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Sunday, May 12, 2013 happened to be Mother's Day, for the year 2013, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a delicious dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro, near the Roseville Galleria mall...

Photo:  Yes, it's uptown and it's upscale, as P.F. Chang's is located on Galleria Blvd., across from the Galleria Mall in Roseville, which is the most upscale mall in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  It was Mother's Day, and we didn't have reservations, and dinner was a last-minute decision, as our plans had changed for today.  No worries, as the hour wait for a table passed quickly and pleasantly, thanks to a well-equipped bar, pleasant staff members, and lots of nearby shopping diversions.

Photo:  P.F. Chang's doesn't have an open kitchen, but it's easy to invaded the boundary just a little bit to photograph the staff in action.  I love these kind of photos!

Photo:  Our friendly waiter, Lucas, discusses a dinner option with Carolyn, as Ron, in his typical manner, asks Lucas a "loaded" question.  Without a doubt, Lucas is a superior waiter, a friendly guy, and a truly nice person. Thanks to Lucas, we were treated to top-of-the-shelf service, which made our pleasant dining experience... SUPERIOR!  If you're looking to nominate a "Waiter of the Year," our vote goes to Lucas.  Ron was so impressed with the fine service that he flagged town Lucas' boss to comment on the outstanding service we received.

Photo:  As portion of our dinner, and I repeat only a portion, arrived, as our server gives a "thumbs-up" to my digital camera.

Photo:  We ordered a wide array of goodies from P.F. Chang's extensive menu, and here's a close-up photo of a portion of our order.  

Photo:  Another photo of FOOD, including one of a couple of bowls of delicious, steamed, white rice.

Photo:  Look at the amount of FOOD!!!  Yes, we had leftovers to take home, as how could you eat this much food in one sitting?  Left to right, Ron Schoenau, Carolyn Schoenau, Greg Yeilding, Tim Pelfrey, Casey Pelfrey, Sharlene Rench and Eric Rench.

Photo:  As per the previous photo, there was a lot to choose from.  So, we just mixed and matched, passed the plates around, so everybody got something from everything.  Here's a photo of my first plate of food... just for the record, I stuffed myself and had another plateful of food.  We ate leftover for two more evenings!  P.F. Chang's serves great food, and provides a truly outstanding dining experience.

Combine delicious food, reasonable prices, superior service, and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere... it adds up to an enjoyable dining experience at P.F. Chang's!

P.F. Chang's China Bistro
1180 Galleria Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 788-2800

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