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Joseph's Auction Town, located across Atkinson Street from it's more famous rival, Denio's, bills itself as "The Biggest Little Auction in California" and claims that folks come from all over Northern California to hunt for bargains, and enjoy fine food.  So I consider myself lucky that Joseph's is only a 2-1/2 mile hike from my place, and I also consider myself fortunate that one of the restaurants located within the Auction Town complex happens to be Kris' All American Korn Dogs.

Photo:  In addition to wonderful hot dogs, served by friendly people, Kris' offers patio dining, which protects you from the elements.  The lady with the apron on waited on me at the counter, and she was a real sweetheart.

Kris' is located in a small building, near Building "D" facing Atkinson Street, and holds a strategic position that pedestrians crossing the street coming from Denio's will happen upon Kris' as the first restaurant.  Kris' specializes in corn dogs, but they also serve hot dogs, hot links, several varieties of soup, nachos and other delicacies, and soda pop to wash down your food.  Kris' is open every weekend, rain or shine, as per the protocol with the rest of Auction Town.  Unlike the Nazi mentality found at Denio's, across the street, Kris' is staffed by friendly people who seem to enjoy their job, and are eager to please the customers.  After being hassled for taking photos at Denio's, a visit to Auction Town was like a breath of fresh air... if you're interested to see why I no longer patronize the Draconian Denio Institution, click here for a sad, but true, hot dog story.

Sunday, February 1, 2010, I paid a visit to Kris' and bellied up to the bar, and ordered two hot dogs from the friendly lady at the counter, for small sum of $3.00.  I was a little concerned about the condiment situation, as the only condiments visible were giant jars of mustard and ketchup, but my fears were soothed, when the lady asked me if I wanted relish, onions or sliced jalapeņo peppers on my hot dogs, and naturally, I replied, "I want it all!"  I love a full-dressed hot dog!

Photo:  My delicious hot dogs, fully dressed.  Note that they're served on a little paper bowl, and the dogs are served on a paper plate, and they come with lots of napkins.  Kris' also features lots of seating, so you don't have to eat standing up.

Photo:  After devouring my two hot dogs, I couldn't resist ordering a corn dog.  The chili, cheese and other garnishes came separately, but I dressed my dog with mustard and poured the chili over the dog and along side it, and ate the corn dog with a plastic knife and spoon.  Simply delicious!

Kris' dogs don't come in pre-made, sealed in a plastic bag, like the dogs at served Denio's do, as I watched the gal take a couple of dogs out of the fridge, place them in a bun, and then nuke them.  Each dog comes in a little cardboard dish, to facilitate easier dressing, and you can actually eat the hot dog without spilling the condiments all over you.  Kris' hot dogs are the same price as the dogs found at Denio's, but they're a world apart, as they're fresh, they don't come pre-made in a plastic bag, they're placed in a dish, and they're served by courteous and friendly people.  

The hot dogs served at Kris' All American Korn Dogs are good!  I pumped mustard from one of the giant jars on to my hot dogs, sat down with a $2.00 M.J.D., and enjoyed the delicious hot dogs.  Contrary to my diet, the health of my arteries, and the advice of my doctor, when I was finished, I returned to the counter and ordered a corn dog, with a side of chili, cheese, and sliced jalapeņo peppers.  After enjoying a couple of beers, two hot dogs, and a fully-loaded corn dog, I was in hot dog heaven.

Photo:  I snapped the photos for this article using the camera in my Blackjack 2 cell phone, as I was on a hike and didn't bring my regular camera.  Note the giant jars with the pumps on top of mustard and ketchup; other garnishes are placed on your hot dogs by the counter staff, as per your request.

I have nothing but good things to say about Kris' All American Korn Dogs, as the dogs are delicious, the service is fast and friendly, and the dogs represent an outstanding value.  If you're in the market for a delicious hot dog, or corn dog, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Kris' All American Korn Dogs, at Joseph's Auction Town, in Roseville, California.

Kris' All American Korn Dogs
100 Atkinson St.
Auction Town, Building "D"
Roseville, CA 95678
916 783-0138

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