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Scoreboards Pizza and Grill, located in the upscale Granite Bay area of Roseville, CA, is a restaurant that specializes in pizza, but serves a variety of your favorite "pub type food" in a family-friendly, sports bar-like atmosphere, complete with a welcoming patio and a full-service bar.  You'll be treated to some of the best pizza in town, along with amazing service, that's as friendly as it gets.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's shortly after the 11:30 in the morning opening time on Saturday, May 21, 2022, and I've arrived at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill to enjoy a "Classic Burger," and take home a "Turkey Burger," thanks to an online promotion.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll we welcomed by a friendly host, and you'll notice the full-service bar and the many television monitors, which give a "sports bar" feel to the restaurant.

On the wall, next to the bar, is a list of specials when a game is being played.  Scoreboards leans heavily towards a sports bar, and offers a great place to relax, and enjoy a game.  On this late Saturday morning, not much was happing in the world of sports, but that wasn't my "plan," as I was content to enjoy the late morning on the patio, along with a "Classic Burger."

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the bar, along with the television monitors that are tuned to sports or local news.

Photo:  The "Free Agents/Burgers" section of them menu, which grabbed my attention, as I was here to enjoy a "Classic Burger," thanks to the online offer of "Buy one, get one free" burger offer.

Photo:  Since it was a beautiful 80-degree morning, I decided to enjoy my meal on the beautiful patio, which offers comfortable and enjoyable outside dining.  My friendly hostess, Emily, writes up my order for a "Classic Burger."

Photo:  Local Roseville memorabilia is posted on the walls, including a large photo of a vintage Little League Baseball team from the 1990's.  To enhance the mood, "old school" rock music plays in the dining room.

Photo:  The bar is the centerpiece of the dining room, and offers beer on tap, wine, and any mixed drink that you care to order.

I definitely love to sit at the bar, but on this beautiful 80-degree late Saturday morning, I preferred to enjoy my dinner outside, on the patio.

Photo:  Super friendly hostess Kaitlyn serves ice water to friendly co-diners Mocha and Krista, with a smile.  Emily was my hostess today, but Kaitlyn assisted, and provided friendly service in every way, as in keeping with the "mission" of Scoreboards Pizza and Grill, a paramount restaurant in Roseville.

Photo:  Two amazing friendly ladies were dining next to me, and I enjoyed pleasant conversation with them, along with their charming company.  Mocha on the left, and Krista to the right, both Roseville residents, great people and fellow "foodies."

Photo:  From the "Lunch Specials" section of the menu, my friendly dining companion Krista went with "#2 Chicken Tenders and Fries" and I "assume" her choice of dipping sauce was "Ranch" dressing.  The menu describes this offering as "Homemade chicken tenders served with fresh cut fries and your choice of a side salad."  

Photo:  "Mozzarella Sticks," from the "Warm-Up" section of the menu, along with dipping sauce, which area delivered, as the menu states, "homemade and always fresh."  

Photo:  Meet Emily, my amazingly friendly hostess, who brought my "Classic Burger" to me with a smile.  Emily actually remembered me from my previous visit in October - was it my camera or my "good" looks? - and treated me like royalty.  

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Emily, snapped my photo as I prepare to enjoy my amazing "Classic Burger," and fries. The "on the house" - thanks to the online promotion - "Turkey Burger" arrived later, in a "to-go" box, to take home to enjoy for dinner.

Photo:  From the "Free Agents/Burgers" section of the menu, I went with a "Classic Burger," with "Ciabatta" as my bun and "Thousand Island" for my dressing.  To really make my classic "old school," I went with Cheddar cheese, which always works wonderful with a fine burger.  All "Free Agents" on the menu include shredded lettuce, diced tomato, sliced red onion and dill pickle slices.  Perhaps it was the beer talking to me, but today, I enhanced my "Classic Burger" with sliced avocado and bacon, to make this a special treat.

The burger started with a half pound hand-formed patty of tender, juicy and perfectly seasoned beef, cooked to medium.  I didn't ask my beef to be cooked medium - it arrived that way - which was fine with me, as that's how I prefer my beef.  I assume you could have your beef cooked any way you choose by just asking your friendly server. The beef was placed on a buttered and lightly toasted ciabatta bun, which held together well, and helped to round out the juicy "bite" of the beef.  As per my order, both sides of the buns were coated with "Thousand Island" dressing, and a melted slab of Cheddar cheese was placed on top of the meat.  The burger was dressed with diced lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced red onion and dill pickle chips.  The optional avocado slices and bacon added an extra "foodie" dimension to this amazing burger. Truly a delicious, "old school" burger to enjoy!

