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Back in 2011, Krush Burger began as a Roseville-based food truck operation, with a couple of food trucks, serving small-sized burgers, and known by the name of "Mini Burger."  A couple years later, the trucks had grown into a small chain of brick and mortar restaurants, serving several varieties of mini burgers.  Fast forward to 2022, and Krush Burger is now a one-store operation, located in the Westfield Galleria at Roseville, in Roseville, CA.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Krush Burger is located on the outside of the Westfield Galleria at Roseville, on the lower level, just below the "Dining Terrace," formerly known as the "Food Court."  Westside Galleria is located in Roseville, CA, and it's one of the largest malls in northern California.

Krush Burger features outdoor dining, with a low fence separating it from the outside world, so, as per state law, you can enjoy your favorite beer or wine outside.  On this very blustery late Tuesday morning, February 01, 2022, the strong wind made dining outside uncomfortable, so the patio wasn't in use.

Photo:  The dining room is very spacious, modern, and very well lit by natural lighting, thanks to the many floor to ceiling windows that let in plenty of light.  The furniture is tables, with some near the windows that are high, like you'd find in a bar.  I really liked the decor, as it was very simple, yet attractive.

Krush Burger operates like many "fast food" restaurants, in that choose your selection from the overhead menu - there aren't any paper menus - pay for it, receive a "number" in return, pick any open table of your choice, and when your order is ready, your "number" will be called, and you pick your order up at the pick-up window around the corner from the order window.  At Krush Burger, you don't get a "number," instead you get an electronic box that flashes and buzzes when your order is ready.

I found the receipt interesting, as at the bottom there was a section for a "Suggested Gratuity," and the suggested amount to tip the wait staff.  There is no service, so to say, as the counter person simply takes your order, relays it to the kitchen, and when your order is ready, it's placed at the pick-up window for you to pick up.  That being said, the staff were certainly friendly and helpful, so I did leave a gratuity as a sign of my appreciation.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the order counter, and is very basic and limited.  The menu at Krush Burger concentrates on what made the restaurant famous:  "Mini Burgers."  There are no printed menus, as the menu is displayed in the store, and on the restaurant's web site, to allow easy phone and web orders.

Click on the menu image to see Krush Burger's menu in greater detail.

Photo:  You make your order selection from the overhead menu, and the friendly gentleman at the register takes your money, and relays the order to the kitchen via a touch screen.  I noted when the counter guy wasn't waiting on customers that he was helping out in the kitchen.

I arrived at the 11:00 in the morning opening time as the first customer, and after I placed my order, the restaurant simply EXPLODED with customers, both for dine-in and for pick-up.

Photo:  After I placed my order of two "Min N' Match Mini Burgers," along with an order of "French Fries," I decided to go to the ketchup station to pick up a few cups of ketchup, as I love to dip my fries in ketchup.  You're able to look through the order pick-up window into the open kitchen, where you can watch the chef perform his burger magic.

Photo;  On the side of the restaurant, opposite of the order pick-up window, you'll find the "high-tech" Coke machine, that dispenses original Coca Cola, and all of the other soft drink product the company sells out of one machine.  Next to the Coke machine is the ketchup station, which also has packages of mustard, mayonnaise, along with napkins and plastic utensils.

Photo:  In only about ten minutes after I'd placed my order, just after picking up a couple cups of ketchup from the ketchup station, the little electronic pad started buzzing, vibrating and flashing to let me know my order was ready. I simply walked over to the order pick-up window and my order was waiting for me.

Photo:  After picking up my window, I said "hello" to the friendly chef who was in the middle of preparing a large order of "Cowbell" mini burgers.  If this gentleman looks familiar, you'll note that he took my order about ten minutes ago.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm ready to enjoy a lunch of two "Mini Burgers," along with an order of fries at Krush Burger, located in Roseville.  This is a "selfie" photo, as Krush Burger is mostly a self-service restaurant.

