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I consider myself to somewhat of an "expert" on Mexican cuisine, as I've traveled extensively all over northern Mexico, and I eat Mexican food practically every day.  In fact, if I had to ponder my "favorite" food, I'd probably have to say MEXICAN!, although hot dogs and hamburgers would be strong contenders.  Anyway, when I come across a great Mexican restaurant, I can hardly contain myself, and I after my last visit to Taquerķa Los Altos, I left the restaurant, shouting for joy!  Yeah!  The food is that good...


Photo:  Taquerķa Los Altos is located in a small shopping center at Foothills and Vineyard, and offers patio dining in front of the restaurant, but on this Sunday morning, February 12, 2012, there weren't any takers to dine outdoors, as the weather was chilly and foggy.


Photo:  Customers ponder their choices, as the friendly counter girl waits to take their order.  Like most taquerias in the area, Taquerķa Los Altos has their menu posted above the counter, where you place your order and pay for it. When it's ready, one of the friendly staff will bring your order to your table.  They do a brisk take-out business, and offer a printed menu that you can take home with you, and place your order in advance, via telephone.


Photo:  I'm at the rear of the restaurant looking toward the dining room, such that it is, the order counter, and the kitchen.  Armando and two other folks are working in the restaurant on this Sunday morning.


Photo:  The kitchen is plainly visible from the order counter, including bins of fresh condiments, as seen in the lower right corner of this photo.  Note the tortillas being heated on the griddle as this photo is taken...


Photo:  Friendly Armando, working the counter, was happy to take my order, and grab me another cold Pacifico beer from the cooler behind him.  And another beer... another beer... Pacifico beer rules!  Pick your choice of language, as both Spanish and English are freely spoken in this wonderful restaurant.


Photo:  The well-equipped salsa bar at the far end of the counter.  Curiously, the chips are located 30 feet away, at the opposite end of the counter.  I'm sure its due to space limitations, but whatever the reason, the salsa is fresh, and it's delicious, and it's made in-house, according to Armando, and I have no reason not to believe him, as the salsa is great!  I enjoyed the salsa cruda, on the right, but especially the smoky salsa roja, in the center of the photo, as I'm a sucker for anything smoky.


Photo:  Taquerķa Los Altos offers many dining options, including this raised table, looking out the front window, and favoring a view of the parking lot.  You know what?  This works for me, as I chose this table for one...


Photo:  Armando was very gracious to take my photo, as I'm seated at the small table, near the front of the restaurant, with my order of birria, and a cold Pacifico beer in-hand.


Photo:  Today's breakfast of corn tortillas, birria, refried beans, rice, tortilla chips, and salsa cruda and salsa roja. Oh yes, a Pacifico beer or two is in the offering.  What a delicious breakfast!!!  Taquerķa Los Altos serves birria and menudo on weekends, but their taco meat selection is to-die-for, as besides the usual, they offer longaniza, cabeza, sesos, tripas, buches, lengua, and much more.  Actually, they offer the widest array of taco meat that I've seen in any Mexican restaurant in Roseville!

Photo:  Saturday, February 16, 2013, I enjoyed a lunch of two tacos de carne asada, chips, salsa, and a couple of Pacifico beers.  Muy sabroso!

Photo:  Friday, April 27, 2012 and I enjoy a couple of fish tacos, chips, salsa and Pacifco beer.

Photo:  Saturday, March 02, 2013... tacos de tripas, chips and Pacifco beer.  Life is good!

Where else in Roseville can you get fried tacos de tripas?  No, not tripe, but small beef intestines, fried on the griddle, placed on two corn tortillas, and garnished with fresh, in-house made salsa.  Am I in Roseville or Mexicali? If you're interested in the "real deal" of Mexican food in Roseville, look no further than Taquerķa Los Altos.

Taquerķa  Los Altos
3031 Foothills Blve. Ste 115
Roseville, CA 95747
916 787-5921

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