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Breakfast and lunch, greated with a warm welcome, and your delicious meal served with a smile! Doesn't that sound great?  That's what you'll get, along with delicious food, and lots of Auburn hospitality, at Nancy's Cafe, located in the Elm Town Center, in the beautiful Placer County seat of Auburn, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 06:40, Monday morning, December 04, 2017, and I'm ready enjoy breakfast at Nancy's Cafe, located in the Elm Town Shopping center, in Auburn.  Actually, I'm ready to enjoy breakfast, but Nancy's doesn't open until 07:00, yet, owner Nancy welcomed me with a delicious cup of coffee.  Just a slight mix-up on my part, as the restaurant used to open at 06:00, but the opening has been changed to 7.  No worries, as I wasn't in a hurry, so I was able to enjoy a couple of liesurely cups of coffee before even placing my order.

Does this photo look familiar?  You may recall I used to "hang" with a group of friends we called the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and we visited many restaurants in the greater Sacramento area, enjoyed breakfast, and published our adventures on the web.  Editor note:  Click on the hyperlinks for "flashbacks."  As "The Sacramento Breakfast Club," we visited this fine restaurant, back on December 23, 2011 when it was under previous ownership, and known as the Auburn Breakfast Club.  It was good then, but it's better now since Nancy is the new owner, and has re-invented the restaurant, with a new menu and a new image.

Photo:  I actually opened the door 20 minutes before the restaurant opened, but all was well, as Nancy greeted me with a friendly "welcome" and invited me inside.  Coffee was ready, so I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee before even placing my order.  

The dining room, as seen from the entrance, is compact, but very comfortable, and on this early morning in December, Nancy has the restaurant decorated for Christmas.  Classic oldies, softly playing in the background, enhance the mood at 06:40 in the morning.

Photo:  Meet Nancy Haddad, who, along with her husband, owns and operates Nancy's Cafe.  I walked into the restaurant 20 minutes before opening time, and Nancy greeted me with a friendly smile, and a warm mug of coffee.  During the course of my visit, Nancy and I chatted about food, various restaurants, and life in general.  Nancy knows how to run an outstanding restaurant, and how to treat guests like family.  Nancy and her husband also own and operate Edelweiss Cafe in Auburn, which I had the pleasure to visit earlier this year, and post a review on this web site.

Photo:  Nancy's Cafe is serious about breakfast!  This is only one page of the extensive breakfast menu.  Note the "V" option, which means the menu selection is vegetarian, or can be made vegetarian, and there are also options for vegans.  With a breakfast menu like this, you know Nancy's is serious about breakfast!

I'm not a vegetarian, but I am a "hillbilly" at heart, so I ordered the "Hillbilly Benedict," as it includes everything that I crave for breakfast.

Photo:  The daily specials white board, and the condiment section are located on a counter, outside the entrance to the kitchen.  Each table includes most common condiments, but if your heart desires something not on your table, just ask your server, or grab your favorite condiment from the impressive selection.  

Photo:  Nancy's Cafe is a very family-friendly, and kid-friendly restaurant, as they not only include high chairs and booster seats, but they also include a selection of toys for the younger set to enjoy as their meal is being prepared.

Photo:  Restaurant owner, Nancy, brings my "Hillbilly Benedict" to my table with a smile.  My delicious breakfast was ready in less than 15 minutes after placing my order.  As I was waiting for my breakfast to arrive, I chatted with Nancy, the gentleman in the background of the photo, and enjoy a couple mugs of Nancy's delicious coffee.

Photo:  Thanks, Nancy, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my delicious breakfast.  Nancy also returned the "favor" and took a photo of "me" on her camera, which is not something that happens very often.  Note the cream for the coffee is real cream, and it's served in a small pitcher, rather than one of those plastic packets favored by many restaurants.

Photo:  Now you ask, what is a "Hillbilly Benedict," as served at Nancy's Cafe?  Glad you asked, as this is the first, ever in my long breakfast career that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy a "Hillbilly Benedict."

The "Hillbilly Benedict" starts with a foundation of a large, in-house baked biscuit, covered by a topping of tasty sausage gravy.  Then... two strips of battered, chicken fried bacon are placed on top of the biscuit and gravy, and topped with two eggs, cooked any way you like.  Note:  Eggs over easy for me, my de facto standard.  You can choose between hash brown, or oven baked potatoes; I chose oven baked potatoes, and I was delighted the potatoes were garnished with diced green onion.  Such a delicious breakfast!

If the photos, and the commentary I posted about the photos didn't give you the idea that Nancy's Cafe serves delicious food, allow me to put it this way:  Nancy's serves delicious meals!  The food is amazing, the service is fast and friendly, the menu selection is complete, and Nancy's Cafe definitely sets the "bar" for fine breakfast dining in Auburn.

Nancy's Cafe
356 Elm Av.
Auburn, CA 95608
530 878-5099

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