Photo:  From the "Mix N' Match Mini" section of the menu, I started at the top and went with an "Original," along with a "Cowbell" mini burger, and an order of "French Fries."  The tray was placed on the pick-up counter, and I simply picked it up, when my buzzer went crazy, letting me know my order was ready.  Before picking up my order, I paid a visit to the ketchup station and filled three little cups full of ketchup to dip my fries into. Ketchup with my fries brings out the "kid" in me.

As a side dish to accompany the "mini burgers," I ordered "French Fries," which are my go-to side to enjoy in tandem with a burger of any variety.  The fries were, good, with an ample quantity, lightly seasoned, but not spectacular by any means.

Photo:  From the top of the "Mini Burger" menu, I went with the "Original," which was a great place to begin.  This is the burger that started it all, and the menu describes it as, "Lettuce, tomato, American cheese, plus house sauce."

The all of the burgers on the menu, the "Original Mini Burger" began with a small, beef patty, which was fresh - never frozen - and cooked medium.  I would guess the weight of the beef was about three ounces or so, as it was small, but not tiny.  The beef was fresh, perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, juicy and tender.  The meat may have been small in size, but it was definitely BIG on flavor.  It was simply delicious.  The juicy meat patty was covered with a slice of American cheese that was melted perfectly.

The meat was sandwiched between a fresh bun, which was just the right size to fit the meat, which made for a perfect meat-to-bun ratio, which is crucial to a great cheeseburger.  The burger was garnished with a large slice of fancy lettuce, and a slice of tomato, and dressed with "house sauce," which I suspect is simply "krush burger speak" for "Thousand Island" salad dressing.  Packages of mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup were available at the ketchup station if desired, but, at least to me, they certainly weren't needed, as this burger was "stand alone delicious" the way it arrived from the kitchen.

One bite into this burger transported me to the place where all burger lovers want to be:  Burger heaven.  This burger is an "old school" burger, juicy, tender, and full of flavor.  The bun, meat and cheese were warm, and the lettuce, tomato and sauce were cold, which, along with the perfect meat-to-bun ratio, made this an amazing burger. If you're like me, and you're a lover of "old school" burgers, the kind you grew up with as a kid, you will absolutely LOVE the "Original Mini Burger!"

Photo:  My second burger from the "Mix N' Match Mini Burgers" section of the menu was the "Cowbell."  The menu describes it as, "Bacon, crispy onions, smoked Cheddar and BBQ sauce."  Like the "Original," the "Cowbell" is small in size, but it's a premium burger in every way.

The "Cowbell" highlights the same delicious meat patty as the "Original," and the same spot-on meat-to-bun ratio, which makes both burgers the same size.  A slab of perfectly melted, smoked Cheddar cheese was placed on top of the meat, and on top of the meat and cheese... two slices of bacon, fried perfectly to almost crispy, which made for an amazing accent.  The meat was placed on a bed of flavorful, crispy, deep fried onion rings, which beside adding robust flavor, added a "crunch" to the burger.  The "Cowbell Mini Burger" was finished off with just enough tangy barbecue sauce to add an amazing touch, but not enough to overwhelm the burger.

John Wayne would be proud to enjoy this western-style burger, as everything worked together to create a burger taste sensation.  The deep fried onion shoestrings really helped to put this burger over the top, as they added amazing flavor, along with a satisfying "crunch."  The "Cowbell" burger certainly "rang my bell!"

You'll have to look long and hard to find this much delicious flavor packed into such a small burger!  The "mini burgers" served at Krush Burger are made from quality ingredients, fresh, and made, just for you, by the skilled kitchen staff.  When you're in the mood for a small burger that's big on flavor, look to Krush Burger, located at Westfield Galleria at Roseville, in Roseville, CA.

Krush Burger
1151 Galleria Blvd. #1170
Roseville, CA 95678
916 800-8805

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