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Rebel Hen Cafe is a cute, little, family owned and operated bohemian cafe, located in the historic "Lincoln Brand Feeds" building, in downtown Lincoln, CA.  This cute little cafe is a gathering spot for Lincoln locals, who appreciate a fine cup of "joe," pastry, a quite place to enjoy a good book, and great people to "hang" with.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 10:00 on a foggy Wednesday morning, December 08, 2021, and I've arrived at Rebel Hen Cafe, in downtown Lincoln, CA, to enjoy breakfast at this small coffee shop.  The cafe is located in the"Lincoln Brand Feeds" mall, a historic feed building turned into a shopping mall.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, which is more coffee shop than restaurant, the large order counter is certain to grab your attention.  Like a "fast food" restaurant, you make your selection from the menu, posted above the counter, pay for your order, and when your order is ready, one of the friendly counter staff will let you know your order is ready, and you pick it up from the counter.

The dining room is very small, as it features a high table with three chairs at a window looking out at Lincoln Blvd., a low table and two chairs at one end of the restaurant, and a cozy nook, complete with a bookcase and a "faux" fireplace, with a table, and two easy chairs for relaxing, and enjoying your food or beverage.

The decor is very "earthy," which is what you'd expect from a small coffee shop, and includes lots of potted plants and cute knick knacks.  The atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable, and makes a great place to enjoy a snack, meal, or a cup of coffee.

Photo:  Counter host Giovanni will greet you with a cheerful "hello," take your order, ring you up, and will pour your drink for you.  Rebel Hen Cafe has been treating Lincoln to great drinks, pastries, breakfast and sandwiches since December, 2019, and is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Photo:  The pastry display case showcases cookies, doughnuts,  rolls and more, for diners who crave something sweet to accompany their drink or breakfast.  Pastries aren't on the restaurant's menu, as the selection changes nearly every day.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features a great selection of bagels, toast, burritos, bowls, quiche, and "Bill's Breakfast," which was my choice for breakfast today.  Click on this link to see the complete menu offered at Rebel Hen Cafe.

Photo:  The restaurant features a small selection of canned and bottled soft drinks.  Behind the counter, there is a black board that advertises the weekday "School Lunch" offering.

Photo:  There is lots of "homey" decor decorating the dining room.

Photo:  The dining room features one table, complete with three chairs, that offers a view of Lincoln Blvd., the main street in town, as you enjoy your drink or your meal.

Photo:  There is a nook, in a secluded corner of the dining room, that offers a couple of comfortable chairs, a coffee table, with a relaxing view of the cozy "faux" fireplace, which was absolutely welcome on this foggy, chilly morning in early December.  Note the bookcase that offers books for reading, as patrons are encouraged to relax with a good book or magazine as they sip their drink.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" section of the menu, I went with "Bill's Breakfast," which seemed like a good breakfast choice for this foggy morning in early December.  The menu describes the breakfast as, "Three scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, three pieces of bacon and one piece of toast."  As I placed my order, I was asked if I'd prefer potatoes over toast, and, naturally, I replied with a big "Yes!"  

The breakfast began with three perfectly fried, scrambled eggs, folded over, with melted Cheddar cheese.  The eggs were not seasoned, but salt and pepper was readily available to season to taste.  I noted the eggs were a little on the bland side, and looked for some hot sauce, but couldn't find any, so I simply enjoyed the eggs with a little salt and pepper.  No worries, as Rebel Hen Cafe is primarily a coffee shop, and coffee shops aren't known for a large selection of "Valentina," "Chalula," or other Mexican hot sauces.

Three slices of thick bacon, cooked on the medium/well-done side made this a reasonably hearty breakfast.  As per my request, my breakfast included diced, red potato, cooked on the griddle to a light, golden brown, and like the egg, arrived unseasoned.  No worries, as that's what the salt and pepper shakers are for!

I'm certain that "Bill's Breakfast" made namesake Bill proud, as it's a decent, basic breakfast, that breakfast lovers will enjoy when they pay a visit to Rebel Hen Cafe.  It's not fancy, but it's good, it will keep you going for much of the day, and the price is right.

Photo:  I take a "selfie" as I sit at the table, looking out at Lincoln Blvd., and get ready to enjoy "Bill's Breakfast."

Grab a cup of cappuccino or a latte, and a pastry to munch on, settle in with a good book by the faux fireplace, and enjoy the good drinks, good food, and the quaint atmosphere the cafe offers.  Rebel Hen Cafe is a favorite of the Lincoln locals, located in downtown Lincoln, CA.

Rebel Hen Cafe
436 Lincoln Blvd.
Lincoln, CA 95648
530 602-9513

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