I could see the linguica.  This breakfast was delicious!

We certainly enjoyed our delicious breakfast this morning at Venita Rhea's!  The food was outstanding, the service was prompt and friendly, the coffee was excellent, and we left with full stomachs, and smiles on our faces. Venita Rhea's serves a great breakfast in Rocklin!

Venita Rhea's
4415 Granite Dr.
Rocklin, CA 95677
916 624-2697

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