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Friday, December 13, 2013, I spent a whopping $2.15 on breakfast at my local McDonald's store!  Talk about last of the big spenders, as I enjoy items from their "Dollar Menu..."


Photo:  It's 0530 on a chilly December morning, and my local McDonald's Restaurant, located on Foothills Blvd., is already doing a brisk business.


Photo:  This McDonald's was modernized several months ago, to include a very kid-friendly dining room, and a safe, outside playground.  Inside, it's the same as every recently-updated McDonalds, complete with a very extensive menu, and an exceptionally clean dining room.  Many of the morning staff members are around my age, and they seem to take pride in the work they do, and always greet me with a smile.  You could say that I'm a regular at this restaurant...


Photo:  Nanette, one of the friendly staff members, took my photo on this chilly December morning.  Photo gives a good idea of the squeaky clean, and comfortable dining room.


Photo:  Today's breakfast came directly from the "Dollar Menu," as I ordered a large cup of coffee - why not?  ... all sizes of coffee are priced at a dollar - and a sausage and egg burrito.  Total price of my breakfast, including tax, came to a whopping $2.15!  That's less than a cup of coffee at most restaurants!  Surprisingly, this McDonald's location serves come of the best coffee I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, and the staff is happy to give you as much cream as you desire.  Folks, it's real Half and Half cream!  

Breakfast at the Foothills location of McDonald's is a bargain, any way you look at it!  They definitely have my business...

3994 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 783-3587

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