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Its a 5-1/2 mile walk from my place to Plaza Jalisco, but since I'm a fan of great Mexican food, a believer in "don't drink and drive," and a 60-year-old dude that strives to fit into my Navy uniform, it's not a problem to walk all those miles to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Plaza Jalisco.


Photo:  Plaza Jalisco Grill Mexican Restaurant is located at the corner of North Sunrise and Lead Hill Blvd, in Roseville, in an upscale strip mall, adjacent to busy Interstate 80.  On this Saturday morning, August 18, 2012, there is plenty of parking!


Photo:  Plaza Jalisco offers a very spacious, clean and comfortable dining room.  In the photo, the two ladies are helping themselves to the chips and condiments bar, which offers a dozen condiments, ranging from picked carrots and peppers, to fresh guacamole.  Unlike many Mexican restaurants, the tortilla chips were very fresh and flavorful!  Plaza Jalisco subscribes to the de facto standard in Roseville, in that you place your order from the menu, pay for your order, sit at the table of your choice, and your order is brought to to.  No tip is necessary, although a "tip" container is on the counter, stuffed with dollar bills.  Oh yes, if you're a affectionado of beer, as I am, the beer is chilled in a large cooler behind the counter.  Plaza Jalisco offers a wide array of domestic and Mexican beer, including my favorite beer, Pacifico.  


Photo:  Pancho, who is super friendly and a nice guy, took my order and brought my breakfast of chorizo and eggs to my table, and clowned-up for my photo.  Excuse me if the photos aren't as good as can be, but I used the camera in my iPhone 4, which I seem to utilize for restaurant photos.


Photo:  Color me "interested in breakfast!"  On my request, Pancho snapped my photo, as I was just about ready to chow down on my delicious breakfast... I hiked 5-1/2 miles from my place to enjoy breakfast at Plaza Jalisco.


Photo:  I ordered breakfast from Plaza Jalisco's "Buenos Dias Breakfast" menu of Chorizo con Huevos, served with rice, beans and tortillas - flour or corn - corn is always my choice!  Of course I augmented breakfast with a couple of icy-cold Pacifico beers, fresh chips, lime slices, and guacamole from the salsa bar.  Plaza Jalisco serves delicious Mexican food!

Plaza Jalisco "Grill Mexican Restaurant"
300 N. Sunrise Ave. Suite 130
Roseville, CA 95661
916 787-4050

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