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Friday, September 13, 2013, I finally was able to pay a visit to Taqueria La Familia, and enjoy a superior lunch. Many reviewers have raved about their fine food, especially their beans, and now that I've eaten at this fine taqueria, I can ad my opinion.  My opinion?  Oh baby!  Read on...

Photo:  Taqueria La Familia is located in the Rite Aid shopping center, behind the gas station.  You almost have to look for this restaurant to find it.  But, it's a keeper, and definitely worth finding.

Photo:  Here's how the spotlessly-clean dining room looks as you walk in.  The room has about 10 tables, and is comfortable and spacious.  Note the decorations, which invoke images of relaxing on a Mexican beach.  Oddly, at noon on this Friday afternoon, I was the only customer, and had the restaurant to myself.  Great for picture taking!

Photo:  In typical taqueria style, the extensive menu is posted above the counter.  You choose your order from the menu, pay for it, and your order is brought to your table.  Note the choices of meat which appear in the upper left-hand corner of the menu, including tripa!  Muy sabroso!  Menudo and pozole are served on weekends, which got my attention.  Guess where I'll be one of these Sundays?  Good thing that La Familia opens up at 1000, so I can grab a bowl of menudo before the football games begin...

Photo:  After placing, and paying for my order, I sat down at a table for two near the counter - I was by my lonesome - and within a couple of minutes, the super-friendly counter girl, Margarita, brought fresh chips and salsa.  I gave Margarita my business card, and explained to her my web site mission, and she was good with it, and introduced me to the owner of the restaurant, Adan Ramos, who is a great guy.  As Adan prepared my order, Margarita and I enjoyed great conversation as she went about her duties.

Photo:  The owner of the restaurant, Adan Ramos, personally brought my order to my table, and welcomed me to his restaurant.  He also brought me a second bowl of salsa, which was considerably hotter, and more flavorful than the first bowl.  He explained to me that a part-time cook came up with the hotter salsa, and he wanted me to try it, and give my opinion.  OK, I vote for the hotter version, as it's flavorful, smoky, and just plain delicious! Adan is a great guy, and shortly after I got home, he sent me a Facebook "friend" request, which I gladly returned.

Photo:  Thanks Adan, for taking my photo, as I'm about ready to dig into my delicious lunch.  Speaking of Facebook, Taqueria La Familia has a page, so be sure to check it out.

Photo:  I ordered my lunch, la carte, as a friend of mine had told me about the delicious beans, and I'm a sucker for tacos de tripas.  The beans lived up to my expectations:  Delicious.  The tacos de tripas each used two DVD-size corn tortillas, toasted perfectly, along with juicy, succulent, perfectly cooked tripas, and was garnished with cilantro and onion.  The "standard" salsa is in the bottom bowl, and the "warm and smoky" version is the top bowl.  I vote for the latter... The tortilla chips were fresh, and still warm from the oven.  An ice-cold Pacifico beer rounded out this fantastic lunch.  I am now a fan of Taqueria La Familia!

Taqueria La Familia is certainly a valued member in the community of fine taquerias in Roseville.  The food is delicious, the dining room is spotless, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is super-friendly!  Add it all up, and Taqueria La Famila is a wonderful place to enjoy a delicious meal!

Taqueria La Familia
970 Sunrise Ave.
Roseville, CA 95662
916 783-9932

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