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Talk about "comfort food," as "comfort" doesn't get any more comforting than a locally owned and operated pizza restaurant.  

Photo:  The Riverside Pizzeria is located at the corner of Darling Way and Riverside Avenue, in a ex-burger restaurant, complete with parking "out back."  If you're a fan of ex-burger joints, you'll probably recognize the location.  As for me, I just look to this restaurant for great pizza...

Photo:  It's not fancy, but The Riverside Pizzeria features comfortable dining, and if you're by your lonesome, like I find myself so many times, there's a bar, so you can seat yourself and enjoy all of the action, as the two guys are doing at the left of the photo.  There are even "old school" video games...

Photo:  The kitchen is open, and allows for photos...

Photo:  Jonas, the friendly pizza guy, poses, on my request - thank you Jonas for my crazy photography habit - next to my beautiful wife, Sharlene, who met me at the restaurant for lunch.

Photo:  Sharlene and I, Eric Rench, pose, as friendly pizza-guy, Jonas, snapped our photo.  Yes, I'm (Eric,) am wearing rain gear, as The Riverside Pizzeria is a 4-mile walk from our house, and I walk to restaurants, in order to maintain my "boyish" figure.

Photo:  We ordered a small,  "Riverside" pizza, which is advertised a pizza for two, and it proved just the right size for Sharlene and I.  So... what is a "Riverside pizza?"  it's salami, pepperoni, sauage, green peppers, onion and black olives.  It all adds up to a fantastic pizza.

The Riverside Pizzeria serves delicious pizza, and the restaurant is staffed by friendly people!  This is the kind of restaurant that I love, as the food is good, the people are "real," and it's not a corporate drone.  If you're looking for great pizza in Roseville, Riverside Pizzeria is the place to go!

The Riverside Pizzeria
609 Riverside Ave.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 784-1515

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