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I'm always in search of food, as I'm always hungry.  On my morning walk, I happened to pass by our local Little Caesars Pizza takeout-only pizza restaurant and I noticed a sign in the window that stated, "Hot-N-Ready Large Pizza... $5.00."  What?  I was dazzled and amazed!  It was 0600 in the morning, and the store doesn't open until 11:00, but I knew I just HAD to return later today...

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Little Ceasers Pizza is located in a west Roseville strip mall at the corner of Woodcreek Oaks and Pleasant Grove Blvd.  It's early Monday afternoon, March 20, 2017, and I'm in the mood for pizza!

Yes, I know the Woodcreek Oaks location of  Little Caesars Pizza is just a link in a chain of many restaurants. Yes, I rarely review chain restaurants.  Yes, I know this restaurant is take-out only.  But, I could not ignore their large pizza deal, especially considering today is my 65th birthday...

Photo:  During my early morning walk, I passed by this restaurant, and noted this sign posted on the window.  I wondered... could this be true?  It looked almost too good to be true... So I just had to check it out. Hot damn!

Photo:  It's 6 o'clock in the morning, five ours before the restaurant opens, and I peek through the window and snap a photo. It's a good thing that I took a photo at this early hour, as photos are severely frowned upon at this restaurant.

Photo:  Wow!  I hit the restaurant shortly after the opening time of 11 in the morning.  I ordered a "5 dollar cheese and pepperoni pizza."  They had a pizza. hot, boxed, and ready to go.  Amazing!

My pizza is boxed, on the counter, and ready enjoy.  Talk about fast service... These guys put everybody else to shame, and put the "fast" into fast service.

However, I could see photos would be frowned upon.  Yes, I just could feel it, and I didn't even ask, or present my business card.  But the "crazy" inside me made me pull out my iPhone and snap a photo of the pizza counter guy, as he presented my pre-made pizza to me, maybe 30 seconds after I paid for it.  

Here's where it gets funny:  As I snapped his photo, the counter guy said something like, "Hey, you can't take photos in here!  Did you snap my photo?"  I played "dumb" and said something like, "No, I didn't take any photos."  Silly me, as my iPhone made the little "snapping" sound, but this gentleman was noting to the wiser.  I had a feeling this kind of scenario would happen, so I just played "dumb."  Yes, this is contrary to my usual modus of opportunity, but since today happens to be my 65th birthday, I decided to bend the rules.

Photo:  The counter guy even took my photo, upon my request!  Thank you so much, I'll be back to enjoy your pizza, as I'm a lover of pizza.  Just please, unless you're a renegade as I am, leave your camera at home.

Photo:  This is an open box of a large pepperoni pizza for $5.32, including sales tax!  Such a deal!  This is the price that you'd pay for a frozen pizza that is merely edible, but this pizza is actually good!  If you're looking for value, you can't beat this pizza at Little Caesars Pizza in West Roseville.

Photo:  Close-up photo of the pizza goodness I enjoyed today.   Good pizza, and you simply can't beat the price! Grab a pizza for lunch, eat some of it, share it with a friend, and bring the rest home for dinner.  Great pizza and an amazing deal!  

The large pepperoni and cheese pizza was good, but at the price of only $5.00, plus $.32 sales tax, how could you beat it for a large pizza?  You can't beat the deal, even if you purchase a frozen pizza in your local supermarket. So, here I go again...  For $5.00 plus change, Little Caesars Pizza is a good place for pizza in West Roseville.  Actually, you can't beat Little Ceasars Pizza for good pizza at an amazing value.

Little Caesars Pizza
4021 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. #124
Roseville, CA 95747
916 780-3333

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