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The Lamb and The Wolf restaurant is fairly new to the Roseville/Rocklin dining scene, as the brick and mortar store opened up late last year.  The restaurant is no stranger to the west Placer County dining scene, as prior to the store opening, the restaurant operated as a food truck, and the food truck is alive and well, and makes the daily rounds to area business parks.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Friday afternoon, March 20, 2020, and I've arrived at The Lamb and The Wolf to enjoy am amazing Greek-Mediterranean meal.  The restaurant is located in a small strip shopping center, just north of downtown Rocklin, CA.

Photo:  It's a little after 1:00 in the afternoon, and I walked into an empty dining room, thanks to the current coronavirus crisis.  The Lamb and The Wolf has their dining room open for business, against the advice of the state government, but I was glad the dining room was open, as I don't do take-out.

The dining room is quite spacious - good for "social distancing" - and furnished with picnic tables.  The dining room is sparsely decorated, but features lots of windows, so it's light and airy.

The restaurant began as a food truck, and the operates like a fast food restaurant, in that you make your selection from the overhead menu, pay for your meal, get a receipt, and when your order is ready, your name will be called. Since today was a very slow day, thanks to the virus, all they said was "Your order is ready, Eric."  

Photo:  The order counter has two stations, an "Order" station, and a "Pick-up" station.  If you're inclined to tip, there's a tip jar on the counter.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the counter, and in printed form on the counter.  It's posted online as well, as the restaurant does a brisk take-out business from online and phone orders.

Photo:  From my seat in the dining room, I watched co-owner of the restaurant, Samantha, taking orders, while the chef is busily working to prepare my order.

Photo:  I found this iconic diner sign both curious and interesting, as The Lamb and The Wolf is several hundred miles north of historic Route 66, and is actually located along historic U.S. 40, which passed through Rocklin before it was bypassed by Interstate 80 in the early 1960's.

Photo:  I snap a photo of the chef, as he assembles my salad from fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, feta cheese, with a large helping of tzatziki sauce on the side.  The pita bread is cooking on a panini grill to the right, and the gyro meat is waiting to be placed on top of the bread.  I can hardly wait!

Photo:  Meet Samantha, co-owner of the restaurant, as she takes orders from behind the counter.  Note the menu on the wall behind her.  Samantha is a great person, and treated me like family for an amazing dining experience.

Photo:  The chef - I didn't catch his name - called my name, and brought my lunch to me with a smile.  My meal arrived in a plastic box, as that's what the restaurant uses.  There is nothing fancy about The Lamb and The Wolf except the amazing Greek-Mediterranean cuisine!

Photo:  Thanks, Samantha, for snapping my photo, as I hold my amazing lunch that I'm almost ready to enjoy.

Photo:  From the "Platters" section of the menu, I went with "The OG Platter."  The menu describes the platter as, "Seasoned gyro cooked on a vertical rotisserie piled up and served next to a side salad, tzatziki dipping sauce, and pita triangles.  You can' see the pita triangles, as they're covered by the mountain of gyro meat.

True to it's food truck roots, and true to the coronavirus times at hand, the meal is served in a clear plastic box.  It's not as pretty as a plate, but it certainty doesn't detract from the amazing taste of the meal.

Photo:  My "The OG Platter," after I moved the gyro meat around a little, so the pita triangles could be seen.  If you've come in with an appetite, you're in luck, as you get an "Acropolis" of meat, salad, and a whole flat of tasted pita bread.

The meal starts out with an absolute mountain of thinly-sliced gyro meat, which is grilled over a vertical rotisserie. The meat - beef in this case - is marinated, flavorful, and sliced very thin, and is juicy and tender.  Each piece of meat is very thin and long, and the meat is sort of twisted and plied together, and placed over the pita bread.  Hot sauce is provided on the table, but this meat is so tender and juicy that it doesn't need any enhancement.

If you're a lover of salad, you've come to the right place, as the platter includes a side salad.  Actually, this so-called "side" salad could be the "main" salad dish at other restaurants, as this salad is large.  You get lettuce, lots of tomato, red onion, and the fresh salad is topped with sprinkled Greek feta cheese, which adds a tangy and amazing enhancement to the salad.  

Located under the "Acropolis" of gyro meat, you'll find four wedges of freshly baked, toasted pita bread, that's slightly crusty on the outside, but amazingly fresh and tender inside.  The bread is so delicious that it almost makes the meal, and it certainly makes the meal complete.  To top things off, there's a generous portion of tangy tzatziki sauce, which is yogurt, cucumber, and lots of spices, which makes an outstanding dipping sauce for your salad, gyro and pita bread.  This meal is simply divine!

If you're a fan of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, you'll absolutely LOVE The Lamb and The Wolf, as the food is amazing, you get a "Parthenon" of food, enough to satisfy any Greek warrior, or a NFL linebacker for that matter, and you'll be treated to friendly service.  Dining is spacious, informal, and very comfortable.  The Lamb and The Wolf serves fine Greek cuisine in Rocklin, CA!

The Lamb and The Wolf
3700 Midas Ave. #A
Rocklin, CA 95677
916 508-6333

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