The large side of fries complimented and enhanced this wonderful burger!  What goes together better than a burger, along with an order of fries?  The fries were perfectly deep fried to a rich, golden brown, deep fried crispy on the outside, soft, white and tender on the inside.  Like the burger, the fries were perfect!

Photo:  Cross section of my "Classic Burger," showing all of the goodness this fine burger has to offer.  You just have to love the fries, as they are some of the best fries you'll ever enjoy on western Placer County!  I "enhanced" my burger by ordering sliced avocado and bacon... wow!  With the "Thousand Island" dressing, along with the fries, this was an "old school" diner delight come true.  As the "foodie" that I am, this meal made my day come true and kept me in business for the rest of the day.

Photo:  From the "Free Agents/Burgers" section of the menu, I went with a "Turkey Burger" as my second burger, thanks to the "Buy one get one free" offer I had received online to redeem during the month of May.  Like all burgers on the menu, the "Turkey Burger" gave you a choice of bun, dressing and cheese.  I chose a "Ciabatta" bun, Cheddar cheese, and like my "Classic Burger," I opted for Thousand Island dressing, to make this an "old school" delight.  

Like all burgers on the menu, the "Turkey Burger" includes shredded lettuce, tomato slices, red onion slices and dill pickle chips, and includes a mountain of delicious fries.  I opted for a "to-go" box for my "Turkey Burger," as it was my "freebie burger" - thanks to the promotion - and I had plans to take it home and enjoy it for dinner.

The meat patty of turkey was BIG... one half pound, and amazing juicy, flavorful and tender.  I admit that I was pleasantly surprised, as most turkey patties are dry and boring, but not so at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill!  The thick turkey patty was tender, juicy and grilled to perfection.  Seasoning was slight or maybe non-existent... no complaints on my part as the burger was simply delicious!

Like the "Classic Burger," the "Turkey Burger" was placed on a buttered, and grilled "Chiabatta" bun.  As per my order, the turkey patty was covered with a slice of melted Cheddar cheese, which worked well with the "Thousand Island" dressing to garnish my burger.  Shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced red onion and dill pickle wedges rounded out the burger.  

Like the mountain of fries I enjoyed with my "Classic Burger," the fries were deep fried to a perfect golden brown, and made for an amazing side to this simply delicious "Turkey Burger."

Photo:  "Turkey Burger" is as good as it gets at Scoreboads Pizza and Grill when you're in the mood for turkey.  The fries were amazing, along with fresh "Ciabatta" bun and the garden-fresh garnishes.  Truly a great "Turkey Burger" any way you can spell the word "turkey!

The "Turkey Burger," along with the fries were "on the house," thanks to the offer I received online, so I brought them home in the "to-go" box and enjoyed the delicious meal for dinner.  Thanks... Scoreboards Pizza and Grill for the delicious dinner!

Back on Saturday, October 16, 2021, I paid a visit to Scoreboards Pizza and Grill, and enjoyed a "Classic Burger" along with a side of fries.  Here's the write-up of my visit on that lovely fall day...

Photo:  It's a little after noon, on Saturday, October 16, 2021, and I've arrived at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill, located in the Granite Bay section of Roseville, CA, to enjoy fine dining on their lovely patio.

Last week, I received a message from Scoreboards, offering a "Buy one burger, get an equal or lesser value burger free," and since I savor a fine burger, this was an offer I couldn't resist. To redeem this generous offer, all I had to was to present the electronic coupon, which was displayed on my smartphone, to my server, who would give me a "key" in order to take advantage of a second burger.  I thank the management of Scoreboards Pizza and Grill for the generous offer.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice a sign that advertizes Sunday breakfast, which is a new addition since my last visit. You'll also be greeted by a friendly staff member, who will seat you, give you a menu, and take your drink orders.  Since today was a sunny 75-degree-early afternoon in mid-October, I chose to dine on the lovely patio.

Unlike many pizza restaurants, where you order from an overhead menu and pay for your order, Scoreboards is a full-service restaurant, where you enjoy friendly hospitality from the staff, as you enjoy your great lunch or dinner.

Photo:  The beer and wine bar at Scoreboards Bar and Girl features many imported and domestic beers, both on tap and in the bottle, along with a modest selection of fine wine. The bar section exhibits a "sports bar" feel, as there are tall tables, many television monitors tuned to college football, and a posted list of "bar specials" that are in effect as a game is playing.  The bar is a great place to relax, take in a game, and sip a tall cold one.  The bar is separated from the dining room by a partition, so the restaurant is "kid friendly."

