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I consider myself a junkie for Mexican food, and I love it all, but I especially love tacos.  So the other day, as I was driving down Douglas Bvd. in my hometown of Roseville, CA and I noticed Taqueria San Jose, I just had to stop by and sample their fine cuisine.

The first thing that you'll notice as you approach Taqueria San Jose, is that it is located in one of those recycled "Bell-type" buildings of about, oh say, 1970 vintage.  That's not a bad thing, just an observation on my part, as it is a way to recycle buildings from a previous generation that might otherwise have fallen victim to the wrecking ball. On a pleasant day, you can sit outside, as there are tables with benches in front of the restaurant, and even a big flower pot that sports petunias.  That's a good thing, as I like to look at flowers as I munch on my tacos.

Left:  Ad outside look at Taqueria San Jose, in Roseville, CA.  Right:  When you walk inside, you ponder the menu, posted above the  counter

As you walk inside, everything changes.  The first thing that you notice is the Mexican music, loud, but not really intrusive.  Of course, as in any taqueria, you walk up to the counter and place your order from the big sign that 's posted above the counter. San Jose may specialize in tacos, but they offer complete meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Of course, if you look to the right, you'll see their menu for tacos, only tacos.  Tacos, tacos, you name it, as tacos are their specialty; it's there...tripa, asada, lengua, pescado... whatever kind of taco you want, it's on the menu.  No, I didn't see tacos de birra,  or tacos de sesos; however, goat and brains tacos aren't in wide favor in Roseville and are hard to find in the U.S.  As in most taquerias in Roseville, you can leave your English at the door, however at Taqueria San Jose, Spanish is the preferred language, but English will work.

Left:  My order is brought to me, as I sit at the table.  Right:  A look inside of the kitchen at Taqueria San Jose. Notice that all members of the staff  wear uniforms.

I placed my order with the friendly order taker for a taco de cabeza and a taco de tripa.   I sat down at a table and was immediately rewarded with an order of tortilla chips and fresh, house-made, salsa.  In a matter of about 5 minutes, my tacos arrived, ready to eat; darn, as I was just working on a Corona beer.

Good tacos at a great price.  Let's see, my order came to $3.50, plus tax, not a bad deal for a taqueria in California.  Were the tacos good?  Look at the photos, however caveat emptor, the photos don't do the tacos justice, as I was using a sub-standard digital camera at the time of my visit.

Left:  The cooler that contains Mexican beer, American beer and various soft drinks.  Like in Mexico, you open the door and grab what you want; a nice touch...  Right:  A taco de cabaza and a taco de tripa; what a fine dinner!

As a note to fellow tripe-addicts, Taqueria San Jose serves menudo on weekends, and it is GOOD menudo, with lots of tripe in a rich, earthy broth.  Naturally, their menudo is served with a large stack of tortillas.  Add a frosty Pacifico beer, and you have a breakfast of champions.

Taqueria San Jose makes great tacos at a good price.  If you're in the mood for tacos and you find yourself on Douglas Bvd. in Roseville, don't pass them up!  

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