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Retail giant RC Willey's commercials air quite frequently on our local television channels, and I usually do my best to tune them out, or fast forward through them.  The other day, as I was attempting to ingnore one of them, five little words caught my attention, "free hot dogs on Saturday."  The ad said the time would be between noon and 4 in the afternoon, and free soft drinks were included. Done deal, so Saturday, January 19, 2013, it was time for a hot dog expedition to RC Willey!

Photo:  RC Willey has a beautiful, state-of-the-art store in an upscale shopping center in west Rocklin.  RC Willey does offer free hot dogs from time to time, and it's totally free, with no sales people, no pressure, and no limits on how many dogs you can eat.

Photo:  RC Willey doesn't have a cafe, so you have to wander around to find where the dogs are served.  At the rear of the store, there is the office, and behind the office is the employee's break room, where the dogs are served. Next to the entrance to the break room, near the warehouse section of the store, they set up a bunch of tables and chairs for the occasion, so you can sit down and enjoy your hot dogs and soft drinks.  I was a bit concerned about taking photos, so this photo was a bit rushed and blurry.

Photo:  You walk into the door of the employee's break room, and you're greeted by the friendly hot dog guys.  The dogs come pre-assembled, wrapped in a paper, complete with a napkin, and they're kept warm inside a roaster oven.  I asked for a hot dog, and the gentleman in the green said, "Just one?"  I asked what the limit was, and he said, "No limit, take as many as you want."  OK, partner, gimme three!!!  So three it was.  Next to the guys was the condiment selection:  Little packages of mustard and ketchup.  How many ways can you say basic?  On a table, not shown in the photo, cups were filled with soft drinks.  The selection included lemonade, Diet Coke, Regular Coke and root beer.  I grabbed my three dogs, a few packages of mustard and catsup, and made my way to the "dining room," shown in the previous photo.  When I took the photo of the hot dog guys, I asked them to give me their "Best RC Willey face," which they did!  They seemed to enjoy having photos taken, but I was a tad leery, being inside a big box store, so I only took a couple of photos.

Photo:  The dogs are as simple as it gets, as they're small dogs, grilled on a commercial hot dog grill machine, and served on plain buns.  Condiments are little packages of mustard and ketchup.  Photo shows my three dogs dressed with mustard, as at the last moment, I elected not to add ketchup to the dogs, as ketchup on hot dogs is really just for kids, and I'm not exactly a kid.  As plain and simple as the dogs are, you can't beat the price!

You can't beat the price of the hot dogs, and they're given to you with a smile.  It's an all-you-can-eat and drink meal for free, with absolutely salespersons involved.  All you have to do is walk in, make your way to the rear of the store, walk up to the friendly hot dog guys, tell them how many you want, grab a drink, and sit yourself down to a free hot dog meal.  You can't beat it!!

RC Willey
6636 Lonetree Blvd.
Rocklin, CA 95765
916 770-2400

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