Photo:  The dining room is a mixture of tables and booths, and looks out to the amazing patio.  The windows are huge, and offer natural lighting during the day, which highlights the attractive dining room.  The brick walls, wood floors, and the soft overhead lighting add a cozy atmosphere to the attractive dining room.

Photo:  Appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, along with daily lunch specials, are listed on the first page of the menu.  Note the "Free Agents/Burgers" treats the "Turkey Burger," and the "Chicken Sandwich" as a burger... all for the same price.

Photo:  Pizza is the specialty of the restaurant, and pizza is highlighted on the section page of the menu.

Photo:  My amazingly friendly server, Emily, brings my glass of refreshing Coca Cola to me with a smile.  Since today was a warm 75 degrees, I chose to enjoy my lunch outside on the lovely patio.

Photo:  Scoreboards Pizza and Grill features one of the most attractive patios in town, as it's large, shaded, and offers a great view of the beautiful landscaping across the street.  Amenities include a sparkling fountain, propane heaters, and wood-burning fireplace, to add warmth and ambience on chilly evenings.  The patio is "dog friendly" for well-behaved dogs, so you can bring "Bowser" along as one of your dining companions.

Photo:  Meet Emily, my super friendly server, who brings my "Classic Burger" to me with a smile.  As per my request, she brought my second burger in a box for me to take home and enjoy for dinner, as two orders of a burger and fries was more that I could eat in one setting.  Thanks, Emily, for your amazing service!

The photo offers a great view of the lovely fountain in the background.

Photo:  Thanks, Emily, for taking my photo, as I get ready to enjoy my delicious "Classic Burger," along with a side of fries.

Photo:  From the "Free Agents/Burgers" section of the menu, I went with the "Classic Burger," as I've never met a burger that I don't love.

The menu describes the burger as, "Our burgers are hand formed 1/2 pound patties, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. All burgers include fries, but you can substitute a side salad for a couple dollars extra. Add-ons, such as bacon, avocado or extra cheese can be added, for an extra charge.  The burger includes your choice of bun, dressing and cheese.  If you prefer, you can enjoy turkey or chicken rather than hamburger.  Me? ... I'll take hamburger!

The burger starts out with a half-pound beef patty, cooked medium, but if you like your meat cooked differently, all you'd have to do is tell your server, and your burger will be cooked to your liking.  The meat was lightly seasoned, flavorful, juicy, and perfectly cooked, medium, just the way I like it.

My choice of bun was a ciabatta roll, which arrived buttered and toasted, and lettuce was placed on the lower bun, and the meat patty sat on top of the lettuce, followed by tomato, red onion and sliced dill pickles, hamburger style. I like my burger "old school," so my choice of dressing was "Thousand Island," which I truly enjoy.

I opted for fries - which come with the burger - rather than upgrading to a side salad, as I enjoy fries as my "go-to" side dish.  My burger came with a large helping of fries, which were lightly seasoned, fried to a crispy, golden brown on the outside, and tender and chewy on the inside, just like a fine order of fries should be cooked.  My fries made an outstanding side dish for this fine lunch.

My "Classic Burger, " along with the order of fries, were simply delicious!  The meat-to-bun ratio was just right, the meat, cheese and ciabatta roll were hot, and the lettuce, tomato and pickle slices were chilled.  The "Thousand Island" dressing added smoothness, and just a bit of "tang" to the burger to make this a taste sensation.  Scoreboards served a well-balanced, delicious burger.  And... how could you beat today's deal... two burgers and fries for the price of one!

Photo:  I cut my "Classic Burger" in two, as it's easier to enjoy, and so I could see all of the layered goodness this fine burger has to offer. Since this burger was juicy, when it's cut into halves, you don't need to use as many napkins!  I never put ketchup on my burger, but the "kid" comes out in my when it comes to the fries, as I love to dip my fries in ketchup to enjoy.

Photo:  Thanks to the offer I received from Scoreboards on "Messenger," I received a identical burger and fries, which was my choice, for free.  There was NO WAY that I could eat a second burger and fries for lunch, so I brought my second "Classic Burger" home in a box to enjoy for dinner.

Let's go back to March 23, 2019, to my first visit to Scoreboards Pizza and Grill, where I enjoyed a free birthday pizza!

The other day, I celebrated a birthday - they seem to happen once a year - and I received an invitation from Scoreboards Pizza and Grill to join their "Birthday Club," and receive a free, one-topping pizza as a birthday gift. This worked out perfectly, as Scoreboards had been on my "bucket list" of restaurants to visit, and the thought of a free, birthday pizza made the idea seem even better. Melted cheddar cheese - which was my choice of cheese - graced the meat patty, followed by tomato, red onion, and dill pickle slices.  

