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Teriyaki Domo has been at the top of my radar for a few months, as they were featured on the popular news/magazine show Good Day Sacramento in the "Dishin' With Tina" segment.  I've been wanting to pay them a visit ever since they were feathered on the show, as there is nothing that I love better than visiting a local, "mom and pop" restaurant.  Finally, on Friday, January 16, 2015, I was able to pay them a visit, and cross them off my things-to-do list.

Photo:  Teriyaki Domo has a very small facade; yes the photo shows the "face" of the restaurant.  It's located in a strip mall, and offers plenty of safe, easy parking.

Photo:  View of the dining room, as soon you walk in the door.  The kitchen is to the far left of the photo.  The restaurant isn't big, but it's comfortable, clean, and the food is good.

Photo:  My wife, Sharlene, orders our lunches, and pays for our meal.  The kitchen is open, and you can watch your meal being prepared.  When you order a drink, it's all-you-can-drink, serve-yourself from the Coke fountain, which I really like, so I can drown myself in my favorite soft drink, Coca Cola.  As we ordered our lunches, I passed the gentleman at the counter my business card, and told him about my mission for photos and a write-up, and it seemed to me the message didn't really register.  Was it a language barrier?  Did I maybe have bad breath? Perhaps my body language?  I don't know, but I took a few photos anyway, and, gee... I'm writing this article!


Photo:  The protocol works as such:  You choose your order from the menu posted above the kitchen, make your choice, pay for it, and you're given a number.  Today, despite the fact that we arrived shortly after noon, and the restaurant was quite busy and full, our lunch was ready in about ten minutes.  Folks, that's service!  I'm happy as I get my photo taken with my "Lunch Special" and my bottomless glass of soda.

Photo:  My wife and I ordered identical lunches, the "Lunch Special #3" for $7.25.  All lunches feature salad, rice, and grilled chicken which is so good that it will knock your socks off.  The differences is in the add-ons; "California roll," which is such - I love it - gyoza, which is a pot sticker, or tempura.  We're suckers for tempura, so we both ordered tempura as our add-on, and we weren't disappointed.  Good food!  Teriyaki Domo prides themselves on their sauce, which their web site says is "rich and sweet," and they are right, as the sauce is rich, sweet, and delicious!

The chicken was grilled, but obviously marinated in the sweet sauce, and it was simply fabulous!  The tempura was crisp, crunchy and not at all greasy.  The salad was nice and fresh, and the white rice was perfectly cooked, and a bit on the "sticky" side, which is just what you want.  The rice held together well on a fork to dip into the extra sauce leftover from the chicken.  Oh boy!  Good food!

Pros:  Great food, at a reasonable price.  When you purchase a drink, you get unlimited refills of Coca Cola product. Oh yeah!   Cons:  "Institutional," quite impersonal service, and a possible language barrier.  I felt a bit out of my "comfort zone" taking photos in the restaurant, as I got some odd looks from customers and staff, even after attempting to explain my mission. But, all-in-all, good, solid food, at a reasonable price.  Definitely worth a visit...

Teriyaki Domo
1609 Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 773-1161

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