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The area surrounding Joseph's Auction Town, in Roseville, California, is a virtual cornucopia of restaurants, and if you're a lover of Mexican cuisine, you're in luck, as Joseph's features no less than three Mexican restaurants, plus a couple of taco trucks and a taco trailer or two.  Saturday, January 21, 2012, I had the pleasure to enjoy a delicious breakfast of menudo at Marion's Mexican Restaurant, on Atkinson Street.


Photo:  A rare photo of Maron's when a multitude of cars aren't parked in front of the restaurant, but it's 0900 on a rainy, January Saturday morning, so it's not exactly crowded.


Photo:  The un-crowded dining room of Maron's Mexican Restaurant, with the kitchen, and the beverage cooler to the left of the photo.  Note the menu posted on the side of the beverage cooler.  At the time of the photo, I'd just been served a basket of chips and salsa, and had been presented with a Pacifico beer from the beverage cooler, and I was the only customer in the restaurant.  My lonely status changed shortly, as most folks who enjoy Mexican cuisine aren't early risers, like I am...


Photo:  I peek into the kitchen and snap a photo when the staff aren't looking.  At the time of my visit, there appeared to be only two staff members on duty; a server and a cook.


Photo:  My friendly, but camera shy server, Sandra, delivers my order of menudo to the table.  She was surprised that I wanted to take her photo... it amazes me how many young, beautiful women like Sandra are camera shy.


Photo:  How's this for a breakfast-of-champions on a chilly Saturday morning?  A icy-cold Pacifico beer, crispy tortilla chips, salsa, garnishes, corn tortillas, and a piping-hot bowl of some of the best menudo in town... this is my idea of a fine breakfast!  Muy Sabroso!!!


Photo:  See, I'm a homeboy, as although I'm a hard-core gringo, I love menudo!  My friendly server, Sandra, was kind enough to snap my photo.  She put up with my photo taking, and my constant barrage of questions, and for her great service, and her infinite patience, I rewarded her with a 25% tip.


Photo:  Here's a close photo of my delicious breakfast, after I'd removed the corn tortillas from the basket, and applied oregano, diced onions, green peppers and cilantro to my bowl of menudo.  Maron's Mexican Restaurant serves delicious menudo...

Maron's Mexican Restaurant features friendly service, very reasonable prices, and the food is delicious, and the people are great.  Maron's is a welcome addition to the Roseville fine dining scene.

Maron's Mexican Restaurant
100 Atkinson Street
Roseville, CA 95678
916 773-2714

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