Photo:  It's about 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, March 23, 2019, and I've arrived at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill to enjoy a delicious pizza, along with a couple of beers.

After I received a message inviting me to join the "Birthday Club,"  I immediately messaged them back with my interest, and I received an email from management, a code to give to my server, to enjoy a medium, one-topping pizza, on the house.  That's certainly a generous offer for a "foodie" and pizza lover like me!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted with a "please wait to be seated sign," but I simply seated myself at the bar, which is to the left as you enter the restaurant.  

Photo:  On the wall, next to the bar, is a list of specials when a game is being played.  Scoreboards leans heavily towards a sports bar, and offers a great place to relax, and enjoy a game.  On this Saturday afternoon, various sports events were being shown on the many monitors in the restaurant, but I really wasn't paying much attention to them, as pizza and beer was my "plan of the day."

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, the dining room is to the right.  The bar, where I was sitting, is to the left of the photo, and separated from the dining room by a partition.  Like the bar, the dining room features many television monitors and is a good place to enjoy pizza while you watch a game.

Photo:  The restaurant features one of the nicest patios that I've seen in Roseville, as it features not only a fireplace, but also a fountain.  There is a fence around the patio, to separate it from the street, so, as per California state law, you can enjoy your beer and wine on the patio.  The weather today was on and off rain showers, so the patio wasn't in use.  I can imagine how wonderful it would be to sit on the patio during a warm summer evening, enjoying the fire, sipping a beer, munching on pizza, and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere...

Photo:  The pizza and beverage menu.  The other side of the menu features sandwiches, burgers, salads and more. Note the menu advertises the dough is made, in-house from scratch, and all of the vegetables are fresh.  

Photo:  In my case, beer goes with pizza, and pizza goes with beer, and the two are definitely interchangeable.  My server and bartendress, Brittney, pours me a draught Coors Light beer, for the price of only $3.00 for a 16-oz glass.

Photo:  After placing my order for a one-topping medium pizza, I sat at the bar, sipped on a beer, and chatted with my super-friendly bartendress, Brittney, as her time permitted.  She and I talked about area restaurants, and food in general, as she and I share common interests in food, as we're both dedicated "foodies."

Photo:  Just in time for a second beer, my "Birthday Pizza" arrived about twenty minutes after placing my order, with a big smile!

Photo:  I smile, as Brittney snaps my photo, as I know I'm about ready to enjoy one of the best pizzas in Roseville. Years ago, I could have eaten the whole pizza in a single sitting, but now in my advanced age, that is no longer possible.  I ate three slices and took the rest home in a box.

I love everything about pizza, but one of the best things about pizza is it keeps well as leftovers.  Since I knew that it was impossible for me to eat the whole pizza today, I made plans to enjoy a couple of meals over the leftover pizza...

Photo:  A pizza from heaven:  My one topping, "birthday pizza" from Scoreboards Pizza and Grill.  Thanks, Scoreboards for the amazing "Birthday Pizza!"  It almost makes another birthday worthwhile...

And amazing this pizza truly was!  I've always heard the way to judge a good pizza is by the dough and the cheese, and in this case, both were just perfect!  The crust was fresh, as the dough is made in-house before the restaurant opens, and baked to perfection.  The cheese was tangy, delicious, melted perfectly, and complimented the amazing crust.  This pizza was so good that the cheese alone would have made the pizza delicious, but then when the topping was added - I chose linguica - this pizza was out of this world delicious with flavor!  My one topping, linguica was plenty of topping, as this pizza was so good, it didn't need any more toppings!

The pizza arrived piping hot from the kitchen, and just oozed gooey, delicious, melted cheese, just the way I like it. The crust, cheese and linguica topping all worked together to form a mouth-watering pizza.

Photo:  Close-up goodness of two slices of my linguica pizza.  I can't say that Scoreboards makes the best pizza in Roseville, as I don't have the answer to that question, but I can say that this pizza is simply delicious, and one of the best pizzas that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in YEARS!

Once again, I'd like to thank the management at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill for the complimentary "birthday pizza," as that offer is as generous as it gets.

When you're in the mood for some of the best pizza that Roseville has to offer, and you want to enjoy it in a fun, family-friendly, sports-bar-like atmosphere, I highly recommend a visit to Scoreboards Pizza and Grill.  The pizza is delicious, and the staff is as friendly as it gets.  When it comes to delicious pizza, on any playing field, Scoreboards comes out a winner!

Scoreboards Pizza and Grill
9620 Sierra College Blvd. #600
Roseville, CA 95661
916 797-1100

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