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As of this writing, Mas Mexican Restaurant is the last major non-chain Mexican restaurant in Roseville that I'd yet to visit, and I had long been curious about the restaurant, especially reading many mixed reviews about the place on other web sites.  Mas is nearly seven miles from my house, so it's a long walk if I want to enjoy a beer or two, but on Saturday, December 6, 2014, everything fell into place, as my wife was running errands in the area, so it gave me an excuse to take the long hike to Mas Mexican Restaurant and sample one of their fine meals.

Photo:  Mas Mexican Restaurant is located in the Olympus Pointe section of Roseville, near the Auto Mall, and offers plenty of parking.  It is definitely "upscale" for a non-chain, Mexican restaurant in this area.

Photo:  The large dining room is very spacious, comfortable, and features attractive decor.  The bar is to the left of the photo.  Photo taken at the entrance to the enclosed patio.

Photo:  The full-service bar occupies a corner of the restaurant, and, like most Mexican restaurants, specializes in beer or Margaritas, but they can mix any drink you choose.  There are lime slices everywhere, so if you like lime in your beer, Mexican style, you've come to the right place.  The servers double as bartenders, which makes sense, as on this early Saturday afternoon, December 6, 2014, I was the only patron at the bar.  When I dine alone, I prefer to sit at the bar, or a breakfast counter, if the restaurant has one.  You can look into the enclosed patio to the upper right of the photo.

Photo:  The enclosed patio is GIGANTIC, and includes ceiling fans, permantly-mounted propane heaters, little waterfalls, and a couple of television monitors.  On this early Saturday afternoon, the family in the photo had the patio to themselves.  The patio is totally enclosed, and protected from the elements.

Photo:  Immediately after I perched myself on a barstool, I was greeted by my friendly server/bartender James, who was more than happy to pour me a pint of Dos XX Mexican beer, in a frosted glass.  A basked of chips, and a bowl of amazing-delicious salsa followed, to keep me company until my lunch arrived.  I complimented my server, James, on the amazing salsa, and he said the secret is in the garlic.  Whatever the secret is, this salsa is delicious! The beer was good too...

Photo:  Check out the kitchen in the background of the photo, as it's "semi-open" as you can view the action inside as you're sitting at the bar.  The gentleman in the photo, who is a server, is placing an order to the kitchen on a touch screen, which Mas uses to process their orders.  In my case, the speed worked, as my order arrived in less than 15 minutes after I placed it.

Photo:  My friendly server, James, brings my lunch of "Tres Tacos" to the bar.  More on my lunch in another photo... When I first sat myself at the bar, I told him my "mission" - take photos, post on this web site, along with Facebook - and he was very receptive to me taking a few photos, and asking lots of questions.  His service was excellent, as he was friendly, attentive, but not intrusive.  Great server!

Photo:  I'm seated at the bar, ready to enjoy a delicious lunch...

Photo:  For lunch, I ordered "Tres Tacos," which comes with rice, refried black beans, and salsa for dipping the tacos into.  As far as the meat is concerned, the menu offers a choice between carnitas, arrachera steak and chicken.  My server suggested that I could order one taco of each variety, and I jumped at the chance.  As pictured, the tacos arrived garnished with white onion and cilantro, with lime wedges to squeeze for added flavor.  The little bowl of salsa made for excellent dipping.  I note that Mas Mexican Restaurant's cuisine is that of central or southern Mexico, and distinctly a change from the Baja California cuisine we normally enjoy in the greater Sacramento area.

Many reviewers have criticized Mas Mexican Restaurant's food as being too bland.  I didn't find the food bland, or too spicy, as it was delicious.  The tortillas are made fresh, in-house, the garnishes were fresh, and the meat was marinated, tender, and practically melted in my mouth.  I might add that each taco featured two corn tortillas, which is typical for Mexican "street tacos." The rice was pretty typical of most Mexican restaurants, but I absolutely LOVED the beans, as they were slightly on the runny side, and shouted FLAVOR!  The quality of the food was fabulous, and it made for an excellent lunch.

However, my delicious lunch came at a price:  $11.99 for three tacos, rice and beans.  The menu simply lists the tacos as "Tres Tacos" and doesn't say anything about the size of the tacos.  The tacos are on the small size, as each tortilla is about the size of a CD, which is the size of "street tacos" you fin in Mexico.  I wasn't put off by the small size, as I knew what to expect, but I can see where many "uninformed" diners could be disappointed.  I think the price is a bit on the high side, but since money is not a problem for me, I just enjoyed my lunch.  But, if you're dining on a budget, you may want to consider your options.

Photo:  My server was happy to point out what each taco was.  From left to right, chicken, arrachera steak, and carnitas.  They're all delicious, but my vote goes to the carnitas.

I can say that I truly enjoyed my dining experience at Mas Mexican Restaurant, as I loved the food, the very comfortable dining room, and the friendly staff.  

Mas Mexican Restaurant
1563 Eureka Rd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 773-3778

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