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Hawaiian barbecue... How does that grab you?  Yes, it's alive and it exists in Roseville at L&L Hawaiian BBQ, where the staff greets you with "aloha," when you enter the door.  

Photo:  L&L Hawaiian BBQ is a small chain of three restaurants - at this writing as of January 06, 2015 - with two of the stores located in Roseville, and one store in Sacramento.  On this late Tuesday morning, we visit the Roseville location, situated on Sunrise Blvd.

Photo:  You walk up to the counter, look at the menu, figure out what you want, place your order, and pay for it... taqueria style.  No booze or beer is sold at L&L, but when you order a drink, you get a cup, and you can take as many trips to the soda fountain as your heart desires, where Pepsi products are featured.  In other words, you pay for the cup, and the drinks are free; I love that format!  Photo shows the super friendly counter guy, Stan, taking a customer's order, as we wait for our order to arrive.

Photo:  Our super friendly counter guy, Stan, brings our order to our table.  After you place your order, you get a receipt, but the staff at L&L Hawaiian BBQ doesn't just call your "number," as they actually remember you, and bring your order to the table.  Service with a smile!  I simply used my iPhone to take these photos, and Stand and I had quite a discussion about the quality of iPhone photos, as he, like me, is an iPhone user.  Later, we got chatting on the subject of the menu, and since this was my first visit to this fine restaurant, I basically glanced over the menu, and had my wife place the order.  After the order was placed, I noticed kimchi is on the menu - I go crazy over kimchi - and I mentioned to Stan that on my next visit, I'd be ordering kimchi.  After making the comment of how much I love kimchi, Stan gave me a sample of the kimchi that L&L offers.  Thank you Stan, for going the extra mile!

Photo:  My beautiful wife, Sharlene and I, grin for the camera, as Stan takes our photos.  Thanks, Stan!  L&L Hawaiian BBQ serves your food in a take-out box, which for us, worked out well, since our lunches were, for both of us, more than we could eat.  We took our food home and reheated it for dinner.  Great food, great value, friendly service and GIGANTIC portions!

Photo:  We ordered identical lunches:  Seafood and BBQ Combination.  With the "combo," you get a choice of an entree besides seafood, in our choice, we chose chicken.  Oh yeah!  Grilled chicken, and fried fish is served on a bed of shredded cabbage, and includes rice, macaroni salad and tartar sauce.  I ordered a side of Spam musubi, on the "side," shown in the photo, as if you go "Hawaiian" for anything, you have to include Spam, as Spam is the "State" dish of Hawaii.  This lunch was absolutely FANTASTIC, as it tasted even better than it looks in the photo.  I LOVE this restaurant!  As an "aside," I love anything to do with "Spam," as I love the meat.

Stan, and the staff at L&L Hawaiian BBQ serve delicious food, along with super friendly service, and they treat you like family.  The food is "to die for" and the portions are generous, maybe you could say HUGE?  I enjoyed lunch, and I couldn't eat it all - funny, as I'm a good "eater" - and I ate the rest for dinner.  Great barbecue, great people, and a great place to enjoy delicious food!

L&L Hawaiian BBQ
960 Sunrise Ave. Ste. #100
Roseville, CA 95661
916 784-6333

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