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Ruby Thai Kitchen anchors one corner of the "Dining Terrace." on the second floor of the upscale Westfield Galleria Mall, located in Roseville, CA.  Ruby Thai Kitchen, a small, locally owned and operated, "mom and pop" restaurant, has been serving delicious Thai cuisine to busy mall shoppers for the last 20 years.  

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just before 11:00 in the morning, Wednesday, December 01, 2021, and I've arrived at Ruby Thai Kitchen, located on the "Dining Terrace" at Westfield Galleria Mall, in Roseville, CA.  

Ruby Thai Kitchen shares the "anchor" of the food court with Shake Shack - to be reviewed later - located on the second floor of the mall.  The standalone building serves as an anchor for restaurants, and the court is lined with many small restaurants, with both national chains and local outlets.  All of the restaurants share a common dining area, with communal tables and chairs.

The mall opens at 10:00 every morning, and during the busy season, Ruby Thai Kitchen begins serving at 10:00, and keeps mall hours.

On this late Wednesday morning in early December, I arrived to a mostly empty mall, along with a sparsely seated food court.

Photo:  The menu is placed above the serving line, and offers bowls, combination meals, platters and a la carte. For those who prefer to customize their meal, there is a choice of "Any Three Items" for $10.25, which sounded great to me.

All food selections are displayed, fresh and hot from the kitchen, and ready to be served.  If you ordered a menu selection, a staff member will assemble your order as per the menu, but if you ordered "a la carte" or "Any Three Items," you tell the server what you want, and the staff will dish out your selection.  You pay for your order at the register and seat yourself at the table of your choice.

Today there were two staff members working the restaurant, one lady working the counter, and the other busy in the kitchen.

Dining isn't fancy, as all the restaurants clustered around the "Dining Terrace," including Ruby Thai Kitchen, use styrafoam "to go" boxes and plastic utensils.  Mall dining at it's finest!

Photo:  All selections are displayed in stainless steel trays, hot from the kitchen, which is located in back of the counter. The first section offers noodle and vegetable selections.

Photo:  Beef, chicken, wontons, spring rolls and potstickers are located in the section.  If you're ordering "a la carte" you simply tell your server what item or items your interested in, and you'll be served.

Photo:  My amazingly friendly server, Kim, has placed a helping of Pad Thai in a box, and is now working with the Thai Mixed Vegetables.  If you're not familiar with Thai cuisine, it's not a problem, as the friendly staff is happy to answer questions, and each selection is labeled.

Photo:  My third selection was Thai Basil Beef, which is an amazing offering that should never be passed up.  I went with the "Any Three Items," and I asked for a couple of Fried Potstickers - I expected to pay extra for them - but two of them were included with my order, compliments of the house.  Thanks!

If you're in a hurry, you'll love Ruby Thai Kitchen, as my order was dished up and ready to enjoy in less than five minutes.

Photo:  Next to the register there is a small selection of packaged sauces, styrafoam cups for hot tea, and cups for soft drinks.  

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm ready to enjoy my delicious lunch at Ruby Thai Kitchen, located in the Westfield Galleria Mall.  By the time my lunch was served, the mall was starting to come alive with Christmas shoppers.  'Tis the season to enjoy amazing food at your local mall!

Photo:  Today, I went with the "Any Three Items" selection, and my choices were Pad Thai, Thai Mixed Vegetables, Thai Basil Beef along with a couple of Fried Potstickers on the side.  Vegetables, thin noodles, along with beef... how could you find a more well-balanced lunch?

The Pad Thai, which are tradition flavor noodles served in Thailand, were very fine, steamed just right, and seasoned with just a touch of Thai fish sauce, just the way this dish is served in Thailand.  The Pad Thai also included strips of steamed cabbage to add to the flavor.  Ruby Thai Kitchen dishes out a generous portion of Pad Thai, which should make noodle-lovers happy.

The Mixed Vegetables were mostly broccoli, but carrot slices, sliced zucchini squash, cauliflower along with bits of onion were included.  The vegetables were steamed to very tender, yet the broccoli and carrot slices retained a bit of a very satisfying crunch when you bit into them.

I could have made a complete meal on the Thai Basil Beef, as it was simply amazing!  The beef was thinly sliced, marinated, seasoned and was juicy, tender and flavorful.  Each bite of the beef was a taste sensation!  My lunch was delicious, but the Thai Basil Beef was truly a show-stopper.

I requested a couple of potstickers, and much to my surprise, Kim gave me two Fried Potstickers, on the house.  The potstickers were perfectly deep fried, and stuffed with fish.  Delicious!  I dipped them into dipping sauce for added flavor.

Since you're dining at the mall food court - now called "Dining Terrace" -  all food is served in a to-go container, whether you're taking it out, or dining in the food court.  Dining at Westfield Galleria Mall isn't fancy, but the food served at Ruby Thai Kitchen is delicious.

I absolutely loved my "Any Three Items" lunch!  All selections were delicious, fresh, well-prepared, and dished out to me with a smile.  

Photo:  Close up of my delicious lunch of Pad Thai, Mixed Vegetables, Thai Basil Beef, and two complimentary Fried Potstickers.  This worked out to be a great lunch!

You don't have to be a mall shopper and you don't have to be in a hurry to enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at Ruby Thai Kitchen, as the restaurant is open any time the mall is open, and the food is always fresh, hot, and ready.  The food is "fast," but it's delicious and enjoyable!  You'll love Ruby Thai Kitchen, located inside the Westfield Galleria Mall, in Roseville, CA.

Ruby Thai Kitchen
1151 Galleria Blvd. #FC11
Roseville, CA 95678
916 797-2888

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