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Bacon wrapped hot dogs in Roseville?  Yes, as of October, 2011,  it's a reality... you don't have to make the long drive to Tijuana any more!  The "No Name" hot dog caf has come to town.


Photo:  Located on Atkinson Street, in Roseville, Ca, in the quarters formally occupied by defunct French Quarters BBQ, a gas grill no occupies the space where a smoker used to reign... Note the painted over sign, but the restaurant doesn't yet sport a name.


Photo:  You walk up to the order counter and place your order from the rather informal menu, that's posted on both sides of the counter.  Burger and Dogs... what more could you ask for?


Photo:  When you order, you're greeted with smiling order girl Bianca.  She's super friendly and, obviously, does not have a problem with having her photo taken.


Photo:  The chef, Oscar, smiles as I photograph him hard at work, in the office.


Photo:  Oscar grills hamburgers and hot dogs... and is very friendly.  I love a restaurant that not only serves delicious food, but has friendly staff, who don't have a problem when a customer - like me - snaps photos.


Photo:  Inside the "No Name" Hot Dog kitchen with the staff hard at work.  They didn't mind me snapping a photo, but the gal in the right asked, "Why don't you take photos of pretty women?" and I replied that all women are pretty, and that seemed to seal the deal.


Photo:  Bianca presents my order of bacon wrapped hot dogs to me.  I asked her the name of the restaurant, and she said they hadn't picked a name and maybe I should suggest a name... Let's see... maybe Hot Dog Nirvana? Heavenly Dogs?  You get the idea... as the hot dogs are great!


Photo:  Reversal time, as I asked Bianca to snap my photo as I hold my order of bacon wrapped hot dogs.


Photo:  My lunch of two delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs, garnished with mustard and relish.  You have your choice of condiments, including catsup, but to me, catsup, or ketchup, however you spell it, is for kids, and messes up a perfectly good hot dog.  Oh baby!  These dogs were good!

I'm still in awe of the friendly people, great prices, and the delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs.  You must see this restaurant to believe it... Spend your weekend at Joseph's Auction Yard, and enjoy your lunch at the Hot Dog Place, without a name...  Say "hello" to the friendly staff and tell 'em that you read about their wonderful restaurant on this web site.


Photo:  Saturday, December 02, 2011, Bianca and chef are cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  Bianca smiles, as she knows my two hot dogs are cooking on the grill and she wants everything to be perfect for this web article.


Photo:  The scene at No Name Hot Dogs on this Saturday, as Bianca and Chef cook the dogs, as a "hanger-oner" relaxes on one of the many picnic tables sheltered from the elements that No Name offers.


Photo:  Bianca was gracious enough to photograph me as I sit at a picnic table, ready to enjoy a couple of the best hot dogs in town, and to wash them down with a tall Coors beer.


Photo:  I ordered two hot dogs with everything on them, which "everything" includes mustard, diced onions, relish and pickled jalapeo peppers slices.  The large hot dogs, which feature natural casings - they "snap" when you bite into them - are placed on a large, fresh, chewy bun, and then the fresh "everything" is applied, which makes for a superior hot dog.  I should comment that No Name doesn't serve "regional," such as "Coney Island" or "Chicago" dogs... they serve large, grilled hot dogs placed on large, fresh buns, and topped with the ingredients of your choice.  The dogs aren't fancy, but they're delicious, spelled with a capitol "D!"


Photo:  Sunday, December 04, 2011... I just had to visit No Name Hot Dogs to try out one of the quarter pound hot links.  Bianca is performing the cooking duties while Chef is elsewhere...  She is multi-tasking, as she's flipping burgers, taking care of my hot link, and checking the temperature of the meat patty, to ensure that all will be well.


Photo:  As per my usual method-of-operation, I ordered my hot link with everything, and I got it all.  "All" is a juicy, perfectly grilled, quarter pound hot link, placed on a chewey, full-size roll, with sesamae seeds... which is a nice touch.  Then, "all" is garnished wich diced white onions, sliced jalapeo pepper slices, diced tomatoes, mustard, and a touch of catsup.

Unfortunately, the bacon wrapped hot dogs are gone from the menu, but No Name Hot Dogs still provides a superior product at a great price... and the staff are vary laid-back and friendly.  I love this place!  If you love hot dogs as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to No Name Hot Dogs...

Hot Dogs without a Name
100 Atkinson Rd.
Roseville, CA 9567

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