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For the last month or so, I'd been monitoring the progress of Placer Pizza Company.  PPC has risen from the ashes, and has taken over the location of the former Steve's Pizza - this location has been defunct for a couple of years, but the web site is intact - located in the SaveMart shopping center, in Roseville, CA.  Monday, July 22, 2013, I had the honor of being the first paying customer of Placer Pizza Company!

Photo:  Placer Pizza Company has an absolutely stunning building, anchored at the end of the Save Mart Shopping Center.  The patio area offers comfortable, outdoor dining, if the weather isn't too extreme, read: HOT!!

Photo:  The interior has been completely remodeled, since the days of Steve's Pizza, and is absolutely beautiful, an very comfortable.  When this photo was taken, the restaurant had been open for only a few minutes, and since I'd place the first order, I enjoyed the honor of being the first customer.  The owner mentioned to me the many start-up issues he was facing, including credit card swipe-machines that wouldn't work.  Growing pains...

Photo:  I believe this gentleman was the third customer, as he's ordering a "Placer Combo," which is what I ordered. Note the beer taps in the background, sadly unused since the liquor license hasn't yet been approved by the City of Roseville.  The owner told me that he doesn't anticipate to be able to serve beer and wine until October.

Photo:  If pizza isn't your "thing" - why did you visit a pizza restaurant? - then you can enjoy the well-equipped salad bar.

Photo:  The end of the "bar" allows a peek into the kitchen, where two staff members are hard at work, building my pizza.  I can't resist kitchen shots, as that is where the magic happens.

Photo:  The "Pizza Gang" showed up shortly after I arrived, and kept me, an everybody else, entertained with their antics.  They proceeded to twirl yo-yo's, blow up, an pop balloons, and proved quite adept in gymnastics.  Quite a gang!

Photo:  Mom, and three members of the "Pizza Gang" enjoy their lunch, and prove to the camera that they know what to do with the delicious pizza at Placer Pizza Company.

Photo:  I chose to dine on the patio, at one of the several high, bar-like table and chair combinations.  My friendly staff member was astonished that I wanted to take his photo, so I think he was in a state of "shell shock" when I snapped the photo.  As previously mentioned, the liquor license hadn't been approved, so I enjoyed a all-you-can-drink Pepsi, from the Pepsi machine.  The Pepsi mix was excellent.

Photo:  Yes, it's me, posing with my pizza and my Pepsi.  Photo gives a good idea of the several high tables available for patio dining.  The patio is very clean, shady, comfortable and spacious.  Placer Pizza Co. is very "kid-friendly," and the owner told me they plan to install some playground equipment on the patio, to cater to younger pizza lovers.  That sounds good to me, as watching kids at play, and enjoying their antics, will make the pizza and - someday - beer taste even better.  The patio has contemporary music playing, e.g., Katy Perry, Maroon Five, Bruno Mars, etc., at a level where you can enjoy the music, yet you can talk in a normal voice.  The music adds a nice touch!  Placer Pizza Co. seems have to covered all of the bases to stake out a their claim, and a "niche," in the crowded, Roseville, pizza market.

Photo:  The menu offers over a dozen pizza "creations," along with custom pizza, pizza wraps, sandwiches, pasta, salad, and of course the cheese and/or one topping variety.  I chose the first "creation" on the menu, which is called the "Placer Combo."  The menu describes the pizza as having, "Pepperoni, sausage, salami, linguica, mushrooms, green peppers, yellow onions, an black olives with red sauce."  The pizza is cooked to perfection, and it's a great pizza, by any measurement!

It is quite an honor to be the first paying customer of a new restaurant.  Placer Pizza Company serves great pizza, and seems to want to carve out a "niche" in the crowded Roseville pizza market by creating a kid-friendly restaurant, with patio dining, corralled by a fence - to the delight of beer drinkers - and, to the delight of parents, who don't want their children to wander away from their protective care.  Posh decor, great pizza, nice people, and "cheap-cheap" prices, make Placer Pizza Company a great restaurant to enjoy a great pizza.

Placer Pizza Company
5080 Foothills Blvd., Suite #5
Roseville, CA 95747

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