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Red's Pizzeria and Taphouse opened their doors last October, at the east end of the Blue Oak's Town Center, located in Rocklin, CA, in a small restaurant that was formerly the home of now-departed Newcastle Pizzeria.  Since the Newcastle days, Red's has made many changes, including new beers, an entirely new concept in pizza, and an authentic, wood-fired pizza oven, imported from Italy.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Red's Pizzeria and Taphouse is located at the north end of the Blue Oaks Town Center, near the Blue Oaks Cinema complex, in Rocklin, CA.  There are two small tables in front for your outdoor dining pleasure, but I doubt that you could enjoy an "adult beverage," as State law requires a small fence.  No worries as there's plenty of seating inside!

It's just a little past noon on Saturday, January 29, 2022, and I've "opened" up Red's Pizzeria and Taphouse, and I'm in the mood for some great pizza.  Red's normally openS at 4:00 in the afternoon, but they open at noon on weekends and the menu even includes a few brunch selections available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo:  As you enter Red's, you'll most likely first notice the very open kitchen, along with the huge, wood-fired pizza oven.  The interior is quite compact and very inviting and cozy, and exhibits a "sports bar-like" feel.  The room is centered around the open kitchen, and the showpiece of the kitchen is the pizza oven.

The furniture is mostly bar stools and high, planked tables, with the wall is lined with booths.  Since the restaurant/beer bar opened last October, it has become a favorite "hangout" spot for Rocklin and Roseville locals.

Photo:  Today's friendly host, Eric, pours a draft beef from one of the two sets of taps, as the pizza chef adjusts the wood-fired oven.  Red's has two sets of beer taps, with one set pouring mostly light and lager beers, while the other set of taps pour stout and IPA.

Photo:  The restaurant is centered around the open kitchen, with a long, narrow section furnished with booths, while the main dining room features tables, including one large enough to seat a soccer team!  The dining room is friendly and inviting, and exhibits the "cheers-like" feeling of a cozy, local hangout.

Photo:  The friendly pizza chef opened the oven - why didn't I get her name? - as Eric looks on.  The pizza oven was imported from Italy, and assembled in the restaurant.  The oven is fired by wood, in the case of Red's, the restaurant uses almond wood, which is fairly common in our area, as western Placer County is quite agricultural in nature.

Photo:  Appetizers, small plates, salads, pizza and weekend brunch selections are listed on the food menu.  The beer and wine menu is posted on the wall behind the kitchen, as the selections are quite dynamic in nature.  Click on the image to view the entire menu offered at Red'S Pizzeria and Taphouse.

Photo:  The prep table is in the middle of the kitchen, so you can watch the talented staff prepare the delicious cuisiine, right before your eyes.  In the photo, the chef is preparing an order of "Duck Fat Patatas Bravas," as a completed order of "Wood Fired Wings" is ready, and waiting to be delivered to a table.

Photo:  An completed order of "Duck Fat Patatas Bravas," on the kitchen prep table and waiting to be delivered to a table.  The menu desribes this selection as, "Wood-fired fingerling potatoes, Calabrian chili aioli basil, lemon and Maldon sea salt."  I can't wait to order a plate of these!

Photo:  From my seat at the bar, I'm watching the pizza chef is now applying pormadoro sauce to my pizza.  I recommend sitting at the bar if you like to watch the talented staff in action.  Note the selection of draft beer, as this is the mostly stout and IPA pours.

Photo:  After assembling my pizza, she placed it into the oven. The oven gives off a slightly smoky smell, and when you combine the smell of burning almond wood, along with baking pizza, the aroma is heavenly.  I noted that my pizza baked in the oven for only five minutes or so.

Photo:  My pizza has just been removed from the oven, where the chef is adding the finishing touches it.  The kitchen is completely open, so as you relax at the bar, you can watch the kitchen staff perform their magic.

Photo: Meet Eric, my friendly host, who brought my pizza to me with a smile.  Eric was a busy guy, as he took care of the whole dining room, but he always found time to provide great ervice, and to answer my many questions.

Photo:  Thanks, Eric, for taking my photo as I prepare to enjoy my delicious "Cowboy Combo" pizza.  He asked if I wanted some dipping sauce, and when he mentioned "Ranch dressing," I was sold.  Thanks!

Photo:  From the "Pies" section of the menu, I saddled up and went with the "Cowboy Combo" pizza.  The menu describes this amazing pizza as, "Pomadoro, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, boar and bison house-made cowboy sausage, house meatball crumble, jalapeno, bell peppers, pickled red onion and shaved potato."  That's an impressive portfolio of ingredients... and the pizza is equally as impressive!

Like all pizzas served at Red's, the "Cowboy Combo" began with a in-house crafted, artesian crust, baked to a golden brown in the wood-fired oven.  The crust was simply amazing, as it was flavorful and the texture was perfect, with the right balance of fluffy-tender, crispy-golden brown and the right amount of "crunch" to satisfy.  The crust was medium thick, and held together well. A superior pizza begins and ends with the crust, and the "cowboy crust" made an amazing foundation for this handcrafted pizza.

Red pomodoro sauce was ladled onto the dough, and it was on the sweet side, with a bit of a tang, but it wasn't overpowering, and the pizza didn't ooze red sauce all over the place, as the sauce was low-key, but simply delicious. There was an ample helping of boar and bison sausage, and it was mostly strategically placed on the pizza in large chunks, with the meatball crumble more evenly distributed.  Then the mozzarella cheese... oh... the cheese!  There was LOTS of it, and it was tangy, smoky and gooey... when you separated a slice of pizza, little strings of cheese held on.  The jalapeno peppers added pizzazz without heat, the bell pepper slices added substance, and the grilled red onion slices added the final touch.  There were no olives or mushrooms, as this delicious pizza didn't need them.  I didn't detect any evidence of the "shaved potatoes" the menu mentioned.

One bite into this pizza was like no pizza that I can remember... it was THAT delicious and unique!  This pizza could be simply cheese and crust and it would be delicious, but when you factor in all of the other goodies... the "Cowboy Combo" is a superior pizza, and one of the best pizzas I've enjoyed during the nearly 25 years that I've been a resident of Placer County.

Photo:  Looking close you can see these slices of "Cowboy Combo" pizza were perfecty baked, and the veggies still had just a little "crunch" and the tangy smoked mozzarella cheese was gooey.  "Cowboy Combo" was an amazing pizza in every way!

"Cowboy Combo" is an amazing pizza, and with the price of $22.00 for a fourteen-inch size pizza, it is definitely a premium-priced pie.  But if you're looking for a deliciouS, quality pizza, perhaps the best pizza in town, this is YOUR pizza.  You get what you pay for, and after tasting this pizza, you'll agree this amazing pizza is worth every nickel of the asking price.

As you sit at the bar at Red's Pizzeria, you'll enjoy the amazing sports-bar-like ambiance enjoyed at this "hangout" restaurant and you'll be treated to watching the friendly staff create your handcrafted pizza masterpiece.  The dining is comfortable, the staff is friendly, the beer is cold, and the pizza is fresh, delicious and is some of the best pizza in the area.

When you're in the mood for a one-of-a-kind delicious pizza, great company, and a cold beer or two, look to Red's Pizzeria and Taphouse, located in Rocklin.

Red'S Pizzeria and Taphouse
6696 Lonetree Blvd. Suite #100
Rocklin, CA 95765
916 872-1036

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