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What comes to your mind when the word "Tahoe" is mentioned?  Lake Tahoe, watersports, gambling, outdoor adventures, boating, breathtaking scenery, rustic cabins, and maybe fine dining?  Actually, fine dining pops into my mind when you mention just about anything, including the word "Tahoe," and if fine dining, combined with rustic surroundings comes to your mind, than you should consider dining at the small Northern California restaurant chain by the name of Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse, as in Northern California, they are indeed famous.

Left:  Tahoe Joe's features an attractive entrance, which faces to the west.  Note you can dine outside at 'Joe's, if you prefer.  Right:  Our grandson, Paris, was intrigued by the huge, carved bear that welcomes you to Tahoe Joe's. The bear is about nine feet tall!

As you enter Roseville's Tahoe Joe's, you're greeted by a friendly hostess who's job is to welcome you and seat you at one of the many booth's that Tahoe Joe's has to offer.  Almost as soon as we were seated, we were immediately greeted by our friendly server, Jamie, who produced menus and asked us what we wanted to drink.  After Jamie left go serve us our drinks, we commented on how fast and friendly the service is at Tahoe Joe's.  This was only a hint of things to come.

As you look around Tahoe Joe's, two words come to my mind to describe the decor:  Elegant and rustic.  Now I know that elegant and rustic are nearly at opposite ends of the decor spectrum, but when you combine spotlessly clean surroundings, cedar paneling, round "log cabin-style" beams, comfortable booths, and rustic, subdued lighting, it all adds up.  The cedar-paneled walls are decorated with snowshoes, vintage snow skis, logging implements, rustic posters, and mounted heads of animals, native to the Lake Tahoe region, including a mounted moose head, complete with an apron adorning it's neck, much to the delight of my grandson, Paris.  When you're dining at Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse, you really get the feeling that you're dining at a mountain chalet restaurant on the shores of Lake Tahoe, as that's how realistic the decor is.  Roseville is only located a couple of hours from Lake Tahoe, so I wonder how the patrons at Tahoe Joe's at their Bakersfield location feel?  Oh yes, Tahoe Joe's features a full-service bar to add to your enjoyment.

Left:  Sharlene stands at the friendly greeter's station, and admires the decor of Tahoe Joe's.  Right:  Sharlene, Jacquie, Dave and Matt, seated at our table.  Sharlene hides Paris from the camera.

Check out Tahoe Joe's menu, from the link to their web site below, but Sharlene and I, and Jacquie and Dave chose to order from their "Dinner for Two," which for the very reasonable price includes your choice of a 10-oz prime rib, or sirloin steak, a baked potato, with all of the toppings, and a soup of the day or the house salad, and, best of all, one appetizer from their extensive menu, and cheesecake for two for desert.  When I say very reasonable, I meant what I said, as the price is only $22.95 for a meal for two, but you're almost guaranteed to be bringing half of it home in a box, as we did.

After placing our dinner orders, it was only a matter of a couple of minutes until our appetizers were served to us. Both Dave and Jacquie, and Sharlene and I chose the "Railroad Camp Shrimp" appetizer, which consists of eight battered deep-fried shrimp, place on a pile of shredded lettuce, with a small container of some of the best dipping sauce that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Left:  Tahoe Joe's full service bar is in the background of the photo.  Right:  The photo shows the rustic, yet elegant decor of Tahoe Joe's.  Note the snow shoes and skis mounted on the wall, at the rear of the photo.

At Tahoe Joe's, service is top-notch, as our friendly server, Jamie, seemed to come around every five minutes or so to inquire how things were going and to see if we needed anything.  I must admit that Tahoe Joe's features fantastic, friendly and efficient service, yet it's not intrusive and you never feel pressured nor do you ever feel rushed.

When you're entrée is placed before you, you're in for a real treat!  For the six of us, Jamie brought our orders on two small, round tables, one for the entrées, and one for the baked potatoes.  Paris was served immediately, as we'd ordered a "Kid's Steak Dinner" for him, (only $7.95 with steak, fries and green beans...) but the rest of us had ordered baked potatoes, and we were in for a treat.  As I mentioned before, or server had brought out a separate table for the baked potatoes, complete with all the fixin's.  Our entrées were carried out on one table, and a second table was set up, just for the baked potatoes, as our waitress garnished our baked potatoes right before our eyes. To garnish your baked potato, you get your choice of whipped butter, sour cream, chopped green onions and real bacon bits, and, naturally, all of us ordered everything to garnish our baked potatoes our baked potatoes.  

Left:  If you've ever wondered what a "Railroad Camp Shrimp" appetizer looks like, well, here's ours, up-close, and personal.  Note that fresh rolls and butter are also featured as appetizers.  Right:  Our friendly waitress, Jamie, brings us our salads.

The baked potatoes are awesome, and the meat is cooked just the way you like it, and it's juicy and tender, and cooked to perfection.  You're provided a small bowl of dipping sauce and a small bowl of horseradish sauce, which is just the thing to enhance the taste of prime rib, not that it really needs any enhancement, as its so good.  When Tahoe Joe's advertises dinner for two, its more like dinner for two folks with ravenous appetites, or enough for three normal appetites.  We ordered the small, 10-oz prime rib, but if you're really hungry, you can get a 14-oz piece of meat with your dinner.

Just when you can't eat any more, your friendly waitress will ask you if you're ready for your cheesecake.  Since we'd already asked for boxes to take home our dinners, we opted for our cheesecake in a box as well.  

Left:  Oh boy!  Jamie garnishes our baked potatoes on a small table, right before our eyes!   Right:  My fantastic main course of prime rib and garnished baked potato, with all of the fixin's.  Note the bowls of dipping sauce sauce horseradish sauce.

Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse is a fabulous place to eat, as the decor is pure Tahoe, rustic, yet elegant, the food is wonderful, the service is fast, friendly, and simply put, outstanding in every way, the portions are huge, and the restaurant is an outstanding value in every way.  The only minor complaint that I had was the lighting at our booth was so dim that I had to hold the menu near the small table-mounted light in order to read it.  Aside from that very minor complaint, I would highly recommend Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse, as eating at Tahoe Joe's is a good as it gets.  Highly recommended!

Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse
1905 Taylor Road
Roseville, CA 95661
916 797-9920

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