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For years I've been hearing rave reviews of Pottery World Cafe, located inside the Pottery World store in Rocklin, CA, but due to "so many things to do" I had just never got around to paying a visit to this fine restaurant.  Mid morning, November 06, 2020, it all changed, as I was able to enjoy breakfast at this fine cafe, and now I'm a believer in the fine cuisine Pottery World Cafe is noted for.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little before 10 in the morning, Friday, November 06, 2020, and I've arrived at Pottery World Cafe, located within the sprawling Pottery World complex, located in Rocklin, CA.

Pottery World sells fountains, furniture, knick knacks, patio accessories and lots of... well... pottery.  The cafe is located in the main showroom, and features what I consider to be the best patio dining that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in Placer County.

Photo:  To enter the cafe, you get a tour of the showroom, past many upscale accessories, sets of furniture, lamps, pictures, pottery, and much more.  You'll see the entrance marked "Cafe," and you know you're ready to enjoy some fine dining.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by one of the friendly staff members, who will meet you, greet you, and seat you.  The dining room is elegant, but since today was a beautiful, sunny 60-degree morning, I chose to sit outside, on the inviting patio.

Photo:  Pottery World Cafe bakes pastry in-house, and at the counter, there is a case displaying desert that is available for your take-home pleasure.

Photo:  The dining room is simply elegant, and is reminiscent of a mountain chalet or a ski lodge, complete with stone decorating the walls, wood paneling, elegant chandeliers, and lots of windows, which allow for natural lighting.  A floor-to-ceiling window looks out to the patio, and the attractive courtyard.

During these COVID-19 days, furniture has been arranged to allow for "social distancing."

Photo:  The attractive dining room, looking back towards the counter, and the kitchen, which is located in the middle background of the photo.  You can see sunlight lighting the room, entering from the attractive patio, to the left of the photo.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features many upscale and healthy choices, and is definitely not "diner cuisine."  I had to search a little to find what I was looking for, and a found a little bit of heaven in the "Two Egg Breakfast."

This is the breakfast menu.  To see the complete menu, follow THIS LINK...

Photo:  You have to sit on the patio to believe it, as the patio at Pottery World Cafe is simply elegant!  It's shaded, protected from the elements, spotlessly clean, and looks out into the courtyard, where Pottery World displays fountains, patio furniture, pottery, and much more.  There are large stand-up propane heaters for chilly days, but they weren't needed on this beautiful late morning, in early November of 2020.

As of this writing, Pottery World Cafe has the nicest patio that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, during my 20+ years of dining in western Placer County restaurants.

Photo:  Meet Barbara, my friendly hostess, who brings my breakfast to me with a smile.  Barbara is a busy person, as she's the restaurant manager, and is always ready and willing to lend a friendly hand.  She, along with other staff members, welcomed me, and made me feel like family.

Photo:  Thanks, Barbara, for snapping my grinning photo, as I know I'm about ready to enjoy a great breakfast at Pottery World Cafe, located in Rocklin.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast Menu," I went with the "Two Egg Breakfast," with a slice of ham as the main entree. You order your eggs cooked to order, meat choices include ham, Applewood bacon or sausage, and you choose from all common varieties of toast, or an English muffin.  Potatoes are served grilled, as hash brown potatoes aren't offered on the menu.  Pottery World Cafe is not a diner!

My breakfast started out with a modest slice of ham, but what it may lacked in sheer size, it made of in taste, as the ham was tender, juicy, flavorful and NOT salty!  My slice of ham was grilled, not fried, with made it taste even better.

The trademark of a great chef is when you order your eggs cooked over easy, they arrive over easy, as ordered.  My eggs were cooked perfectly as ordered, so I know the chef at Pottery World Cafe has talent.

As the menu states, the potatoes were grilled, not fried.  The potatoes were diced, red potatoes, with the skin left on, lightly seasoned, coated with olive oil, and grilled perfectly to a golden brown.  As an added bonus, the potatoes had grilled slivers of white onion, along with red and green bell pepper, for enhanced flavor.

Look at the toast... how long has it been since you've seen sourdough toast as thick as Texas, toasted AND grilled, complete with grill marks?  I've never been served toast such as this during my years of dining in the greater Roseville area... the toast reminded me of "Texas toast," and it was definitely "Texas delicious!"

It was a little after 10 o'clock on this Friday morning, so I decided to round out my breakfast with a 15-oz glass of "Vindicator IPA," locally brewed by Loomis Basin Brewing Co, located in nearby Loomis, just a few miles to the east of Rocklin.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Barbara, brought me a complimentary "Cranberry Scone," along with butter and cranberry jam, and said "You can't leave Pottery World without trying one of our scones."  I confess, I really don't have a "sweet tooth," and I normally avoid pastries of any type, but since Barbara was kind enough to give me a scone, on the house, it was time for me to enjoy all the goodness.

The scone, along with the smooth butter and the tangy cranberry jam was delicious!  The outside was sugar coated and sweet, but not too sweet.  When you bit into the scone, you got a satisfying "crunch" from the outside, and a little crunchiness from the diced cranberries, but the inside was soft and tender.  This scone, along with the butter and jam, was delicious, and made a believer out of me!  Thank you, Barbara!

The dining at Pottery World Cafe is simply amazing!  I can't remember when I've dined on a more pleasant patio, and able to enjoy the simply amazing atmosphere found at Pottery World Cafe, while enjoying a delicious breakfast.  If the ambience doesn't grab your attention, the delicious, hand-crafted cuisine will, and the friendly service will make you a true lover of this fine restaurant.

For one of the finer outdoor dining experiences to be enjoyed in western Placer County, pay a visit to Pottery World Cafe, located in Rocklin, CA.

Pottery World Cafe
4419 Granite Dr.
Rocklin, CA 95677
916 624-8080

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