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Despite the fact that Timbers At The Lodge is a 40-minute walk from my place, and I walk past it at least once a week, it's been nearly 11 years since I've paid them a visit.  Why?  I don't know.  Today, I was planning to visit a new-for-me restaurant in Woodland, which is nearly an hour's drive, but I forgot to set my alarm clock, and I slept in, which is a rare thing for me.  Since it was nearly 7 in the morning, I didn't want to fight the traffic, and head to Woodland, so I felt today was a good day to pay a visit to Timbers At The Lodge, after a 10+ year hiatus.

Photo:  It's a little after 7 in the morning, Friday, March 03, 2017, and after a 10+ year absense, I'm ready to enjoy breakfast at Timbers At The Lodge.  The restaurant is located in the clubhouse of Sun City Roseville.

Photo:  Talk about a spacious dining room!  I can understand how this beautiful restaurant adopted the name "Timbers..."  as all you have to do is look at the ceiling to understand how the name came about.  One of the great things about breakfast is you have a choice of ordering from the menu, or you can choose from a modest breakfast buffet, shown in the center, at the extreme rear of the photo.  

Since the restaurant is located inside the clubhouse of Sun City, most residents live in the area, which is a housing development where most people are 55 of age or better.  Note:  I'd fit right in!  Most of the diners are regulars, as is the gentleman walking by and patting today's server, Nichol, on the shoulder, as she takes an order.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is, shall we say, "compact," but it covers all bases and offers something for everybody. If you don't like what you see on the menu, a modest breakfast buffet, for a very modest price, is offered Monday through Saturday mornings.

Photo:  Like the dining room the adjoining lounge is GIGANTIC and offers a wrap-around, full service bar on two sides of the room.  The lounge is host to frequent entertainment, such as local bands, and offers lots of room to dance and party.  Note the many windows and the beautiful view of the golf course.

Photo:  One of the man bar stations the lounge offers, with a view of the golf course, and the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance.

Photo:  My friendly, but camera-shy server, Nicole, as she walks away from my camera.  As she delivered my food, I got out my camera to snap her photo, but as I pressed the button, she said "No, no, don't take my photo."  Well, the button was pressed, and the photo was taken, and I didn't take any more photos.  My only regret was that she was camera-shy, but she was friendly, my coffee cup was always full, and she provided great service, so she was rewarded with the standard 15% tip.  

Photo:  I'm ready enjoy a delicious breakfast on this Friday morning at Timbers At The Lodge.

Photo:  I looked at the breakfast menu for about 10 seconds before I settled on "Country Fried Steak and Eggs," which is definitely one of my breakfast favorites.  You get your choice of hash brown potatoes or fruit, eggs cooked any way, and your choice of toast.  Naturally, coffee is extra, but it was delicious, and Nicole regularly kept my mug full.

The meal tasted as delicious as it looks in the photo.  All menu items were cooked perfectly, including my always-choice of eggs over easy, which is a benchmark on how to judge the breakfast cooking abilities of a restaurant. The steak was battered "just right," with enough batter to do it justice, but the batter didn't overpower the taste of the meat.  The meat was so tender, I didn't need a knife to cut it.  The toast and hash brown potatoes were cooked perfectly too.  The little cup of ketchup was a nice touch, and I put it to good use with my potatoes.  All together, this was a fine breakfast!

Now, let's go back in time to Saturday, April 15, 2006, and review the first visit we enjoyed at Timbers At The Lodge...

Well, you work for 30-something years, or maybe more, you get to retire.  Maybe?  Yeah! ... Right!  However, if you like to do the following things:  a) Eat good food, b) Play golf, Cc Enjoy good scenery d) Enjoy elegant surroundings e) Enjoy good friends... and, if you're in Roseville, CA, stop by Timbers Restaurant, in Sun City to enjoy the aforementioned amenities.

Next:  Entrance to Del Webb clubhouse, Sun City, Roseville, CA, and the Timbers Restaurant.  Right:  We enter the clubhouse and we're walking toward Timbers Restaurant, which the entrance is in the center of the photo.  The golf course is to the left of the photo...

OK, I'm somewhat prejudiced, as I live only a couple of miles away from the place, and, yes, I'm old enough that I could purchase a house near the golf course in the Sun City village.  But, you have to understand, although I sympathise with folks are addicted to the game of golf, I haven't fallen prey to that addiction:  But I share a common addiction, and that is the addiction to food, and I mean fine food.  The food is even better if it's served by beautiful women.  Beautiful women are easy to find at Timbers; oh to be single and 20 years younger...

Next:  The elegant entrance to Timbers.  Note the Easter bunny decorations, as this was the day before Easter, April 15, 2006.  Right:  Our somewhat private dining area featured a great view of the golf course and the Sierra Nevada mountains.  To the right, our honored guest, Rita Gordon, unwraps presents.

