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Loree's Little Shack is one of the friendliest sports bar restaurants in western Placer County!  The bar is simply amazing, as it's GIGANTIC and stocks an endless array of every kind of liquor you can imagine.  A wide variety of beer is on tap and in bottles, and you can order any drink of your choosing.  When you visit Loree's Little Shack, located in Rocklin, CA, it's great to come for the booze and friendly atmosphere, but stay for the fine "diner cuisine," including the delicious tacos that Loree's menu advertises as "World Famous," and a favorite among the Rocklin/Roseville locals.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after noon on Saturday, February 06, 2021, and it's "taco time" for me at Loree's Little Shack, located in Rocklin, CA.  The building is quite interesting as it's long, quite narrow and features a patio behind the wood slats facing the street.  The restaurant is located at the east end of town, on Pacific Street.

The "official" name of the restaurant is Loree's Little Shack, but signage, both inside and outside, refer to the restaurant in a more elegant name as Loree's Little Shack By the Railroad Tracks Bar and Grill.

Photo:  Loree's has a spacious patio in the front of the restaurant, which must have come in very handy when the state only allowed outdoor dining.  On this early Saturday afternoon, all of the "action" is inside the restaurant.  If you look closely at the center-rear of the photo, you'll notice the antique, wood-burning stove.  It's not in use, as it now serves as a very charming decoration.

Photo:  As you enter the front door - there are three entrances to the restaurant - the first thing you'll notice is the long, well-stocked bar.  When I mean "well-stocked" I'm not kidding, as I think this is bar contains the widest array of liquor that I've seen in western Placer County!  Wait... there's more!  The photo doesn't show the liquor storage area around the corner.  Honestly, I don't think there's a drink in the world that Loree's can't produce.

Photo:  The main dining room, along with part of the very long bar, along with a gaming table in the foreground. Pool tables are at the rear of the room.  The bar and restaurant sport very interesting, "funky" decor, but the light is on the dim side, which makes it a challenge to tale photos without using flash.

Along with other friendly patrons, I sat at the bar, which is something that I haven't been able to do for nearly a near, thanks to the COVID-19 virus.

Photo:  As soon as I sat at the bar, my friendly bartender, Tully, asked me what I was interested in.  I asked her what beer was available, and she began to tick off a long list of draught and bottled beer, and I went with a draught Budweiser.

Note the 16-oz beer is served in an ol' fruit jar, which adds to the taste and the atmosphere.

Photo:  Friendly bartender Tully mixes a drink for a patron.  Behind her is Lisa, who was my server.  All the staff and patrons are super friendly.

Photo:  The second page of the menu starts with Loree's "Worlds Best!" tacos.  Although there is a great selection of "pub grub" and "comfort food," and it all looked amazingly tempting, I had come in for the tacos, along with a side of "Firebox Beans," as I had heard about the goodness from many people I know.

On the weekdays the menu is three pages, but on weekends, when breakfast is served, the menu expands to four pages.  Click on THIS LINK to view all four pages of Loree's menu.

Photo:  After placing my order, I got up to hike around and explore the restaurant.  The main dining room is separated by a partition from a very small bar, with the kitchen in the background.  Don't you love the decorations?

Photo:  Just past the small bar/kitchen area is a large room that is mainly dedicated to karaoke and other live entertainment.  On this early Saturday afternoon, it was empty, as it is used mostly for entertainment, and as an overflow, when the main bar area fills up.

Photo:  These three "dummies" grace the entertainment area and add to the ambiance.  Where is the keyboard the guy to the right appears to be playing?

Photo:  If you look closely, you can peek into the kitchen through the order window and watch the talented chef in action.  As you can see, the kitchen is as "old school" as it gets, and even includes a still-used order wheel, just like diners used when I was a kid.

Photo:  This display, and others with a similar motiff are posted above the bar, on the walls, which make for interesting decoration. Ah... the ambience and atmosphere you enjoy at Loree's Little Shack!

Photo:  Meet Lisa, my super friendly server, who brings my order of tacos and beans to me, behind a masked smile. Lisa was very friendly and gracious, and treated me like family.  I had the honor of welcoming her, as today was her first day on the job!  She will fit in well at Loree's...

My order arrived at "warp drive," in about 10 minutes after I placed it, and I had barely enough time to finish taking photos before it arrived.  Super fast service!  Not that I was in a hurry...

Photo:  Thanks Lisa, for snapping my photo, I get ready to enjoy an amazing lunch at Loree's Little Shack.

Photo:  From the second page of the menu, which showcases Loree's famous tacos, I went with an order of two tacos and a side of "Firebox Beans."  The menu describes the tacos as "Taco Day, every day, all day long:  TACOS (World's Best!)" That's quite a strong statement!  The menu really doesn't describe the tacos in any detail, but Placer County locals rave about them, and I've never met a taco that I didn't love, so I went with an order of Loree's "World's Best" tacos.

Lorre's offers only one variety of taco, and the meat filling is seasoned ground beef, and each taco contains a generous portion of the meat.  Besides ground beef, each taco is filled with shredded cheese, along with cut up lettuce.  The meat, cheese and lettuce is inside of a "super size" - not a "street taco size" - corn tortilla, and each tortilla is deep fried to a golden brown and dusted with a light coating of parmesan cheese, which sticks perfectly to the corn tortilla, and enhances the delicious flavor of the taco.

Like the case with Loree's tacos, I had heard of their "Firebox Beans," which is a side you should definitely order with your tacos, or anything else. The menu labels them as "Lo Ree's 'Famous Firebox Beans,' pinto beans with special spices and herbs, not too spicy, just right!"  Great description, as the "spice level" was perfect!

The beans were served in a small mason jar, which adds a nice touch to the presentation.  Yes, they're pinto beans, but they include lots of savory bean juice, spices, and a small amount of diced onions.  I couldn't exactly determine what the spices were, but who cares, as the beans were delicious!  Truly a great side dish to accompany anything, especially when you order a couple of tacos at Loree's Little Shack.

This is definitely "north of the border" cuisine, but oh how delicious! ... and  it's a favorite of the locals.  It's not what you'll find at a Mexican restaurant, but when you go into a sports bar restaurant, like Loree's, the tacos, along with an order of "Firebox Beans," will put a smile on your face.

Come for the beer, but stay for the tacos, the friendly atmosphere of a local sports bar, friendly customers, and some of the friendliest staff you'll ever meet! The menu is four pages, and breakfast is served on weekends.  Loree's Little Shack, located in Rocklin, CA is a destination restaurant/sports bar for those who appreciate fine food, friendly staff, and good times.

Loree's Little Shack
4835 Pacific St.
Rocklin, CA 95677
916 624-8686

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