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You know, it's funny, but I've been walking by this place for at least five years, and somehow, I'd never taken the time to go inside and see what this reasturant had to offer.  It all changed about 0930 on Sunday morning, April 10, 2011, as I made the time to stop into Jalisco Grill, and enjoy a bowl of delicious menudo, and drink some fine Pacifico beer.  Oh yes... I've never met a beer that I didn't love, but of all the beers in the world, Pacifico has to be my favorite beer...


Photo:  Jalisco Grill is located in a upscale, clean strip mall, in west Roseville, CA.


Photo:  You walk in the front door, and you're presented with the salsa and chips bar... when you dine at Jalisco Grill, you get all the salsa and chips you want, for free.  They have many varsities of salsa, and if you're the feint of heart type of person, the "racier" salsas - read hotter - have a black spoon, and a sign cautions you to that effect.  Actually, I sampled a little of everything, and I didn't think the "black spoon" condiments were sort of hot... as everything was simply delicious.


Photo:  You choose from the items posted on the menu, or if you're web-inclined, you can order off the Internet, but you get to deal with the friendly guy at the counter, which is a pleasure, as this gentleman is super friendly, and us very customer-focused!


Photo:  As I was waiting for my order of menudo to arrive, I snapped the photo of the two friendly gentlemen staffing the restaurant on this Sunday morning.  They did not have a problem with me snapping photos... which ALWAYS leads to a good restaurant review.... Thanks guys for making my breakfast a truly enjoyable experience at Jalisco Grill, in west Roseville.


Photo:  Menudo is offered at Jalisco Grill on Saturday and Sunday mornings... how could I resist a breakfast of menudo, corn tortillas and several Pacifico beers?  I couldn't... here it is, in all of it's glory...


Photo: I got one of the staff guys to photograph me doing what I do best:  Eating a huge bowl of menudo, and drinking an icy-cold Pacifico beer.  The staff members speak perfect English, but it's a good idea to leave your English at the door.  As I placed my order, I was greeted in English, but just for the heck of it, I switched over to Spanish, and I was rewarded with a grin, and a lot of banter in Spanish.  Kids... there are two things that I've carried with me since High School:  a) I can type  b)  I speak Spanish... Yeah, I can read and write... somewhat... and can do a bit of math, but can TYPE!!!  and speak Spanish...

The bottom line reads that Jalisco Grill serves delicious, authentic Mexican food, staffed by friendly people, and the price is very reasonable.  The friendly folks will make you feel at home, you won't leave hungry, and you'll be treated to a little slice of Mexico, in west Roseville...

Jalisco Grill
5180 Foothills Blvd. #150
Roseville, CA 95747
916 783-2030

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