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One of the latest restaurants in Roseville, CA to open is Mario's Early Toast, located on busy Douglas Blvd.  Mario's opened in mid-May, 2020, which was unfortunate timing, as the COVID-19 virus scare was raging, and the restaurant was open for take-out and pick-up dining only.  Now that things have slightly eased up, Mario's offers comfortable outdoor dining on their patio, located in the parking lot, in front of the restaurant.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, and I'm ready to enjoy a fine breakfast at Mario's Early Toast.  Note the tables set up in the parking lot, under umbrellas and canopies.  The City of Roseville has kindly sanctioned restaurants to allow outdoor dining on sidewalks, parking lots and streets - assuming it's safe - and even allows alcohol to be served, as long as it's consumed with your meal.

Today, I was getting my van serviced at the dealer, a short half-hour walk from Mario's, so while the dealer was working on my van, I took the time to enjoy breakfast at Mario's.  A little over a week ago, I enjoyed breakfast at the nearby Granite Bay location of Mario's Early Toast.  Click on the link to visit the other location...

Photo;  Placer County is on the virus "watch list," so that means indoor dining isn't allowed.  So the way it works today is you don your mask, walk inside, and you'll be greeted at the cashier station by a "meeter/greater," and you let them know you'll be seating on the patio, and you'll soon have the pleasure to meet a very friendly server.

You can enter inside to use the restroom, but you have to wear a mask.

Photo:  The large dining room, with booths in place, but it's empty of most tables and chairs, as they're now provide seating for guests outside.

Does the dining room look familiar?  It's had a facelift of sorts, but until January of this year, it was home to Peg's Glorified Ham 'n Eggs, who closed up their only California location, packed their bags, and moved back to Nevada. I was truly sorry to see them go, as they served an outstanding breakfast, but Mario's has stepped up to the plate. Click on the link to read the articles I posted on this web site about my previous visits to Peg's, back in 2019 and 2016/

Photo:  The counter and the kitchen are here, the staff is busy, but the diners enjoy their fine meals outside.

Photo:  One page of the menu features "Al La Mexicana," orders for children, along with sides.  Today, as in many days, I was in the mood for a Mexican breakfast, so I went with "Morning Tacos," which turned out to be a great choice.

The menu is identical in every way to Mario's nearby Granite Bay location.

My only complaint was the menu featured mimosas, "Bloody Marys" and other varieties of drinks.  When I asked to order a "Bacon Bloody Mary," I was told they hadn't received their licquor license from the city.  Why post drinks you can't serve on the menu?

Photo:  The second patio faces busy Douglas Blvd, and some of it has been in place, even before the days of state-mandated outdoor dining.  Note the shelter is "branded," as Mario's does a brisk catering business.

Photo:  Meet Andrea, my amazingly friendly server, who brings my plate of "Morning Tacos" to me with a masked smile.  Such a friendly server!

Photo:  Thanks, Andrea, for snapping my photo, as a grinning "me" is about to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. I'm sitting on the "parking lot" side of the outdoor dining area, as the cars in the background attest to.  Since I was dining by myself, the manager offered to let me sit inside, but I politely declined his kind offer, as I prefer to dine outside whenever possible.

Photo:  From the "A La Mexicana" section of the breakfast menu, I chose "Morning Tacos," which is a menu selection that I haven't enjoyed in a long time.  The breakfast came with a bowl of in-house made salsa for dipping, and I ordered a small cup of ranch dressing on the side.  When it comes to food, I LOVE all things Mexican!

The menu describes "Morning Tacos" as "Three soft corn tortilla tacos, stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and pico de gallo."  Such a simple description for an elegant breakfast taco!

Each taco begins with a medium size, pan fried, yellow corn tortilla.  Fluffy scrambled eggs, with pieces of fried bacon, and shredded Mexican cheese are cooked together to make the warm filling.  Each taco is heaped with fresh, in-house made pico de gallo.  If you're not familiar with the word "pico de gallo," it's a finely chopped Mexican salsa made with tomato, onion, pepper, with sprinkles of cilantro.  It's a popular condiment in Mexico, and it's served with nearly every meal. Like a good burger, the "hot" arrived hot, and the "cold" arrived cold, and when you mix it all together on a perfectly fried corn tortilla, it makes for a winning combination, and a wonderful breakfast!

Mario doesn't "skimp" on your tacos, as each taco is piled high with scrambled egg, cheese, along with bacon, and topped by a generous helping of fresh, delicious pico de gallo.

The bowl of salsa was a welcome surprise, as it wasn't listed on the menu.  The salsa is runny - it's made for dipping your tacos into - and it bursts with flavor, thanks to the chili peppers, tomato and onion, and the tasty chilli pepper sauce.  As far as the "heat" is concerned, I'd rate it as medium, as it has a little "kick" but 95% of "foodies" should love it the way it is served.  The menu charges ranch dressing when served on the side, but I wasn't charged, which was a nice touch.

It has been YEARS since I've enjoyed "Morning Tacos," and today was a welcome occasion to get re-aquatinted with this fine breakfast offering.  The tacos were absolutely delicious, the dipping salsa made the perfect compliment to the tacos, and the ranch dressing offered a "cool" touch to this amazing breakfast.

Photo:  Here's a close-up that showcases off of the goodness in the "Morning Tacos" served by Mario's Early Toast. Notice the colorful presentation, as the pico de gallo is placed on the eggs, bacon and cheese.  Muy sabroso!

Like the Granite Bay location, the Roseville location of Mario's Early Toast dishes out great food, served by friendly staff.  When you're looking for a superior breakfast or lunch in Roseville, think of Mario's Early Toast, located on Douglas Blvd.

Mario's Early Toast is a "food-lover's" dream for an amazing breakfast or lunch...

Mario's Early Toast - Roseville
1950 Douglas Blvd
Roseville, CA 95661
916 347-7741

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