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I had a hard time deciding where to put this write-up, as Jimboy's Tacos are about as authenticly Mexican as Taco Bell, but in the end, I decided to include Jimboy's Tacos with the Mexican section, as their tacos are definitely "Mexican inspired..."


Photo:  Jimboy's Tacos is located at the end of a multi-purpose building on the northwest corner of Church and Vineyard, in Roseville, CA.  The "dining room," if that's what you want to call it, is the two benches on the porch... that's it!  The doors were open on this Sunday morning, January 15, 2012, and it was pretty chilly inside, as the outside temperature was in the low 40's.


Photo:  You walk up to the counter, place your order, pay for it, and then you can watch the cook prepare your tacos.  Jimboy's doesn't have a printed menu, anywhere, so you just tell them what variety of taco you want, and they'll prepare it for you.  At $1.40 a taco, they're certainly a bargain.


Photo:  I'm standing in the doorway watching my two tacos cooking on the griddle.  Except for the benches on the porch, Jimboy's Tacos doesn't provide any dining facilities, but there are plenty of picnic benches at the auction town.  The "lobby" of Jimboy's Tacos has standing-room only for about six people... does the word small come to mind?


Photo:  The locals go crazy over Jimboy's Tacos, mostly because the fried corn tortillas are coated with parmesan cheese, which must be a Jimboy's exclusive, as I've eaten many tacos, and I've never seen that treatment elsewhere.  I ordered two beef tacos, which were basically fried corn tortillas, with the outside coated with parmesan cheese, ground beef that tasted like it had been marinated in the kind of taco seasoning that comes in packages at the supermarket, and garnished with shredded lettuce.  I can't figure out why the locals go crazy over these tacos - the place is always packed - maybe it's the $1.40 for each taco?  Other than the inexpensive price, I think I'll pass in the future.

Jimboy's Tacos
inside of Joseph's Auction Town
100 Atkinson St.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 783-0138

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