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I can't say that I'm a fan of television commercials, as to me, they're more of an annoyance than anything, but they do have one redeeming social value:  They give you a chance to go to the bathroom or pour another Coke so you don't miss what you're watching.  An exception to the rule is Jack In The Box's commercials, are they are innovative, interesting, and funny.  As a direct result of one of Jack's commercials, I paid our local Jack In The Box a visit today, and ordered a Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt combo meal.

Photo:  Our local "House of Jack" basks in the sunshine, on this beautiful morning, February 22, 1014.

Photo:  At 1030 on this Saturday morning, the spacious and surprisingly clean dining room was vacant, but the drive-through was very busy.  All four employees on duty were very busy preparing orders for the drive-through crowd. I took a peek at the orders and it looked like about half of the orders were for breakfast, and about half for lunch.  One nice thing about Jack In The Box, is much of the menu can be ordered 24/7.

Photo:  The counter staff was quite surprised when I suddenly asked to take a photo, but the smile on her face shows me that she approved.  A knowledge Spanish would be quite useful, as the staff was conversing in Spanish as they worked.  Photo gives a good look into the kitchen, and how the food is delivered.  I had already been working on all-you-can-drink soft drinks from the fountain, naturally my choice of drink was Coca Cola.

Photo:  After I took the counter girl's photo, I handed her my iPhone and asked her if she'd take mine, and she obliged. Thanks, honey, I wish I would have caught your name!  Judging by the smile on my face, I'm a happy dude and ready to enjoy a delicious meal.

As I previously mentioned, I'm not a big fan of television commercials, but I really enjoy Jack's, as most of them are innovative, entertaining, and funny.  I especially enjoy the "social media girl" commercials, as the girl is funny, plays the part of an "airhead," and the commercials are laced with stereotypes, clichés, and subtile humor, which makes for a very entertaining 30-second "social media" experience.  Not to mention, the Las Angeles actress who plays Jack's social media intern, Rachel Grate, happens to be "hot."  At least on me, Jack's commercial for the Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt worked, as it reeled me in today, to enjoy a delicious meal.

Photo:  From the menu posted above the order counter, I ordered a Number 7 Combo Meal, which includes a Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt, small fries, and a small, all-you-can-drink soft drink.  See the next photo for my impression of the sandwich.  The fries were typical Jack's fries, delicious, by way, way to salty, but I ate all of 'em anyway, and suffered sweating for the next couple of hours.  The Coke was mixed perfectly, and, with a little ice, really hit the spot.  Jack really knows how to mix Coke, as every Coca Cola I've enjoyed a various "Houses of Jack" have been perfectly mixed.  Like the big kid I am, I asked for several packages of catsup to enhance my fries.

Photo:  The menu describes Jack's Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt as, "Thinly sliced steak, topped with fire roasted peppers, melted cheese, grilled onions and mayo onion sauce, on a toasted sourdough bread."  Here's the sandwich, up-close and personal.  Although the presentation doesn't match the sandwich that's posted on the television commercial, it's pretty good, and it a definite departure from the de facto standard burger.

Photo:  April 23, 2014.  After watching the television commercials for Jack's "Blazin' Chicken Sandwich," I was back to give it a try, as I just can't imagine a fast food chain selling a "hot" item, as fast food is as mainstream as it gets.  Due to the fact that I presented an dollar-off, online coupon, the price of the combo meal came to only $5.69.  Actually, I only wanted the sandwich, but I figured if it was "blazin'" hot, I'd better order the combo, so I could put out the fire with a Coke.  The Coke and fries were delicious, and met Jack's usual high standards.  The sandwich was very good, and the lettuce and tomato were fresh, and it actually had quite a few pickled jalapeno pepper slices.  I couldn't taste the grilled onion, and the cheese seemed more American than Swiss.  The chicken patty was breaded, cooked perfectly, tasty, and not at all dry.  The advertised chipotle smoked mayonnaise added a smoky taste.  Overall the sandwich was very good, and is a definite "keeper."  Was it blazin'?  No.  Was it hot? No.  There was a little "kick" to it, and my throat felt warm, but that was it.  It was not blazin', or was it hot.  But it was good, and I realize that Jack caters to "mainstream" tastes, and there are many readers who would consider this sandwich to be hot.  I enjoyed my meal, and I'll order it again.  By the way, the Coke served merely as a delicious beverage, not as a lifesaver, which I had hoped it would be.