Timbers Restaurant is located inside the huge clubhouse, next to the golf course, at Del Webb's Sun City, in Roseville, CA.  Timbers is open to anybody, as you don't have to be a resident of Sun City to enjoy their fine hospitality.  When you enter the clubhouse, you walk down a couple of elegant halls until you reach the entrance to Timbers.  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by a friendly gal, who also doubles as a cashier, a human phone answering machine (no voice mail found here!) and somebody who will make you feel at home.  If you've made reservations, she'll seat you, if you haven't, then she'll find you a seat.  Reservations generally needed, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when there's live entertainment.  Oh, yes, did I mention the full-service bar is to the right?

Next:  Lunch is served.  Right:  Notice how many entrees this guy carries with just one hand.  Good?  Maybe..?  Great?  ... Perhaps...?

On Saturday, April 15, 2006, we attended a retirement luncheon for a friend and co-worker, Rita Gordon.  After the friendly girl greeted us, she showed our way to the left, where the luncheon was taking place.  If we hadn't been attending the luncheon, we would have been seated at one of the many tables to the right, closer to the well-equipped bar.  Did I mention the bar?  If it's a view of the golf course your after, it doesn't matter where you're seated at Timbers, as each table affords a panoramic view of the beautiful golf course.  In addition to the golf course, all you have to do is look a little farther to the east, and you'll get a view of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Photos:  The staff is thinking, "Let's see... Let's try to line up the name of the person that's ordered what...?  Let's see..." These gals got it right, as food was served in a timely manner, and the presentation, quality and quantity of the lunch was excellent.

As in many restaurants, the staff is composed of 20-something men and women, all "Generation-x'ers."  A few years ago, when I was in that age category, I wore an attitude on my collar almost as big as the state of Texas, and many folks in that category do, as you may have observed if you've ever had the displeasure to dine at just about any fast food restaurant.  However, at Timbers, the staff is well-trained, efficient, friendly, and, if they have an attitude, they've left it at the door.  You couldn't ask for a nicer group of folks to serve you.

Timbers menu is varied, and features culinary selections to please every taste.  Since we were attending Rita Gordon's retirement luncheon, all of her guests, including us, had signed up for their choice of entree.  You have to admit, the logistics of serving 40 folks, all at the same time, with outstanding, fresh food, in elegant style, are staggering, but Timbers was able to pull it off in style.

Photos:  The staff are comparing the menu to the food actually delivered to the 40-plus folks that have attended the retirement luncheon; a nightmare for the staff.  However, the staff pulled the whole luncheon off without a hitch, a credit to them.

At work, we had been offered one of three choices:  French dip sandwich with fries or salad,  croissant sandwich with salad or a Cobb salad.  Oh boy, how do you choose from choices like that?  Sharlene and I both chose the Cobb salad; I did it with some reservation, as I've never had bleu cheese in such force that is a main ingredient of a Cobb salad.  But, being the adventurous type that I am, I jumped in head first.

The food was brought out in phases:  French dip, croissant sandwiches, and Cobb salads, one table at a time.  The waiter would bring out a big plate of several entrees, and set it down at a table.  I marveled at the strength, efficiency and dexterity of this guy, as he carried many entrees using only one hand!  This guy is good!  After he set the plate upon the table, the waitresses would select a dish, check it off from the roster, call out a name, and deliver it to the person that raised their hand.  Efficient.  Friendly.  Fun.  And, efficient...

Left:  How could I resist taking the photo of this beautiful girl?  We are served our Cobb salad, and our friendly waitress, Jessica, gives us her award-winning smile.  Right:  Sharlene and I have been served our Cobb salads, and due to my bad habit of taking lots of photos, I haven't sat down to eat.  Well, I took the photo!

This was the first Cobb salad that I have ever eaten in my life, and it will not be my last.  Mere words, nor the photographs, can describe the delicious Cobb salad that Sharlene and I had the pleasure to enjoy.  If words like fresh, tender, crisp, and delicious enter your mind, then, perhaps you'll get an idea of how much we enjoyed our lunch.  All 40-plus of us agreed that Timbers is a good place to dine.

Left:  Sharlene and I get our photos snapped, as we're about to devour our Cobb salad.  Right:  Cobb salad, Timbers Restaurant, style, in Roseville, CA.  Yes, after the photo was taken, I moved my plate of salad off the edge of the table, as it almost fell to the floor!

As I was taking photos, I got to talking to our very friendly greater, and she told me that Timbers is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights, as they really open the bar, and have not one, but two bands, who play live music, and the dance floor is open for serious business.  That piqued my curiosity to ask the question:  "What type of music do the bands play?"  How's this answer:  Country and Western, jazz.  Bingo!  It just doesn't get much better than that!

Timbers At The Lodge
7050 Del Webb Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 774-3838

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