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OK, I've enjoyed Philippine cuisine before, but that was many years ago, when I visited the Philippines during my stint with the U.S. Navy.  The people, and the food of the Philippines are awesome, and when I discovered a restaurant serving Philippine cuisine, during the 2014 Placer County Fair... I found myself in business.

Photo:  Just a banner, adobo pots, and little more mark Philippine Cuisine, at the 2014 Placer County Fair.  I enjoyed fine food at this simple restaurant on Sunday, June 22, 2014.

Photo:  Mom dips into an adobo pot, as her helpers look on.  Despite the fact that I visited the Philippines during my stint with the Navy, I am very unfamiliar with Philippino cuisine, so I just crossed my fingers, and ordered a "Combo Plate."  Not a problem, as I love all food, and embrace all cultures, and all people, so the delicious food at Philippine Cuisine fit right in with my afternoon at the Placer County fair.

Photo:  Mom smiles at my digital camera as she puts the finishing touches on my "Combo Plate."  I love it!!!

Photo:  Mom hands me my "Combo Plate," although it's hidden in a styrafoam box.  Box aside, the food was great; check out the next photo or two.

Photo:  Unlike many fairs, Placer County Fair doesn't gouge you on beer, and charges a "reasonable" price of $4.00 for a 16-oz beer.  D.U.I. people beware:  The Roseville P.D. is vigilant, so if you "enjoy" yourself, make sure you have a designated driver.  That being said, I walked to and from the fair from my place, so I had no worries about an arrest.  However, at $4.00 a beer, it would take a lot of money to get a "buzz."  Actually, I kept this beer booth in business for most of the afternoon, and they welcomed me every time I bellied up to the bar for another round...

Photo:  Mom suggested, after I received my "Combo Meal," that I act crazy, since I had taken her photo, and, as she snapped my photo, I acted crazy.  In the words of the great Waylon Jennings, "I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane."  Well said, Waylon.  Rest in peace, my dear friend.

Photo:  Oh yes... blubber... slobber... blubber some more.  It's darn good!  Rice, adobo, chicken lumpia, rice, and more.  Not to mention a cold beer!  Philippine cuisine at it's best!  Love the food!  Mouth watering delicious... words can't describe this delicious food.  

Photo:  A close-up photo of the delicious food served at Philippine Cuisine at the 2014 Placer County fair.  I don't know if they'll be back next year, but if they are, you can expect another write-up.  

Nice people, reasonable price, and a TON of delicious food.  For some strange reason, Philippine cuisine hasn't caught on in California, but, hopefully, that will change.  Great food!!!

Philippine Cuisine
800 All America City Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-2023

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