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Thanksgiving Day is the largest "eating day" in the United States, but can you guess what day, and/or event is second?  Superbowl Sunday, the biggest football celebration in the world!  Saturday, February 01, 2014, the day before the Superbowl, I elected to visit our local Papa Murphy's pizza outlet, to pick up a pizza the day before the big game...

Photo:  There are two Papa Murphy's locations in Roseville, but the Foothills restaurant is just under two miles from my house, sooo....  On this Saturday, February 01, 2014, I opened up the restaurant at 1100, which is when they opened, and shortly after I placed my order, a crowd formed.  I suppose there are many other football fans in Roseville who shared the same ideas as I had...

Photo:  The format is such that you walk in, place your order, pay for it, and wait for you pizza to be made.  The friendly counter gal, Cloe, is taking the order of a dad and kids.  I heard the little boy tell his dad that he wanted a "Cowboy Pizza," which is a popular item on Papa's menu.  If you look to the center of the photo, you can see into the kitchen, and a couple of pizza guys hard at work making pizza.  I can only imagine how crowded and popular this restaurant will be tomorrow, on Superbowl Sunday.

Photo:  The restaurant had only been open for five minutes, and family-size pizzas were on the counter.  Papa does a lot of business from the Internet, so I assume these orders were placed in advance, and are awaiting pickup. Check out the busy kitchen in the center of the photo.  Mind you, this photo was taken only 10 minutes after the restaurant opened!  Papa Murphy's on Foothills Boulevard is a busy place!

Photo:  I ordered a large, "Papa Murphy's Favorite" pizza, to go, which is the only way you purchase pizza at Papa Murphy's.  The price came out to exactly $14.00, no change, no tax, and no tips.  In the State of California, you don't have to pay tax on "uncooked" food, and since Papa's pizzas are the "take and bake" variety, there is no tax. I also reasoned there would be a crush of pizza lovers on the day of the big game, so it make sense to purchase my pizza the day before, and keep it in the fridge, and cook it the next day.  The good folks at Papa Murphy's make the pizza from scratch, using fresh ingredients, wrap it up well, so it's ready to go for a couple of days after purchase.  

Photo:  Due to very extenuating circumstances, Thanksgiving, Thursday 27, 2014, was very complex, due to the fact that we're in the process of selling our house, and we had unexpected company arrive at the last minute.  The solution for a quick, easy and delicious Thanksgiving dinner?  Papa Murphy's Hawaiian Pizza.  An extra-large pizza runs only $14.00 - there is no sales tax on food that isn't cooked in California - and this delicious pizza will feed four or five hungry pizza lovers.  No worries, as we enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's place the next day.

Photo:  Super Bowl Sunday, February 01, 2015... I post with a family size "Cowboy Pizza" that I purchased, to bring to the Super Bowl I was attening, with our friends and neighbors next door.  We heated it in our friend's oven, according to the included easy-to-follow directions, and the pizza was a real crowd pleaser, and simply delicious.

Kickoff for Super Bowl is always at 1525 local time, and thanks to Papa, you'll be enjoying fresh, warm pizza, without having to miss a second of football action, wait in line with other football/pizza lovers, leave the comfy living room, and risk acquiring a D.U.I.  For delicious pizza on Superbowl Sunday,  or anytime, Papa Murphy's is the way to go!

Papa Murphy's
5020 Foothills Blvd, Suite 2
Roseville, CA 95747
916 774-7272

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