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Mercado Loco has their mission set on a Mexican bakery, butcher shop - carniceria - and grocery store, but also, as you walk in, they have a deli, that serves great food, and some of the best refried beans that I've enjoyed in Roseville.

Photo:  Mercado Loco is primarily a grocery store/bakery/meat market that targets the large Hispanic population that live in our area.  As you enter the store, look to the right, as you'll see a small deli counter, which is the focus on this article, as I LOVE Mexican food!  Take-out is the main reason to dine at Mercado Loco, although there is one table in front of the store, which offers picnic-style dining.

Photo:  Mercado Loco is as near as a "mercado" in Tijuana that you'll find in Roseville, as it definitely posts a "Third World" atmosphere, and Spanish is spoken by most of the customers.  Not a problem, as I speak passable Spanish, and embrace all cultures, and I love this kind of atmosphere.  As I wait my turn to get served at the deli, note the stacks of tortillas at the right of the photo.  Love it!

Photo:  After a 10-minute wait on this early Monday afternoon, December 08, 2014, it's my turn to order "to go" food from the deli.  For me... Carnitas, rice and refried beans, to enjoy for dinner, while watching Monday Night Football.

Photo:  Here's a view of the offerings at Mercado Loco's deli.  Love it!

Photo:  After I brought the food home, I uncovered it, to show exactly what I purchased for dinner. Refried beans, carnitas and rice.

Photo:  A couple of hours later...  Dinner... Thanks Mercado Loco, as you provided me with the BEST refried beans that I've enjoyed in the 15 years that I've lived in Roseville!  The rice was good, and the carnitas were delicious. Great meal for Monday Night Football!  I made the salsa and guacamole to enjoy with dinner.

Very "Mexican" atmosphere, which makes Mercado Loco all the more enjoyable; combine the atmosphere with an outstanding selection of Mexican grocery items, a great carniceria, friendly people, reasonable prices and great food.  If you're looking for wonderful Mexican "take out food," look no further than Mercado Loco.

Mercado Loco
201 Sunrise Ave. Ste. A
Roseville, CA 95601
916 791-5626

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