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Chain restaurants are normally not my restaurant of choice, as when I spend my hard-earned money on restaurant dining, I seek adventure, along with good food.  With most chain restaurants, when you eat at one, you "eat at them all," which is a good thing, if you're not in an adventurous mood.  But in my case, nothing is etched in stone, and I definitely make exceptions, especially when it comes to fine dining at a restaurant such as The Original Mel's, located on Douglas Blvd., in Roseville.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 10 after six on Friday morning, December 22, 2017, and I'm greeted to the brightly lit, Christmas decorated Roseville location of The Original Mel's.  The Roseville location is one of the more "original" restaurants in the small, 18-chain of restaurants - Northern California and Nevada - and this location has been a favorite of Roseville diners since 1996.  Not to mention it's one of the Mel's that is open 24/7, so great food is available any time.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted with a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, but there's a friendly greeter who happily seats you immediately.  She also happily takes your money as you leave... it's always great to pay your bill with a happy face!

The Original Mel's traces their roots back to 1947, and has been a fixture - with a few breaks - of fine NorCal diner cuisine.  If you remember the movie "American Graffiti," depicting the antics of Modesto life in 1962, then you'll remember Mel's, as some of the scenes were filmed inside Mel's San Francisco location, which ironically, no longer exists.

Photo:  I was surprised on this early morning, as the restaurant was lightly seated, which is unusual for this normally busy restaurant.  The kitchen can be seen at the extreme left of the photo, and the counter is in the middle.  Today, I chose not to sit at the counter, and occupied a "booth for two" with just myself for company.  Note the jukebox remotes where you can actually make selections of music that you want to hear, but to me it really doesn't seem necessary, as 1950's and 1960's pop classics are playing in the background.

Today is three days before Christmas, so the restaurant sports Christmas decorations, in keeping with the holiday spirit.

Photo:  Mel's is very serious about breakfast, as this location is open 24/7, and, like at all Mel's locations, breakfast is served any time the restaurant is open.  This is only one page of the breakfast menu, but the menu features everything a breakfast-lover, like I am, looks forward to.

Note the loose-leaf menu with subject tabs, which I've never seen before at the many restaurants that I've had the pleasure to visit.  Such a great idea!

Photo:  My table's condiments, which are common to every table at this fine restaurant.  The only missing condiment that I can see is picante sauce, but I'm sure if I asked, my friendly server would be more than happy to bring it to my table.  

Photo:  I love the dining room decor!  It's basically 1950's, art deco styling, with lots of neon, but with a clean, modern, 2017 twist.  Vintage posters and photos are displayed to make the atmosphere really comfortable.

Photo:  My super friendly hostess, Megan A., serves my breakfast with a huge smile.  As I was seated, I mentioned to her my mission - take photos and post on this web site and Facebook - and she enthusiastically endorsed it, and told me that "it sounds like a lot of fun."  Now, that's the kind of person I absolutely adore!

If you're a fan of fast service, consider The Original Mel's, as my breakfast arrived in less than 15 minutes after placing my order.

Photo:  Megan takes my photo, as I smile for the camera, knowing I'm ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  It's not quite 0630 on this early Friday morning, and that gives me a lot to smile about, as I'm a dedicated early riser, a "foodie," and a breakfast fanatic.  Come to think of it, there wasn't a juke box remote at my booth, but I didn't care, as whatever selection of music the juke box included, I'd most likely heard before, and music was playing in the background, to enhance the wonderful dining experience.

Photo:  I spent a couple of minutes scanning all three pages of Mel's "All Day Breakfast Menu," but before I walked in, I'd already made up my mind, as there is a neon sign in front of the restaurant that advertises New York steak and eggs for $7.79 between the hours of 0600 and 1100 on weekday mornings,  With most breakfast menu items priced in the $8.00 to $11.00 range, the "special," obviously a loss-leader, and it seemed like a good choice for today's breakfast.  Considering it's December, 2017, you can't beat this price...

For the price of $7.79 - when the bill arrived, I was only charged $7.49 plus tax, you get a 6-oz New York steak, cooked your way, your choice of hash browns or Mel's potatoes, two eggs cooked your way, and your choice of toast. As per my de facto standard, I ordered my steak cooked medium, sourdough toast, and my eggs fried over easy. My breakfast arrived perfectly cooked, just as I ordered it.  I went with Mel's potatoes, as they sounded very interesting - diced, seasoned red potatoes, fried with green and white onion - and I wasn't disappointed.

This breakfast was delicious in every way, as it was cooked perfectly, and the ingredients were fresh.  This breakfast is an amazing deal, as it's priced around $5.00 lower than what you'd expect to pay at other restaurants.  

Photo:  Close-up of my breakfast, after I'd cut up my juicy steak.  Although a bottle of A1 Original Sauce was on the table, and I love A1 to enhance the flavor of steak, I didn't feel the need to use it, or anything other sauce, as there was no need to enhance this wonderful breakfast.

The Original Mel's, on Douglas Blvd. in Roseville, in my opinion, is the perfect restaurant, as everything that I love about a restaurant is found at Mel's, including "my" kind of food, service with a big smile, great prices, and nostalgic decor, with a 2017 twist.  

When you're looking for great food in Roseville, and western Placer County, The Original Mel's, located on Douglas Blvd., should definitely be on your restaurant radar.

The Original Mel's
1804 Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 783-6357

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