Photo:  June 26, 2014, I enjoy a "Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger."  It was cheezy, and had lots of bacon, but it didn't look like what you see on television.  However, it was a good burger, and I'll be back at Jack's again...

Photo:  Thursday, November 04, 2014, I stop by and spend a dollar.  That's right, a dollar plus tax for a Chicken Sandwich from Jack's "Value Menu."  It's small, quite plain, and needs a bit of mustard or ketchup, but for a dollar, you can't beat the price.

Photo:  Monday Night Football dinner, Monday, December 22, 2014, food at Jack's place!  Spicy Sriracha Burger, Chcken Sandwich, and two of Jack's "mystery meat" tacos.  All of this, incuding tax, came to only $5.79.  You can't beat Jack for a bargain-priced dinner.

Photo:  Two of Jack's "mystery meat" tacos, which I got for free, as I took Jack's survey, and came back in, with seven days of my previous visit.  You go to www.jacklistens.com, take 2 minutes to fill out his survey, and in return, you get two free tacos.  Yes, they're greasy, the "mystery meat" is of questionable origin, but they're good, and I love 'em!

Photo:  Jack's latest offering, his "Spicy Sriracha Burger, cut open and exposed.

Photo:  Have section of Jack's "Spicy Sriracha Burger."  I like it!  Jack's web site describes the sandwich as, and I quote... "A beef hamburger with hickory smoked bacon, sliced jalapeņos, Swiss-style cheese, cool shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes with new spicy, creamy Sriracha sauce all on our signature toasted sourdough bread."

It's good, very good, and maybe even great!  However, the pickled jalapeņo slices really overpower the meat, the bacon, the cheese, and even the signiture sriracha sauce. However the "heat" is ramped up to a new level in fast food dining, so if you're interested in "heat," this burger is for you.  But, if you're interested in taste, you might want to consider picking out most of the jalapeņo and just enjoy the sandwich.  

Photo:  Monday, December 29, 2014, I enjoyed a lunch of a "Jumbo Jack" and two tacos for the price of exactly $2.03!  I usually leave at least that much for a tip at a sit-down restaurant.  I paid $1.89 for the "Jumbo Jack," and got the tacos for free, as I filled out Jack's survey, which took all of five minutes of my time.  Note the "Jumbo Jack" looks as good or better in the "real world" than most of the higher-priced sandwiches on Jack's menu.  I absolutely LOVE the "Jumbo Jack," but I have to be honest that it took the "Jack" and the two tacos to fill me up for lunch.

Photo:  Friday, January 02, 2015... I just can't seem to stay away from "The Jack," as I enjoy a Chipole Chicken Club combo, with fries, for the grand total of $4.99.  Not shown in the photo is the bottomless drink I received, and the two tacos that were "comp'ed" to me, as a result of filling out Jack's survey, which is offered online.  When you fill out Jack's survey, you get two free tacos upon your next visit, which works for me.  As a result of this post, you can see that "Jack" and I are friends...

In the real world, Jack's presentation doesn't exactly match what you see on television, but the food is good, the price is right, and Jack gives you a good value for your hard-earned dollar. The Foothills Jack location in West Roseville, near my home, treats me good, so I'm a returning customer.

I love Jack's inovative ideas, and the fact that he's constantly updating his menu, and his television commercials are amusing and entertaining.  I'm a fan of Jack, so I'll be back to sample more of his fine cusine.

Jack In The Box
5150 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 771-4402

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