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As a dedicated "foodie," and a lover of pizza, I'm always on the prowl for a new pizza restaurant, especially a restaurant with a new "twist" on pizza.  The other day, the local news/magazine show, Good Day Sacramento, ran a story on the newest pizza restaurant in Roseville, Trademark Pizza Company, and after watching the show, I penciled in a date on my calendar to check out the restaurant.

Photo:  Once upon a time, there was a Thai restaurant in this location, but that was then, and now, it's the home of Trademark Pizza Company, open since January, 2014.  The restaurant offers comfortable indoor and outdoor dining, and is located in an upscale, newer shopping center.  This early Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2014, was a beautiful afternoon to enjoy patio dining, Trademark style.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, the order counter and kitchen is to the right, and seating is to the left.  The seating arrangement is very flexible to accommodate practically any size of group.  As of this writing, the restaurant has only been open for a few weeks, and the dining room was packed.  Good news gets around rapidly, especially when it comes to a brand new pizza restaurant, with a revolutionary format.  

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, to head to the right, and you'll notice a large menu posted on the wall.  It starts with "Create your own pizza," and it's true, for the price of $7.99 the friendly pizza guru behind the counter will build the pizza to your order, piling on an unlimited amount of toppings, as per your request.  If you find that concept a tad intimidating, the menu includes nine "Trademark Pizzas," which are fully-loaded pizzas in different configurations.  Trademark Pizza Company sells only one size of pizza, and that's the 11-inch "personal" size, but as I mentioned before, as the menu says, "It's pizza built to order," and it's priced at only $7.99 for the pizza of your dreams.

Today, I was greeted by Chris, who was waiting behind the counter, ready to take my order.  Like the web surfer I am, I'd already checked out their web site, so I knew what to expect.  The plan was to order a "Manhattan," pizza which according to the posted menu includes red sauce, Mozerella cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions, Crimini mushrooms, and fresh oregano.  I planned to use the "Manhattan" as a base, and add a coupple of additional toppings.  As soon as I made my choice, my personal pizza guy, Chris, got to work.

He produced an pre-made, 11-inch crust, and started to smear sauce on it.  All of the toppings are contained in bins, and I noticed that they are of a very high quality, and appear to be very fresh.  I noted that Chris didn't measure components the way most other pizza restaurants do, as it was a handful of this, and a handful of that. Since I had intended to enhance my "Manhattan," I asked him for a double helping of black olives and a handful of artichoke hearts, which he cheerfully applied to my pizza.  Next stop:  The 800-degree oven.  It should be noted that you get to watch your pizza being created every step of the way by the same person who takes your order, which is a nice touch.  If you want a little more of "this," or a lot more of "that," just say the word, and it's yours, at no additional charge.  From the time I ordered my pizza, until the time it was placed in the oven took no more than five minutes, although I wasn't watching the clock.

Photo shows my personal pizza guy, Chris, assembling my "built to order" pizza.

Photo:  In keeping with the fact that you're able to watch your pizza being created through the entire process, the oven has glass doors, so you can watch your pizza as it bakes.  You don't have long to watch, as your pizza takes only about three minutes to cook, due to the high, 800-degree temperature.  The super-friendly owner of the restaurant, Michael Sanson, told me there is no sugar in the pizza dough, as it would char being cooked at such a high temperature.  To me, no sugar means fewer calories, and that's a good thing.

Photo:  My personal pizza guy, Chris, has assembled my pizza, and it's time to put it in the oven.  I'm a fan of open kitchens, as I love to watch the staff in action, and chat with them, while they perform their duties.  The kitchen at Trademark Pizza Company is as transparent, and as open as it gets.  The owner of the restaurant told me that one of the questions he asks prospective pizza cooks is, "What is your highest video game score?"  So, my question is, what does playing video games have to do with making a quality pizza?  Michael told me that his pizza cooks must be adept at multi-tasking, customer repour, and juggling things around, which are skills usually associated with a high video game score.  Now, I feel enlightened...

Photo:  The friendly cashier, Ericka, rings up my order, and after you pay for your order, in return, you'll get your name called when your order is ready.  I requested a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from the small selection of premium beers on tap, and she got my pizza guy, Chris, to pull the tap, as she isn't of legal age to do.  The glass case contains a small selection of pastries which aren't made in-house, as they're made fresh by local bakeries for Trademark Pizza Company.

After you pay for your order, you won't have long to wait, as your pizza will be ready in just a couple of minutes.  If you plan to dine on the patio, all you have to do is to tell them, and instead of calling out your name, they'll bring your pizza to you.  How's that for customer service?

Photo:  My delicious pizza is ready for me, about the time I finished paying for it, grabbing an ale, and taking a couple of photos.  The friendly owner of the restaurant, Michael Sanson, is at the left of the photo.  He sincerely welcomed me into his amazing restaurant, and made me feel like family.  Trademark Pizza Company is a unique, one-of-a-kind restaurant, and is owned by Michael and a local partner.  In all of the years I've enjoyed eating pizza, I have NEVER experienced a format such as employed by Trademark Pizza Company.  This restaurant is truly unique, and is sure to upset the pizza world in Roseville.

Photo:  I grin for the camera, as I hold my personal size, enhanced, "Manhattan" pizza.  Thanks, pizza guy, Chris, for taking the photo.  Photo gives an idea of the comfortable, squeaky-clean dining room.

Photo:  Since it was a 70-degree day in late February, I elected to eat outside, in the shade, where the light is excellent for picture taking.  Photo, up-close, and personal, of my "Manhattan" pizza, enhanced with the addition of black olives and artichoke hearts.  I noted the crust is thin, light and baked to a golden brown on the outside, yet is soft inside, thanks to the high temperature of the oven, and the short cooking time.  I got to chatting with the owner, Michael, who described his crusts as "artisan," which is the way crusts are made in Italy.  I have to agree, with him, as the crust was excellent, and the crust, and to a lesser extent, the cheese, is what defines a delicious pizza.

Photo:  My "Manhattan" pizza, along with a glass of Sierra Nevada ale.  The crust was light, crispy, and simply delicious.  Since it doesn't have sugar, I assume it has less calories.  The toppings were of high quality, fresh, and applied perfectly.  Note the beauty, and the presentation of this pizza.  Trust me, this pizza is amazing, and tastes even better than the photo looks.

This is the leanest, meanest, and one of the most delicious pizzas that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  Of note is there was NO GREASE.  None.  Nada.  Zippo.  That is unusual for pizza, and truly speaks for the "artisan" pizza the owner strives to produce.  My hunch is that if you are a vegetarian, you'd be safe to order this crust, pile on the sauce of your choice, and drag it through the garden, and you wouldn't worry about violating your principles by consuming anything animal.

Trademark Pizza Company has a format unlike any other pizza restaurant that I've seen, or even dreamed of. Between the amazingly-delicious pizza, the lightning-fast delivery, the exceptional value, and the super-friendly staff, I feel they will shake the pizza world in Roseville to the foundation.  Trademark Pizza Company is simply AMAZING!

Trademark Pizza Company
1485 Eureka Rd. Ste. 150
Roseville, CA 95661
916 774-9922

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